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  1. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Award: Train the Trainer Evidence: Attended my workshop 9/26/18 KSI Durty @KSI Durty KSI Frosty @Risenxsoldier KSI Mikester IV @Mikester IV KSI PandaMan @Thriftypanda7137
  2. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    Let's go Divine Warriors
  3. Multi - Department Award Notification

    KSI x Nutty Basic Training Attended my Basic Training workshop http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/46808-ksi-x-nutty/ KSI Frosty Basic Training Attended my Basic Training Workshop http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/46919-risenxsoldier/
  4. Tournaments and Events Suggestion Box

    I would love to see a For Honor tournament
  5. Mr s1ate gamer score master

    Profile: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/46384-mr-s1ate/ Award: Gamer score master Evidence: Has 64,841 gamer score
  6. KSI Teufel Divine warriors Do we have Esports and MLG teams that play tournaments vs other communities, and if not why not?
  7. KSI Teufel gamer pic request

    @Royal that is sweet man I love it thx
  8. KSI Teufel gamer pic request

  9. KSI Teufel gamer pic request

  10. KSI Teufel gamer pic request

  11. KSI Teufel gamer pic request

    image: Artists choice of a demon Main Text: KSI Teufel Subtext (if any): Elysium KSI Logo (yes/no): yes Additional Comments: n/a Most Recent Past Request: First request
  12. KSI Skychild Mentor Reward

    I claim KSI Skychild as my mentor Sky has helped me since I joined as a Sgt with any questions I would have. He taught me how to recruit and do back ground checks and threw his teaching i have become more active in the community. Sky is always teaching me new things that I need to know for my new rank.
  13. What Quote is on your Mind?

    "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"
  14. How old is your car?

    I drive a 1991 toyota tercel (27 yrs old) and it still chugging along
  15. Recruiting : Which would You Prefer?

    I'm only a SSG but I personally think both are great, but yes each one has their own pros and cons. I would prefer to see more of B due to the fact they already have a friend or more in the community so it wouldn't be hard to get them involved with others, but it will also lead to a better tomorrow for KSI