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  1. KSI December 77 Outstanding Service (LV1)

    December is one of my closest friends in LS he has always gone above and beyond with demonstrating his hard work to all. I appreciate him just being around because when he is around we are all better. He is a driving force in LS as well as a role model. I also have experience with him in HH which he is the captain of and he always leads our team in the right direction. I trust December fully because of how much dedication and hard work he has shown.
  2. Hey I'm back

    Welcome back we are doing pretty good hope you enjoy being back.
  3. Outstanding Service Award Level 3 VeRiiTaS 7

    Where to start with Veriitas. Well here it goes! Since the day I joined and even before I came to KSI he has always represented himself and KSI in a professional manner. I have became really good friends with him and could trust him with anything I needed within KSI. He has gone above and beyond for me and the rest of my squad. He also always puts everyone before him constantly trying to reach out to lower ranked people just to check up on them and see if they are doing okay. I know that if I ever have a problem that I can always count on Veriitas to step up and help me. Thank you!
  4. Please list what you personally like below! Lets see what we have in common! Country/Rap Comedy action movies
  5. Want to meet some Halo 5 players!

    Alright sounds good brother.
  6. Guns??

    Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate it. I think that nothing will ever be done until we have a pro-education and a pro-science administration.
  7. Guns??

    I think that we should heighten the restrictions to people ability to buy guns. What I mean by this is there needs to be a psych evaluation on people who are buying anything other then a shotgun or a pistol. As a gun owner I think this would be a good course of action. Any thoughts?
  8. Favorite NFL Team and Player

    Chicago Bears Walter Payton
  9. Sports Talk

    If anyone wants to talk basketball or football please message or add me!! Would love an awesome talk!
  10. New member

    Welcome my friend!
  11. The Wolf is Back

    Welcome back!!
  12. KSI Pandax

    Hey you can message or add me I'm down to play anytime!!
  13. To All New Members

    If you are looking to play with someone please message me I would love to meet you and game it up! Gt- KSI Ferocity
  14. Gamerpic for KSI Ferocity

  15. April 2018 OTM nominations (Closing April 30)

    Senior Leader- KSI FuzzyMeep 7 Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - CEO Link to forums account - @I am FuzzyMeep™ Reasoning why they deserve this - He is a great leader with a wise view on KSI. Co-Division LEADER- KSI Akame 7 Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - LS Link to forums account - @KSI Akame 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - He has great advice as well as a caring attitude towards members of all ranks. General - KSI ODINN 7 Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -LS Midgard Link to forums account - @KSI ODINN 7 Reasoning why the deserve this - Has helped everytime he is needed and is a great motivator to continue to help progress the community. Captain- KSI Commander 7 DIVISION/SQUAD- LS Midgard Link to forums account - @KSI Commander 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - He has shown me leadership as well as help teach how to rank up and be successful in each position.