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      After much thought and re-work, the KSI Board is happy to announce the revamped and improved KSI VIP Donor System for 2019. Unlike the past where one donation netted someone the VIP group, now the group will reset on the 1st day of each year. Requirements In order to get re-added as a KSI VIP Donor, you will have to contribute in one of the following ways: Donate $10 to KSI's PayPal Donate at least 1000 bits to KSILive Sub to KSI for at least 2 months Once the new year begins, just donate in any of the 3 above ways and you will receive the 2019 Donor Award as well as the 2019 Donor Group. Just provide proof in the AAP area when you apply. Your donation can be made by someone else, so just have them provide you with the receipt. This only applies for PayPal donations and Subscribing. Bits must be your own. Donations can also add up, so you can contribute $5 for two months and receive it. Just keep the receipts as proof for your request and you will be given Donor access. With this revamp, we have improved the perks of donating to KSI. Because of your financial commitment, we want to reward you for believing in KSI and contributing in that way. Benefits Access to VIP Area on the forums to talk with other donors. 2019 Donor Forums award Special sneak previews of KSI News stories and community announcements Recognized on the KSI Front Page's Donor list Ability to give input on upcoming events, such as Divisional Cup, Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, Turkey Bowl, and Award Show. Special Donor-only giveaways during the yearly KSI events A special Donors-Only Weekend Event full of FFAs and Giveaways in August. Overall We want to provide the best KSI experience for all of our members, and those who fund the websites, events, and so much more should be rewarded for contributing and believing in the community. So please enjoy this revamped system and allow us to work with you to forge a better, more inclusive KSI. Thank you, KSI Board of Directors

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  1. Weekend Warfare - Uno (2/23/19)

    Team Captain: KSI Hyde 7 Division: SL Teammate: KSI Assassin187 Division: SL
  2. KSI Hyde's 7 Gamer Pic Request

    Image: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/angry-devil-head-demon-satan-halloween-518899234 Main Text: Hyde 7 Subtext (if any): None KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes. Additional Comments: Stick to the roots of the picture. I want it to be scary, or even intimidating. The "Hyde 7" text, I want it to look like its been scratched into the picture. Like in a horror movie a prisoner scratches at a door. I want the picture to be grim and maybe even hard to look at. I understand this is a very specific request, and that this is a small department (personal wise). Please take the time you need, I am in no rush. As I am still rocking the last gamer pic you guys made me. Most Recent Past Request: Please provide a link your last request topic.
  3. Fast and the Furious 9? What do you think?

    End it already.
  4. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Award: Train the Trainer Gamertag: KSI BlazenKitty KSI Coken KSI ItsaMICHI KSI Kakashii 7 KSI Kato KSI Kusangi KSI MagicShadow KSI MERCHY206 KSI nighmare KSI PERK2017 KSI HeavyRain KSI SPACELORD Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) - Hosted by KSI Grifful on 1/30. Started at 845 PM EST, Ended at 945 PM EST Profile Link if possible: @KSI Coken @ItsaMICHI @KSI Kakashii 7 @KSI Kato @KSI MagicShadow @KSI MERCHY206 @perk2017 @KSI Heavy Rain
  5. KSI Sinikon Outstanding Service Level 1

    I would like to witness. I have known Sinikon since mid-August. Since then, every day he has gotten better and his commitment to KSI has methodically gotten stronger. Throughout the course of being General over Imperial. We have gone through many setbacks, many hardships that were hard to overcome to get the squad to where it is today. Throughout those hardships, Sinikon's leadership and dedication have never wavered. Without him we could not grow the squad to level of success it is currently at or split the squad in a reasonable manner. Every day, he organizes the officers and assigns them equal amount of work to do, to ensure the efficiency of the officer core. When I have promoted SGT's to SSG's, Sinikon is the first guy I want them to mentor them besides myself. If you look at ranking structure as a hierarchy, you would see he is right below me. But to me, he is not below me. He is equal to me. KSI Sinikon has been the rock that holds the successful fundamentals in place. I am extremely honored to see him be nominated for this award, and I hope this department will give it to him to validate his efforts in restoring what was once a lost cause division.
  6. Zelda: Experiences

    I used to play zelda all the time on the nintendo 64. Good memories.
  7. Thank you, Fuzzy and Rags!

    Although I do not really talk to any upper leadership. Just wanted to say thank you for your years of dedication to KSI.
  8. Battlefield 5 Platoon?

    Airborne, shoot me and KSI NAHFOOL a request and we will join yours. Then if we have anyone else we will refer them to that one.
  9. Battlefield v

    If you like battlefield 1, you will love battlefield 5.
  10. Battlefield 5 Platoon?

    I'll hit you up tonight and if your on we can make something on there.
  11. Battlefield 5 Platoon?

    I have one called KSI. So i guess I already beat you to it. My gamertag is KSI Grifful if you want to catch some easy wins on Battlefield 5.
  12. Battlefield 5 Platoon?

    I made one if you want to join it.
  13. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag: BlackychanFEB Gamertag: KSI Crackuhh @KSI Crackuh Gamertag: KSI Goalie @KSI Goalie Gamertag: KSI ShadowRage Gamertag: KSI THEZOHAN Gamertag: KSI TommyMafia @KSI TommyMafia Gamertag: KSI Tr1cky Gamertag: KSIxxRAPTOR Gamertag: redclovers252 @redclovers252 Award: Basic Training Any evidence if required: Hosted by myself on 12/6/18
  14. DISCUSSION OF THE MONTH: Goals For 2019

    Gamertag: KSI Grifful Rank: General Date Recruited: 7/6/2018 Personal goal(s) in KSI: Well I would like to be a Senior Director one day. But for 2019 I am shooting for my 7 staff and a squad split to grow out SL in a slow and methodical manner that wont come back to bite us. How you plan to achieve it or them: By continuing to put out great leadership to my squad and continue to be a reliable leader for the division. I hope to grow out Imperial and split the squad. We will get there in time, we have hit some bumps on the road but with my current officer core I really have high hopes for the future of my squad. Goal(s) for your Squad: Grow out the squad to 90 people with 9 officers who are dedicated and fully capable of ensuring growth to the squad. I want my officer core to be a reflection of myself, that does not mean they have to do everything like me. But I want them to carry on the passion for what we do to drive us to continuously better our clan ops. How you plan to achieve it or them: By continuing to mentor my SGT's and SSG's to be more component in their basic responsibilities to learn how to be a successful officer. Goals(s) for your Division: I would love to see SL hit above 250 people by the end of 2019. It can be a hard task, but I feel we have good leaders in the right places and with time we will see the results we are looking for. How you plan to achieve it or them: By growing out my squad in a methodical manner. Where we can still see everything from the top with a clear perspective and make the right calls to promote growth. In clan ops, everything has a domino effect. If one will do well, typically others will follow suit.
  15. KSI GreendayFox nomination

    As a witness to the catastrophic mess that was once called FI. I can attest that she is deserving of this award. The state of FI was a cringy mess that was unproductive and unethical. Instead of the division focusing its time and energy to better itself, the entire 7 staff (and a general) targeted her and used her as a scapegoat to direct the upper leadership from looking at the real problem. This was an extremely hard time for her, because she was only trying to be the best officer she knew how, while she was doing that she faced multiple accounts of harassment. I am really sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully with my witness statement, the award can validate your efforts and continue to identify you as a leader from the rest of the crowd.