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  1. Helping hand Nomination KSI DCRUNK

    MrxAssassin wa original gamertag and his new one is KSI xXKazutoXx The other one I am unsure of @Airborne
  2. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2019!!!!!!!

    SL FOR LIFE we are gunna steam roll this
  3. KSI UNDYING Helping Hand Nomination

    Gamertag: KSI UNDYING Fourms: @KSI UNDYING Award: Helping hand Evidence: I witnessed KSI UNDYING sent FirePierce14 a code to to change his gt to KSI FIREPIERCE @KSI FIREPIERCE Can you witness this please
  4. Helping hand Nomination KSI DCRUNK

    Gamertag: KSI DCRUNK fourms: @dcrunk Award: Helping hand This member is in my squad and I have witnessed him pay for two name changes for new members. Also putting up money for competitions so get members involved.
  5. KSI 7s vs. Viewers Halo 5 6/28/19: Viewers Sign Ups

    KSI YeetQueen SL
  6. Gamertag: KSI EvilPenguin Forums: @KSI EvilPenguin Award: Clip Commander Evidence: His Clip was posted on the KSI Twitter.
  7. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag: KSI UNDYING Award: Basic Training Forums: @KSI UNDYING Evidence: I hosted this workshop for him on 06/09/19
  8. Weekend Warfare - GTAV (6/15/19)

    Gamertag : KSI YeetQueen Division: SL
  9. So You Think You Can Write - June 2019

    Gamertag: KSI YeetQueen Division: SL My dinner party Guest 1: So for my first guest I would go back in time and grab my dad before he died and would bring him to the dinner party as I feel like he should be here to witness this amazing party. He meant a lot to me and before he died when I was five I was closer to him than anyone else even more so than my mother. Guest 2: For the second guest I would definitely have @Greenday 7This women is my rock and soul in this community she has kept me fighting when I have wanted to give up. She is the light inside of the tunnel for me. She goes through a lot and has been through a lot and still remains positive. I would take her out to dinner any time if we weren’t half way across the world from each other. Guest 3: My next guest would be the lovely Jenifer Lawrence because she is amazing I have true respect for her and I think she is so beautiful. Guest 4: Seat four at my table would be Melissa Macarthy due to her being an insane actresses and is the one actresses that always make me laugh no matter what. Guest 5: My next guest would be something magical now a lot of you will say this is stupid but at my dinner I would 100% have Pikachu due to Pikachu being my spirit animal. Guest 6: Nina Dobrev would be my next guest as her work in the Vampire Diaries was amazing and I would love to pick her brain about acting ❤️ Guest 7: My next guest Sia because she could sing She Wolf as it’s one of my favourite songs and I just feel that she is so inspirational. Guest 8: Celiene Dion due to her being someone I grew up listening to. My family loved her music and we still do. One of her songs was played at my dads funeral and now this will forever be the most relatable song for me. Guest 9: Jade from Little Mix because she is so beautiful and how could you not stare at her over a table at a dinner party Guest 10: Sandra Oh due to her amazing performances on Greys Anatomy. Her character Christina was played so well and I believe that she put her heart and sole into this role
  10. KSI YeetQueen Round of Applause

    Gamertag: KSI YeetQueen Award: Round of Applause Staff Award: Winter is coming Evidence: I have 20 awards Fourms: @KSI YeetQueen
  11. KSI YeetQueen Friendly

    Gamertag: KSI YeetQueen Fourms: @KSI YeetQueen Award: Friendly Evidence: I have won the day 3 times. Link to my profile to show http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/47847-ksi-yeetqueen/
  12. KSI YeetQueen On Point Award

    Gamertag; KSI YeetQueen Fourms: @KSI YeetQueen Award: On Point Staff awards: Airbourns Legions Evidence: I have 15 awards
  13. Weekend Warfare - Uno (6/1/18)

    Gamertag KSI YeetQueen Division: SL
  14. KSI YeetQueen Ripple effect

    Execute Order 77 please
  15. KSI YeetQueen Ripple effect

    Gamertag: KSI YeetQueen Award: Ripple Effect Fourms: @KSI YeetQueen Evidence: I have eleven awards