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  1. Favorite Video Game Music?

  2. Favorite Video Game Music?

    Some shit from the Undertale universe. Tobyfox made a new game with banging music https://youtu.be/qzBO0ZpgfRw
  3. Favorite Video Game Music?

    RichaadEB has some of the best VGM covers on YT, check him out
  4. Etch your legacy into history. Let your actions speak for you, as your words will fade into the sea of noise.

  5. What songs are you listening to?

    Getting back into Feint and some other DnB
  6. Favorite Video Game Music?

    First Pokemon game I ever played, and has a very good soundtrack at that. This remix of the Kanto gym leader theme from gen 1 has the makings of a chiptune masterpiece and is always a pleasure to revisit.
  7. KSI RiiOT 7 - Outstanding Service Level 3

    Back from the dead to post a cool thing. Riiot has gone down to the ends of hell and back to show that he is not only one of the most productive and effective front end forum staff that this site has seen, but one of the most innovative as well. Back in September of 2012 I joined the AAP as my first Web-Ops department, and this fine fellow just so happened to be running it. He had so many things in place to ensure the effectiveness of the team and bringing on new members into that effective beast. The man is a living encyclopedia of information that can assist you on the processes of the department, to even the history of it. In 2013 him and myself co-founded the divisional milestone program as well, giving the divisions as a whole an opportunity to earn recognition from the department. From a staff side of things, he’s been assisting with the forums and the mod staff for as long as I can remember. Heck, he was a senior mod when I joined the team, and it doesn’t surprise me that he’s taking on the admin role so well now. His man man has been a driving, motivating force in web ops for a long time to people like myself and other staff. Weare able to do better because of his work ethic and ideas on how to improve each day. He’s also a legend, so yeah.
  8. Favorite Video Game Music?

  9. You still need to get yourself a blue box. doc......


  10. The Doctor's Office!

    Well, with the transformation of the "posting board" type of service and how chatting has been streamlined in the last several years with options such as Kik and Discord, forums are becoming harder and harder to maintain activity for. There are many problems with an aging service like this in 2018. With all these problems, we still offer a lot of benefits with organization and record keeping. We also offer many things that appeal to those who partake in the website, such as awards and content accumulation counts. Little things that stick out from these other services. Also with forums, it's actually easier to write out a longer, well thought out post and/or stream of content, rather than just responding to a message in chat or whatever it may be. It's the nature of what we're working with in this setting. There's no sense of urgency when having to reply to a topic or subject, and it makes for more meaningful talk, rather than just posting memes or other bullshit. The idea and goal of Web Operations is to provide that more informational and thought provoking environment, while offering fun and initiatives to have people come back and enjoy using the site. We are always open to suggestions via our open door policy or other methods that you wish to submit the information or suggestions to. This goes for anyone in the community. All in all, we're doing pretty decent right now given our situation with how chat services have evolved, but we can always do better.
  11. The Doctor's Office!

    Essentially, I went through a stretch of bullshit back in 2015 and ended up being in a place where I wasn't able to connect properly to parties and just Xbox in general. I had started a new job and I was watching more and more Twitch since I got into speedrunning during that time as a coping mechanism, and eventually a hobby. Around that time, the Megaman Legacy Collection was released and I started playing it almost non-stop. I had been watching another Megaman speedrunner by the name of Calebhart42, and he was a huge motivating factor in me starting to speedrun and stream. From that point on, I've been streaming and speedrunning since. Notably currently being 4th in the world for game called Earthbound with the category being glitchless. With this, I have a huge following and viewer base in which I stream for. I made my return to the BOD about a year and a half ago or so, taking the position of CTO and having a less hands on approach to the community on the front end. As time went on, I've been getting more and more busy, but recently I've been doing my best to make more time and effort for the community and for people who wish to inquire about these things. I feel like it's important to have a sense of transparency with people, since it creates a better understanding and trust system wit those around you, and that's what I hope to accomplish during the rest of the time here. tl;dr Still streaming Changing for the better Stull helping those who seek it
  12. The Consumed

    Written by myself a while back, enjoy. "If our dark desires were to consume us, it would be the end of humanity as a whole." I reach down for my can of Dr. Pepper, and take a drink. I can feel the smooth liquid pouring into my throat, refreshing me as I go for my next kill in Call of Duty. It is Saturday night, 2 a.m. Suffering from insomnia, I play the night away with my Xbox. Team Deathmatch on Bakaara, an easy game mode on an easy map. I focus, and choose my class, as the timer counts down. 7....6....5....4... I get ready to sprint in anticipation. 3........2....... Then, as the timer slowly counts to one, it stops. I stare at the stagnant screen, wondering what is going on. I go to press the power button on my Xbox, to see if it will shut off. Nothing happens, not even the sounds of the touch sensitive switch react. I even to go the lengths of trying to turn off my T.V., but to no avail. I begin to feel unsettled, even nervous, as I look around the dimly lit room. Everything seems motionless, like time itself has stopped. As if it were a natural reaction, I go to turn the main light on for my room. Yet, once again, nothing happens. Everything is as it was when the countdown stopped. I open the door to the rest of the house, and it feels as lifeless as my room felt. I walk through the hallway, and into the front room. I see the router on the floor, its lights no longer flickering, like usual. They just glow with a light green aura. I shake my head in disbelief, and I continue walking through. I see my cat, Smokey, as I pass into the kitchen. A small, dark ball of fur, laying on the floor. I go to pet him, to see if he will react. He was ice cold, and didn't move an inch. I look up at the clock I have in the kitchen. It was then, I realized that my suspicions were true, time had stopped. The clock was not moving inthe slightest, not even a second passing. This stuck a fear into my heart, like that of a knife into the chest. I drop to the floor, on my knees. I wonder, "How in the Hell could this be happening?". "Outside...", a voice unknown to me, shot through my head, and left me petrified. "Am I going insane?!?", I thought to myself, after the voice had passed. I had never heard anyone like that, in my enitre life. The voice was almost like that of a small child's whisper, but it thundered through my head, like that of a sonic boom. I couldn't deny it, like it was calling out to me, wanting me to obey it. I rose, like an obedient slave, and started toward the door. My mind was telling me not to go, to return to my room, but I couldn't stop myself. It was as if something else was driving me, even controlling me. Almost to the door, I let out a blood wrenching scream, as a last ditch effort to regain control. It didn't work, and all I could do, was watch in terror as I opened the door. The cold wind of a November night rushed into my face, as I stepped outside. There was nothing to be seen. The clouds covering the night sky were merciless to my sight, for it was total darkness. Yet, my body knew where to go, as if it didn't need me to see for it. I wanted to scream again, but I knew it would do nothing for me. Tears streamed down my eyes as I walked aimlessly into the dark. I felt like I was watching a movie of myself, and I had no control of anything that was happening. 'I will bring you to paradise...", the voice whispered. It was the child, again. The voice still spoke with the tone that expected one to be obedient. It felt sinister...It felt evil. I continue to walk, the wet grass sliding against my feet, and the sound of knees popping when my legs lifted from the ground. Then, something changed. I stepped onto a stone flooring of sorts, like I was inside a building. It was no longer cold and windy, but warm...No, hot and humid. With each step, it felt like the temperature was steadily rising. I started to feel myself sweat, because it was becoming so intense. "Please, for the love of everything that is good, end my torment!", I thought to myself. I could feel my heartbeat, becoming fast and erratic, as if my body were about to cumble under the intensity of the heat and stress. My conciousness was fading, I could barely tell that I was still walking. I wanted to sleep, for forever. Never to feel the suffering an pain of this life again, just to end it all! I wanted to die, so badly, but my body pressed on. "We have arrived...", it said, leaving almost an echo in my mind. I felt like it wanted me to remember this sentence, this moment. Then...I stopped. I stood still, as if there was nowhere left to go. Then, as if being released from binding chains, I snap back into myself. I can feel my body, searing with intense pain. I feel the need to tear at my skin, claw away the pain. Yet, I don't even have the will power or strength to move from where I am standing. Suddenly, I feel cold wind pushing at me, once again. The heat, gone almost as quickly as it came. My heart rate slows, and I feel almost calm for a moment. I stand up, having some of my strength back, and turn around, wanting to walk back. I freeze almost instantly, feeling a cold stare that pierced my eyes and stuck my very being. A being stood in front of me, in the darkness. Its eyes, a crimson red, like that of a bloodthirsty maniac. It towered over me, making it seem as if I were an insignificant insect. I wanted to move, to run, to do anything; my body refused my every command. Frozen in fear, I felt as if this were my reckoning, my untimely end. The being finally spoke, "Let us consume you, become one with us!!!". Its voice boomed, like that of one with the authority of a God. I could hear his voice inside my head, along with many others, saying the same thing. My brain pounded, "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!", I roared, in a desperate attempt to ease the pain. "Fighting me will only prolong your suffering!", the being shouted. As this was being said, more figures like the one in front of me emerged from the dark. Their eyes, glowing the same bloody red as the colossus towering before me. One by one, they walked toward me. "Embracccccce usssss....", they whispered. I could hear it inside my head, still. I couldn't ignore it, no matter how hard I tried. They wanted to take over, to consume my entire being. My memories were starting to fade away, as if they were devouring them one by one. "LET GO, SEAN!!!", the monsterous beast shouted. I could feel the creatures pulling at me, dragging me slowly into the ground. I cried out in agony, as if my body was about to be torn apart. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!", I hear the devilish laugh of the creature, as I am dragged into the darkness. Things start to become distant, numb to me. No pain, no emotions, just the the feeling of everything slowly drifting away. My eyes start to become heavy, as if drifting off into an eternal slumber. The creatures start to dissapear from my vision, one by one. My eyes becoming heavier and heavier, I continue to close them. I can't see or hear anything anymore, all replaced by the overwhelming desire to sleep. I shut my eyes... Instantly, I sit up. My heart feels like it is racing out of my chest. Looking around in sheer panic, I see that I'm on the floor of my room. I fall backwards, as a sign of relief. I look up at my T.V. screen. Dimly lit, it shows that I was kicked for inactivity. "I must have been asleep.", I thought to myself. I look back at the floor, and to my suprise, there was a note. I picked it up, and started to read it. I drop the note, stuck by fear and sheer terror. The note read, "I told you that I would take you to paradise...".
  13. The Doctor's Office!

    I guess I should actually use this topic. Any questions, like I've mentioned before, feel free to ask. Im very approachable, believe it or not