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  1. Battlefield 5 Platoon?

    I'll hit you up tonight and if your on we can make something on there.
  2. Battlefield 5 Platoon?

    I have one called KSI. So i guess I already beat you to it. My gamertag is KSI Grifful if you want to catch some easy wins on Battlefield 5.
  3. Battlefield 5 Platoon?

    I made one if you want to join it.
  4. Weekend Warfare - Prominence Poker (12/15/18)

    Withdrawn due to scheduling conflict.
  5. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag: BlackychanFEB Gamertag: KSI Crackuhh @KSI Crackuh Gamertag: KSI Goalie @KSI Goalie Gamertag: KSI ShadowRage Gamertag: KSI THEZOHAN Gamertag: KSI TommyMafia @KSI TommyMafia Gamertag: KSI Tr1cky Gamertag: KSIxxRAPTOR Gamertag: redclovers252 @redclovers252 Award: Basic Training Any evidence if required: Hosted by myself on 12/6/18
  6. DISCUSSION OF THE MONTH: Goals For 2019

    Gamertag: KSI Grifful Rank: General Date Recruited: 7/6/2018 Personal goal(s) in KSI: Well I would like to be a Senior Director one day. But for 2019 I am shooting for my 7 staff and a squad split to grow out SL in a slow and methodical manner that wont come back to bite us. How you plan to achieve it or them: By continuing to put out great leadership to my squad and continue to be a reliable leader for the division. I hope to grow out Imperial and split the squad. We will get there in time, we have hit some bumps on the road but with my current officer core I really have high hopes for the future of my squad. Goal(s) for your Squad: Grow out the squad to 90 people with 9 officers who are dedicated and fully capable of ensuring growth to the squad. I want my officer core to be a reflection of myself, that does not mean they have to do everything like me. But I want them to carry on the passion for what we do to drive us to continuously better our clan ops. How you plan to achieve it or them: By continuing to mentor my SGT's and SSG's to be more component in their basic responsibilities to learn how to be a successful officer. Goals(s) for your Division: I would love to see SL hit above 250 people by the end of 2019. It can be a hard task, but I feel we have good leaders in the right places and with time we will see the results we are looking for. How you plan to achieve it or them: By growing out my squad in a methodical manner. Where we can still see everything from the top with a clear perspective and make the right calls to promote growth. In clan ops, everything has a domino effect. If one will do well, typically others will follow suit.
  7. KSI GreendayFox nomination

    As a witness to the catastrophic mess that was once called FI. I can attest that she is deserving of this award. The state of FI was a cringy mess that was unproductive and unethical. Instead of the division focusing its time and energy to better itself, the entire 7 staff (and a general) targeted her and used her as a scapegoat to direct the upper leadership from looking at the real problem. This was an extremely hard time for her, because she was only trying to be the best officer she knew how, while she was doing that she faced multiple accounts of harassment. I am really sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully with my witness statement, the award can validate your efforts and continue to identify you as a leader from the rest of the crowd.
  8. FuzzyMeep AMA

    What rank did you enjoy the most in KSI? What was the hardest part about being a leader in KSI for you? What advice would you give someone who is trying to earn their 7? Seeing that you’ve been in for a really long time. What is one thing KSI has gotten better and worse at over the years?
  9. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

    SL for life!
  10. TB: Black Ops 4 FFA (11/23/18)

    Gamertag: KSI Grifful Division: SL
  11. Of The Years 2018! - Nominations (Closing 12/16)

    Category: Senior Director Gamertag; KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link: @Mr. North Forward Reason: Throughout the CD and FI merge, KSI Ronin 77 has spent countless hours on working the tweaks and offering himself as a mentor to my division. Given his high rank, you will normally find him in the trenches with the divisional 7's and the Generals trying to produce results. Ronin is what a Senior Director should look like, he is calm and calculated. He is a bit of a talker but when you look past that, he talks a lot because he has thought a lot of the psychology that goes in to clan ops. He has a huge web of information, and through these long conversations he is literally connecting the dots in front of you and explaining how everything is connected once you look past things at face value. Therefore, I think he deserves this award. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI BadKitty 7 Forums Link: @KSI BadKitty 7 Reason: Again, my interactions with her began under unfortunate circumstances when CD and FI merged. Not to mirror my reasons above but, she too showed great mental resiliency when TSB and their followers were giving her a hard time through social media. She didn't let all the pestering get in her head and she got to work fast, with this she was the driving force that gave SL a clean slate to start fresh. I would love to see her get this award, because I feel it is the only one that matches her grit and drive to make KSI a family environment. I'm sure we have great directors in KSI, but she is by far the most professional and well balanced I've seen so far. Category: Founder Gamertag: KSI Skarxz 77 Forums Link: @Scarface 77 Reason: He voluntarily took a demotion to come over to SL and lead us up from the ground up. He (with the support of his higher 7's) has completely restarted the environment in SL. He had one of the toughest jobs in the merge, he had to rally all of us Generals and get us to rally to the same objective. He has been my best mentor through all the hardships Generals normally face. He has helped me see things through face value and for what they are and what they can be. With his mentoring, I have started to think about the future of my squad, and how to make it self-sufficient without me if it had to be. I hope with this nomination and secures the ground work he has as a 7 and validates every lesson he taught me on how to be a better Gen and hopefully a 7 if the opportunity were to arise. Category: General Gamertag: KSI Ch4ttyK4thy Forums Link: @KSI Ch4ttyK4thy Reason: I have seen her find her calling as a leader when she was in Enforcer (now Knights). I think she has handled her squad exceptionally well when it came to the merge between Hellcat and Velocity (which is now Royalty) there was a lot of fluff in both squads and she successfully got rid of nearly all fluff and after that has managed her squad to grow methodically and in a tightly knit manner. I feel that it is only fair to see her have this award given the challenges she has endured as a General. Even though I do not communicate much to the other General's, I have seen her evolve with her squad and how she has made it a home for everyone. For what it’s worth, I am super proud of the leader you have come to be. Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI Sinikon Forums Link: @Sinikon Reason: Now hands down, this is the best Captain across KSI. He has been my rock while I have been General over Imperial. This is a man I can honestly say is a close advisor to me and has invested himself fully in this community. Every day he communicates with the officer core and points them all in the day's objectives. He is productive, efficient, and has shown great strength as a leader when I had two ex-officers quit. With his help, we successfully rallied our squad to shoot for bigger things, and I can honestly say the squad is in a better place with his help. This award is his for the taking, and if he doesn’t get it this year then he can get it next year as 7. Because this man is going places. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI IBEYOMAMMY Forums Link: @KSI IBEYOMAMMY Reason: I have personally started interacting with him back in the day when he was a PVT. Back then, he was angry and full of ambition. I saw that from my first encounter from him and have pushed him to be the leader I knew he could be. He is a god among men when it comes to recruiting. He is arguably the most efficient and effective recruiter we have in Imperial. With his dedication, my members have a better education with KSI. Every day you can see this guy hopping from party to party, helping those in need with questions or even complaints. I am extremely proud of everything mammy has accomplished and he is the next generation of KSI leaders. Category: Staff Sergeant Gamertag: KSI Dytto Forums Link: @KSI Dytto Reason: KSI Dytto is a recent rejoin in my squad. From day one he knew his goals and how he would go about completing them. KSI Dytto is a leader, every day he fully goes about his responsibilities as an SSG in the most professional manner possible. I am extremely happy to see how he is continuing to blossom as a leader in my squad. As the day's go on he is always looking to learn and to expand his knowledge in clan ops. Like I said in the above reasons for KSI IBEYOMAMMY, mammy and Dytto are the next generation of leaders within KSI and that is something I can always be proud about.
  12. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums name: AngelicTacos11 KSI BoostyBallz KSI Coken KSI DYLEONE KSI Dytto KSI Fuller KSI Sinikon SpazySlayer Award: NEW MEMBER Evidence: The following members completed the workshop hosted on 11/13 by myself. Person(s) who ran the workshop: Me. Forums link: @KSI Dytto @KSI BoostyBallz @KSI Fuller
  13. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag / Forums Name: KSI BlueFlame65 KSI BoostyBallz KSI BravePotato KSI GreatBob KSI Shadow Rage KSI Sinikon Award: Basic Training Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) The following members completed the Basic Training Workshop. (Hosted by me) Profile Link if possible: @Sinikon http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/47300-ksi-blueflame65/ @BravePotato121 @KSI GreatBob @ShadowMonster18
  14. KSI Grifful Meta Self Nomination

    Name: KSI Grifful Link to Forums Account: @KSI Grifful Award-/-Achievement: Ripple Effect Reason-/-Evidence: I have 8 awards on the forums. All Lower Award Tier(s): Legen Requested Staff Award(s): Winter is Coming, Roxy Foxy
  15. Mexican or Chinese food

    Given the fact that I live in El paso, Texas. Im going to say Chinese food without a doubt.