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    Gamertag: KSI Grifful Rank: General Time in KSI: 3 months Opinion: I is my personal opinion that a squad can be most successful at a split squad type. For starters, games come out all the time and member bases change per game. Its important to keep up with the times to give the squad the best chance at retaining and growing its member base. With a split squad type, no member is forced to play a certain game and have the liberty to switch in between. CoD is obviously the most easiest game to recruit and host events on, but other games can be more fun and bring a higher satisfaction the member base of the squad.
  2. KSI Savvy's Helping Hand Nomination

    Still working on it. My apologies for the delay.
  3. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Grifful Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Completed New Member Workshop Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI BadKitty 7
  4. KSI Savvy's Helping Hand Nomination

    Gamertag: KSI Savvy Link to forums: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/47034-ksi-savvy/ Award/ Achievement: Helping Hand Reason: I witnessed her buying two name changes for a TSMbluedog, and blueflame65 in stryker, FI.
  5. So You Think You Can Write - October 2018

    Black Panther - @GroovyAJ Why: Super intelligent and is extremely ambitious Captain America - @KSI BLICKY 7 Why: He has corny jokes, but a solid leader all around. Dr Strange - @KSI ChocStarFsh Why: He can always see the ending of a situation, he lets me know if im about to make a mistake. THANK YOU BEST FRIEND. Gamora - @KSI Savvy Why: She is a fearless leader and a highly influential one at that, she is definitely a one of a kind. The Hulk - @KSI Grifful Why: HULK SMASSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ironman - @KSI ROCKDOGG Why: extremely in love with himself Loki - @SadieJ Why: Shes never up to any good. Star-Lord (Peter Quill) - @KSI Redi Why: A funny guy who always knows how to save the day. Thanos - @KSI XxJACKxX Why: He wants to take over the world. Thor - @Sinikon Why: He is a reliable leader, not to Roostery but knows that he is a star performer in KSI.
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  7. KSI Grifful's Self Nomination

    I subbed at Fall Classic, during the 7's CoD FFA. Let me get a screen shot my friend.
  8. KSI Grifful's Self Nomination

    Name: KSI Grifful Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/46610-ksi-grifful/ Award-/-Achievement: Twitch Sub Club Reason-/-Evidence: i’m subscribed to the ksilive twitch channel, my username is kinggrifful
  9. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    FI PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. SGT

    Are you trying to request a gamer pic? If so here is the link to get you the format for the request, when you fill it out post it as a new topic in the reply subforum. http://www.ksiforums.org/forum/34-request/
  11. KSI Grifful Gamer Picture Request

    Thats really cool!
  12. KSI Grifful Gamer Picture Request

    My bad man. Im looking for a gamer picture for xbox
  13. Name: KSI Grifful Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/46610-ksi-grifful/ Award-/-Achievement: Helping Hand Reason-/-Evidence: Gave a ten dollar card to change KSI KILLERWOLF1 and XxBROxBROxX name's.
  14. KSI Grifful Gamer Picture Request

    https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fres.cloudinary.com%2Fteepublic%2Fimage%2Fprivate%2Fs--TocxakTq--%2Fb_rgb%3Afffffe%2Ct_Heather%20Preview%2Fc_limit%2Cf_jpg%2Ch_630%2Cq_90%2Cw_630%2Fv1466181030%2Fproduction%2Fdesigns%2F549227_1.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.teepublic.com%2Fkids-hoodie%2F549227-el-diablo&docid=3V2e00jyHtsUpM&tbnid=_XR1Iz3GkaolOM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwiNlrfPi57dAhUGR6wKHVlRBOQQMwhUKBgwGA..i&w=630&h=630&bih=947&biw=1899&q=el diablo&ved=0ahUKEwiNlrfPi57dAhUGR6wKHVlRBOQQMwhUKBgwGA&iact=mrc&uact=8
  15. KSI Grifful Gamer Picture Request