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  1. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2019!!!!!!!

  2. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Host: KSI Grifful 7 Date: 6/4/19 Gamertag / Forum's Name: Baby Dovahkiin/@Baby Dovahkiin KSI Boondox1776/@Boondoxthecrow KSI RogueLSG88/@KSI RogueLSG88 KSI Tha Don/@KSI Tha Don KSI UNDYING/@KSI UNDYING KSI YeetQueen/@KSI YeetQueen KSIpoorlycaribo/@KSIPOORLYCARIBO KSI Tezzy099/@KSI Tezzy099 KSI FlipSyde/@KSI FlipSyde KSI DINEANDDASH/@KSI TAKEOUT Award: Squad & Divisional Leadership Witness: I hosted the Squad Leadership & Divisional Leadership workshops. Profile link if possible: @KSI Harbinger442
  3. May 2019 Of the Month Awards

    Division Leader KSI Skarzx 77 (Division Leader - SL) @Scarface 77 Reasoning: Skarzx 77 in my opinion is the best Division Leader in KSI at this current time. His people are truly his people. Everyone in SL loves to hang out with Skarzx, not because he is our Division Leader. But simply because he treats everyone the same, your rank does not define his attitude toward you and he is the same person when he speaks to PVT or a COFO. SL has definitely had its fair share of hardships, but we got through it and even grew from it due to his guidance and teachings to the division. For me, he is definitely the best mentor I have had while being in KSI. All of my success as a Co-Founder has truly been due to his teachings. I could honestly go on and on about this guy, but to keep it simple; he justs manages to hold this division together no matter what the circumstances, despite being a new father and the hardships that life brings on us all. He puts in hours and hours of his time to keep SL a powerhouse division and to continue to inspire our Generals to shoot for the stars. Make this guy a director already. Co-Founder KSI Kakashii 77 (Co-Founder - SL) @Kakashii 77 Reasoning: Having Kakashii as a peer has been freaking fantastic. It is truly a blessing when you can work with someone that you genuinely enjoy being around. He is a decorated Clan-Ops leader and it shows. He has years of experience in this. He may work a lot, but he always manages a way to be there for his squads. He has made it his mission to stabilize the officer core of Knights, and to introduce a new generation of leaders for that squad and I feel that he has truly done just that. He is a great asset to this division and continues to show his progression as a 7 as he continues to guides his squads to success. General KSI Sinikon (General - Templar/SL) @Sinikon Reasoning: Being a General is no easy task, it is time demanding and it is thankless. Your pretty much on call 24/7 for your squad. Since Sinikon has been a General, he has constantly had obstacles thrown his way, and every single time without failure he manages to redeem himself and his squad by making it through those challenges unscathed and even growing out his squad in a safe, methodical manner. This shows me that his commitment to our division is some of the strongest I have seen since being in this community. Being his Co-Founder is one of the easiest assignments I have had. Because, he has a plan for everything. He is calculated and knows the direction he is taking his squad. He is on top of his knowledge and is a huge mentor to his squad and the division. I really don't think there is anything Sinikon cannot do. He is damn near a perfect Officer. He is level-headed, good people person, clan ops knowledge is through the roof, and is on top of his responsibilities. I would be surprised if he did not earn this award. I truly believe this is the General of the Month. Captain KSI YeetQueen (2CPT - Knights/SL) @KSI YeetQueen Reasoning: So, this was a very hard choice to make on who to nominate for this award. So, I would like to give a special shout out to KSI Itachii. If I could nominate you both I would. But, as for Yeetqueen: Going through this thread I have seen her name pop up here many times. And, its honestly no surprise. She is a dynamite officer. She on top of her game beyond every meaning of that phrase. She is advertising for SL, she is a rejoin moderator, a top-notch recruiter, a great mentor to her members, and she is a extremely influential leader within her Officer Core. She is always guiding her members in the right direction and she does not do it for prestige, rank, or glory. She simply does it because it is apart of her character. She cherishes her time in this community and it shows. She is a Captain that every squad in KSI wish they could have. Because, you don't have to micromanage her to get work done, she just does it and she honestly enjoys the work that clan ops produces. On top of that, she will be a great General when the time comes for her. I would be thrilled to see her earn this award. I really cant see anyone else getting this award but her at this current time. LT KSI Scorpi0n (2LT - Templar/SL) @Tyler710 Reasoning: Scorpion is a great LT to me because he sets the standard for the SSG's to follow in Templar. I have been over Templar for about two weeks and as soon as I came in. I noticed his level of commitment to his squad but to our community as well. He is a goal setter, and comes up with a plan of action for how he wants to accomplish his goals. His current goal as of right now is to become a CPT, so he spends his time teaching his SSG's how to successfully hold a LT spot in his squad. Scorpion is a great officer to have around, he is always playing with his squad members and continues to excel in Templar. I would like to see him earn this award to validate his efforts in making his squad a better place for everyone to game in.
  4. Music and Lyrics

    I listen to Metal (Gojira, Insomnium, System Of A Down, etc.). For me, it used to be about the riffs and if the vocals were lower pitched. But since I discovered my new favorite band, Gojira. Now its mainly the lyrics.
  5. KSI Grifful 7's Meta Self Nomination

    Airbornes Legions would be cool.
  6. KSI Grifful 7's Meta Self Nomination

    Gamertag: KSI Grifful 7 Link: @KSI Grifful 7 Award: Round Of Applause Evidence: I have 20 awards.
  7. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag: KSI Boondox1776 / @Boondoxthecrow KSI gamerock 35/ @gamerrock 35 KSI LeviMOBowsa/ @LeviMofbowser KSI NOWORDS/ @KSI NOWORD KSI RogueLSG88/ @RogueLSG88 KSIxMidwestSyko/ @KSIxMidwestsyko Award: Division Leadership Evidence: I hosted the workshop on 4/26/19 with the following members in attendance.
  8. KSI YeetQueen - Member Assistance Nomination

    I will drop my vote to witness. Not only is MagicShadow, or otherwise known as the YEETQueen; known to be a very skilled officer. She makes it her personal mission everyday to assist her members in Knights. Typically you will always see cranking out promotions or going out of her way to play with members to keep retention a strength for her squad, Knights. We are very grateful to have a officer of this caliber in SL.
  9. KSI Grifful 7's Meta Self-Nomination

    Execute Order 77 would be cool.
  10. KSI Grifful 7's Meta Self-Nomination

    KSI Grifful 7 @KSI Grifful 7 Award: On Point Evidence: My profile will show you that I have 18 awards.
  11. Life without the military?

    Airborne I didnt even know you were out. I always thought you were like a Staff Sergeant still in.
  12. March 2019 OTM Nominations!

    Division Leader @Scarface 77 KSI Skarxz 77 (Division Leader-Sovereign Legacy) Reasoning: All around this guy is a legendary 7. He continues to prove it time and time again, on not only teaching and mentoring those around him. But by also making workshops that are actively used in this community. Whats that? Your members are bored? Don’t worry about it because Skarxz has already came up with 5+ different game types you can use for any kind of lobby. He is an innovator, this is his greatest strength. When he sees a problem, hes the kind of guy to not rush in and attack head on. Hes going to take his time and let the problem work for him and the environment he has created. He is a methodical leader that produces nothing but the best results for this division. Despite the huge success we have had with SL. He isn’t Roostery, he sees the crack form in a squad, and he uses it as a plus not a minus. He has taught me how to be a 7. I thank him for that. I think it more then well deserved and I ask highly to look at this nomination again and seriously consider him for this award. General KSI IBEYOMAMMY (General- SL/ Imperial) @KSI IBEYOMAMMY Reasoning: When I was assigned the responsibility of being the Co-Founder for Imperial, I knew it was going to be a challenge. In the beginning, the squad had just split. So, it was a happy moment, but then there was a sense of dread. Knowing what we had just done to get this squad to split, and that we were expected to do it again. Mammy was a newer Gen. But, fast forward to present day Imperial. The morale has greatly improved, and they have developed an environment that is their own. That I think will bring them success. I believe Mammy has earned this award, because of the hard work he has put in to make this squad work. He normally works double shifts. Naturally, because of this his time is strained. But you know what? He is making it work well. He has redefined his officer core that are more then capable of handling any issues. He has mentored everyone around him to be a better leader. Its his selfless service to this community, and the leaders like it that make this place so magical. I am more then proud to be this guy’s Co-Founder. Captain KSI MERCHY206 (3CPT- SL/Imperial) @KSI MERCHY206 Reasoning: During Imperials downhill slope, that listened to his General. After listening to the goal that was being set out, he rallied all officers together to make it happen. Everyday this guy shows me that with Officers like him in Mammy’s ranks, this squad will continue to be great and produce results that everyone can admire. On top, of his directing his junior officers; he himself is promoting and recruiting to continue
  13. Life without the military?

    Dude it is hard being a civilian after being in. I was in the army for almost four years as Infantry. I go to a community college. For the most part as long as you plan your Poop out accordingly, life can be pretty chill. All I do is go to school, and manage my squads. I get paid 1300 a month, for rent, some bills, and food. I really cant complain. I miss the Army sometimes. But my unit was the biggest joke of the army, complete with every form of toxic leadership. So for the most part, I am pretty comfortable not being in anymore. But you will gain some weight. I promise you that. That part sucks.
  14. Spring Break Forums Challenge

    SL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  15. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag / Forums Name: KSI DirtyMike 7 / @KSI DirtyMike 7 KSI Dytto / @KSI Dytto KSI ELEMENTRIX / @KSI LMNTRIXZ96 KSI ORICHIMARU / @KSI OROCHIMARU KSI QuadSpark / @Quadspark KSI Sir Zex / @KSI Sir Zex KSI SeaNautical / Award: Division Leadership Evidence: Hosted by me on 3/27/19