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      2019 KSI Donor/VIP Revamp   01/28/2019

      After much thought and re-work, the KSI Board is happy to announce the revamped and improved KSI VIP Donor System for 2019. Unlike the past where one donation netted someone the VIP group, now the group will reset on the 1st day of each year. Requirements In order to get re-added as a KSI VIP Donor, you will have to contribute in one of the following ways: Donate $10 to KSI's PayPal Donate at least 1000 bits to KSILive Sub to KSI for at least 2 months Once the new year begins, just donate in any of the 3 above ways and you will receive the 2019 Donor Award as well as the 2019 Donor Group. Just provide proof in the AAP area when you apply. Your donation can be made by someone else, so just have them provide you with the receipt. This only applies for PayPal donations and Subscribing. Bits must be your own. Donations can also add up, so you can contribute $5 for two months and receive it. Just keep the receipts as proof for your request and you will be given Donor access. With this revamp, we have improved the perks of donating to KSI. Because of your financial commitment, we want to reward you for believing in KSI and contributing in that way. Benefits Access to VIP Area on the forums to talk with other donors. 2019 Donor Forums award Special sneak previews of KSI News stories and community announcements Recognized on the KSI Front Page's Donor list Ability to give input on upcoming events, such as Divisional Cup, Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, Turkey Bowl, and Award Show. Special Donor-only giveaways during the yearly KSI events A special Donors-Only Weekend Event full of FFAs and Giveaways in August. Overall We want to provide the best KSI experience for all of our members, and those who fund the websites, events, and so much more should be rewarded for contributing and believing in the community. So please enjoy this revamped system and allow us to work with you to forge a better, more inclusive KSI. Thank you, KSI Board of Directors
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      KSI Gaming   03/26/2019

      KSI Gaming The 2019 Forums Update is here! And along with it came a brand new KSI Gaming area. Check it out! Everything from Anthem and Apex to Siege and SMITE. Each game subforum has General Chat Thread, an Official Update Thread and an Information Thread. Game Journalists will be keeping track of and updating these threads on a weekly basis. Whether you're looking for details on the latest patch or just wanting to share tips and tricks, there's never been an faster way to connect with other gamers in our community.  Our Gaming area is currently broken down into categories: Adventure First Person Shooters MMORPG For more information about the KSI Gaming area or to learn about becoming a Game Journalist, message any of our Web Ops staff!   Explore the full 2019 Forums Update layout here: 2019 Forums Update
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      2019 Divisional Cup Kickoff!   04/01/2019

      Hello, Friends!  As most of you know from last year, Divisional Cup will keep track of divisional participation throughout the year. Starting at Spring Break and ending with January's Award Show, we will be ranking divisions each month by their participation in activities, growth, and officer staff ratio to develop a competition for Division of the Year! The division with the most points at the end of each month will be named Division of the Month. As you can see on the chart above, a list of monthly events will be posted with the meeting notes and in the Div Cup area on the forums, so everyone can be aware of what will count toward points! Divisions can expect to see points counted for Weekend Warfare, Montage and Clip submissions, News Team contests, Twitch Subscriptions, Social Media activity,  and OTM/DOTM award periods in the AAP..  plus a couple of other categories weaving in and out throughout the months! Additional events will be added depending on what is happening in and around KSI for that particular month. Same as last year: KSI's large events -- Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, and Turkey Bowl -- will count independently and figure into the overall scores, but not the monthly tallies. Different from last year: (Change is good, promise) This year Div Cup will be split into two halves. This means even if your Division doesn't start off too hot in the first half, you can always give them a good kick in the rear at the start of the second half, and finish off strong! Here is an example of how it will look, along with the standings so far. I'm sure you all remember that Divine Warrior's took home the win last year.. so as of right now, they are the Division to beat! I'm looking forward to seeing the activity and participation from all of you!    Side note: I took down the names of all the people who supported #billdabear. I'm coming for you.        


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  1. Education Department - Graduate awards Notification

    my apologies for not putting the forums links on the others it slipped my mind.
  2. Education Department - Graduate awards Notification

    101 Graduates from Greg's Class: KSI KenzaBenz http://www.ksiforums.org/topic/27636-searching-for-1v1-xbox-360/ KSI MingledOrc http://www.ksiforums.org/user/23230-mingled/ 201 Graduates from Huckleberry's class: KSI HAVOC 7 KSI ZOMBYGzL 7 KSI Mpliers 7 KSIx2FINGERS 7

    DIV MEETING 5-6 1. Blacklisting, Security Risking or DnHing a person that is threating bodily harm. 2. Date for Pep-Rally is June 24th no time was set but we will let you know. 3. The forums now have a history area where you can post your KSI history! Check it out and contribute if you can! 4. The divisional OTMs for April will be up soon, keep an eye out for those passwords, leaders. 5. Remember, if you have a promotion or a shoutout for someone in the community, message KSI Doctor 7 and we'll get that posted on the Facebook page! 6. WEEKEND WARFARE..... 7. Keep in mind that KIK is not a replacement for the forums, with that being said the CoC and SoP does apply to everyone in them if it is a KSI sanctioned kik. 8. The WI section is going to start using the section for admission again for more on that please see Lafayette 7. 9. L.E.A.D. will be back the week of the 18th, sign ups will be up after this weekend. We have a schedule for the 101 and 201 classes that will implement the use of the xbox one along with the 360. We are also going to also to be opening up interviews for the mentor positions in the L.E.A.D section. 10. Productions team is looking for clips. WHERE ARE YOUR SQUAD LEADERS AT?? Decimate WI 4 days Lonestar IO 3 days Nuclear EO 3 days Paradox IO 3 days Unity GZ 10 days WTHECK Vanquished HD 4 days Wicked ES 5 days Exorcist DL 6 days Fallout EO 6 days Fear DM 6 days Hellfire DM 6 days Utopia DR 3 days EO EO stats: 141 with 13 recruits on the recruit tag. My Co - Fo and I are evaluating each squad in our division this week. For one our squads is potentially getting turned into destiny squad since more members in the squad play destiny than COD AW. In Predator right now we are working ok the growth of the squad and making sure everyone is trained properly. For fallout we are making sure that the CPTS are at their highest training and I plan to make one of them general soon. Lastly, my Xbox one squad is doing great almost at 50 members they had some promotion in the squad that are officers now and their is growth and activity in the squad now it's improving slowly. My goals for this week are to have the workshops like we do each week, gamenights, forums activity up, number goal is 154, and preparing for Spirit Week. HD Division:197 Recruit tag:15 We have done a lot better with getting some good numbers in on to our squads that haven't been doing so well. The Xbox one squad has taken a huge jump and its activity is amazing. We are working on getting the rest of downpour into havoc by this Friday and once that's done closing out downpour. Our main goal for the week is to try and get the SGT recruiting activity up and hopefully get our numbers to 225 by the next week WI WI is currently sitting at about 375 members, with around 20 on the Recruit Tag. In a divisional sense, we are currently focusing mainly on two things. 1. Recruiting and 2. Training. We have illustrated profusely to all Generals, Captains, and Lieutenants that it does not matter that they're bringing in recruits if said recruits are not being trained off the Recruit Tag. We have had sporadic but unfortunately meaningful trouble with this in the past, with activity with regards to officers utilizing the recruit tag at around 55% to 60% as recently as a couple weeks ago. Everything seemed okay, but direct probes in the situation yielded the aforementioned results. I would estimate current activity on that front at around 75% as of now. Officers in most squads now fully understand their purpose and their important in terms of needing to train the new recruits. We're looking to be at 400 minimum by the end of the month, and are almost sure this goal will be met barring any unforeseen complications. Anguish is currently sitting at a very good 31 members! They have finally broken into the 30's and morale is EXTREMELY high. There were some issues recently with individuals coming from the Join Area, but Tempah (Anguish Gen) handled said situations with grace. The issues were done and over with very quickly. Anarchy is currently in the early 90's, preparations for a squad split are underway, but there have been some claims of inactivity from certain Officers...one in particular. These claims are being investigated directly by KSI Webby200o and are being overseen by Co-Founder KSI Izzy 7. We do not think these claims have any merit, but will investigate them nonetheless. Recruiting has been slow, with preparations for the squad split ironically slowing recruiting...preventing the squad split from happening. Webby has been pushing recruiting though, and we hope to see the fruits of his labors throughout this upcoming week. Abaddon is doing very well and is sitting in the mid-50's. Unfortunately, Abaddon lost it's General recently when she decided to transfer, but surprisingly the squad has been doing extremely well since her departure. Morale is up, officer productivity is very satisfactory (barring one exception), and recruiting is slowly starting to improve. The 1CPT, KSI December, is a veteran member of WI, having been around for the creation of Abaddon and is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and a truly effective leader. We are looking to move him into the General position as soon as possible. Crysis is currently sitting in the early 30's, numbers wise the squad has not moved very much lately, but they have gained a couple members. Morale is moderately high and the Officers Staff (a very small staff) has been doing their jobs well. The General (KSI VONNER META) has always been a beacon for good feelings, so we continue to have faith in him and his ability to lead Crysis. Decimate is still unfortunately a mixed bag, they have been relatively stagnant at 70 members for a couple weeks, and G14 Activity regarding the General has been lacking. Morale is surprisingly good considering, and game night/practice attendance is quite good. Not a ton to say, lol. Fierce has been doing well, they have been hovering in the lower to mid 40's for quite a while, as their General has been putting significant focus towards consolidating his asset rather than adding on to them. The Officers Staff is pretty good, there are a couple squabbles here and there but the situation with Fierce is definitely improving, albeit slowly. Vortex is doing amazing, the General KSI BIG TANKER and his Officers have really turned Vortex around. From a squad that was languishing and stagnant in the low 30's to a squad that is rapidly growing, with the squad currently sitting at 51 members, teams are being discussed, the officers staff is growing greatly, and even squad split plans being discussed, lol! The General and his Officers Staff are looking to split the squad by Mid June to Early July, a feat that will be quite something to watch if pulled off! End of Stats. LS 198 members 10 recruits. This week week I have enforced a heavy defluff across LS. All but 1 squad is completely fluff free due to issues on not wanting to move members into squads on there own time zone which I am currently cracking down on. My newest Co-fo has stepped down due to medical & family reasons. Goals are to hit 220 by next Wednesday. We are currently working on getting two new gens up and a possible co-fo as well. Recruiting is going strong, training is consistent & activity is acceptable but could be improved in areas. More to update next week. Thanks ES Squad tag 448 Recruit tag 14 Number goal still shooting for the 480 mark Division goal is to finally get the armada benchmark status We are currently working on our officer staff still Our forums activity is continuing to pick up constantly we have very motivating people coming into out division we still have a bit of fluff popping up but we get them out ASAP Squad Battles are back in ES and everyone is really enjoying themselves challenges are being thrown left and right Our next step is hopefully brining headhunters back to our division Looking to bring up a new founder here in the next couple of weeks not going to give a name because I know they read these notes We have a lot of people being looked at for our next cofounder going to be hard to decide on who most of our gens are very deserving and I wish there was room for all of them right now Haven't been able to run an officers workshop in a couple weeks and we are hoping to pick up with those again this week We are looking for the next gen of Siren there is much potential in that squad but we know of a couple who will be going on military leave soon Hydra will be splitting around the end of May we will have a list of names soon to send up to be approved *********************************************** FI #-418 RCT-15 Goals- Get Ignite split shortly. Get to 460 by end of May. Hit 500 before July. Maintain our fluff removal while still showing posistive growth. Get a General in place for Viper. GZ GZ is at 224 with 5 on the recruit tag Everything is getting better each week with the activity recruiting an training, an motivation an excitement an there interest in stepping up an wanting to do more,even our new members are pitching in an wanting to learn an help out an are so happy to be here. There truly enjoying themselves. Our new CoFounder KSI Emmmy 7 is doing a wonderful job an has bein a great help to me getting all these activities going. This week we will be focusing on getting the divisional welcoming committee up an running as well as the squad level ones. We will also continue to ensure the divisional workshops an game nights keep running smoothly an we will be doing some individual squad training as they all have some upcoming potential officers. Liberty won the forums poll tournament an Saturday we will be holding a ffa tournament on Mcc to determine a winner. We also have gun crowns back up an running an there has been positive interest in it an seems like it will be a good supplement to our activity. Our short-term goal is to reach 240 an keep moving forward with all the training programs an fun activities we have put into place. Our long-term goal to reach 300 members by July EF 85 on squad tags 5 on recruit tag. Not much to say this week, We have one squad moving forwards recruiting, playing together and being a squad. Going to try something very different in this coming week, nothing that needs to be posted up though. After this is done we will be starting 100% fresh. Will Have a 6 week evaluation after Project is fully implemented to see how to proceed. DR Squad Tag 540 RCT TAG 20 We are still are having game nights 2 to 3 times a week and having fun. And we are having training classes 2 to 3 times a week. We are getting ready for Spirit Week so we can rule all of the other Division that week. Goal's For DR can get ready to split and get more recruits.
  4. Eligible BOD Dedicated Multi-Nomination (Awarded)

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  5. need new IO squad to join.

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  6. DIV MEETING NOTES 4-29-15

    Division Notes 4-29-15 1. The L.E.A.D. Class session 2 has concluded and the next classes will start in the next few weeks. We are working on getting the program started on both the 360 and the Xbox one, with that being said the old program of allowing LT and up on the 101 classes will be the standard and Generals and up on the 201 will be the standard. For all your information on the LEAD PROGRAM please visit the LEAD Section on the forums and all your questions should be answered there, any other questions just ask them there and one of the staff will be glad to answer them. 2. The join section will be going through a little change in the near future, we will have a join section and a rejoin section in the future, so be on the look out for that coming soon. 3. All of the Join Section will now have a one week hold on them so the staff will have time to do their jobs without rushing, and they will have time to bring in any 7’s if need be. This will slow down the rejoin and join section but it will make the department run more efficient. 4. Make sure that you are ready for summer and the influx of what we have always call the summer rush of recruits, this time of year we always get an influx of recruits because of the extra time that school agers are allowed on the xbox, make sure that you are talking to your squads and your cofo’s and getting them prepared for this time of year and don’t drop the ball, its and excellent time to find your next officer or 7. 5. Make sure that the meeting notes are being passed down and that they are being posted we have got to ensure that the notes are reaching everyone all the way down to the privates. Utilize your Silver Accounts daily. 6. This weeks Weekend Warefare is a 4v4 swat on halo 4 on 360 and also the Xbone. Make sure that you are asking your div to participate with the weekend warfare and support them. 7. In the last 2 weeks we grew 100 members with also defluffing in 2 divisions, that is showing 8. Productions is taking applications, if you are interested please visit the productions section of the forums and keep sending in those great clips. 9. Finally lets keep the push for Spirit Week, we have had a great response so for and lets keep it going. 10. T&E applications are still open also. STATS IO 259 on g14 9 on recruit tag Plans for this week are as follows we will be getting back to fundamentals Such as sgt work shops and game nights. We will be hanging with all squads And getting things back to the way things should be .... Fun !!!!! DM Squad Tags: 306 Recruit Tag: 19 Summery: Overall our squads have been doing well. Our XBox One Squads are still seeing some trouble, but we will be making some changes there soon. I am changing the squads of the cofounders a little to better suit their personal strengths to better help the Division. Lethal will hopefully have a new general soon, and Hellfire hopefully a captain. Goal: I would still like to see DM reach 350 by the end of April which I feel is a very feasible goal. I would also like to see more mentoring of Sgts to better improve future officers. EO Stats are 137 members in our squads with 8 recruits on the tag. This week my division will be working on communication and members gaming with each other alot more than they are as well as motivation for all of my squads and growing as a whole division. Still working on getting a general for Fallout making sure everyone is trained up appropertly. Workshops are still going on as well every Friday and Saturday nights. sorry for short description having problems thinking at the moment. LS Div stats - 215 Members & 9 rcts We have a new gen (KSI xAchillesx) over echo. Recruiting is steadily increasing around the Division, we are working on training throughout the Division, some of the minor issues in the previous weeks have been squashed and resolved. Morale is high and were still moving forward. ES Squad tag 451 Recruit tag 13 Number goal 480 Notes: Tomorrow ES will be promoting KSI Mpliers 7 ES founder up to ES Co-Div Leader We also will be bringing up a Co-Founder and a General from Ragnarok tomorrow KSI HIDDEN DUCK to Co-Founder and KSI RageFlip to Ragnarok Gen all of these are well deserved and earned promotions We lost a General for Siren on Sunday we will be preparing the next in line to take over that squad With our Angels squad we need to go through our officer staff again and see if they are wanting to continue moving forward because they have lost their motivation and we are trying to get that back we may have to make some changes to that staff We have our next ES Warfare this Friday it's Halo we haven't had many sign up this week but I expect a lot to sign up last minute Our goal is to get past this 450 mark and finish working on our officer staff I believe that is all that is holding us back from Armada Our forums activity has skyrocketed since about a month ago and it seems to continue to grow We have many training and workshop programs in ES such as sgt workshop which are weekly in every squad ES gens think tank which is bi weekly for all gens and highest ranking cpts we have forums workshops which is also weekly and we also hold a weekly officers workshop for anyone in ES to either learn more as a officer or those that aspire to become an officer and want to further their knowledge in KSI We still are going to try and beat DR to a div split lol GZ Gz is at 217 with 12 on the recruit tag.So this has bein a great week.The atmoshere,motivation attitudes an fun are at a all time high.We are continuing to focus on our divisional training program and game nights as well as intermingling and friendly competitions between the squads. This really seems to be paying off. The tournament for the free downloadable game the forms poll will start on Sat May 2nd at 9am thru 9am on May 3rd.The winning squad will have a ffa tournament the following Saturday to decide a winner. Were also going to be bringing back gun crowns i also would like to look into seeing since i only have 1 Mcc squad an 1 AW if other divisions would be interested so they could take part in this as well. Were still working on getting a couple of gens up for Unity & Liberty the capt in Liberty i feel is ready but theres a few things that i wanna work on first with that squad. We are also working with our other destiny squad to get it moving if we dont see results in a reasonable time we may have to explore other options. As whole GZ is on the right track an moving in a positive direction an i look forward to all the great things we will accomplish in the coming weeks. DR Squad Tag ; 527 RCT Tag ; 20 We are still having game nights 2 to 3 times a week . We are still having SGT. and Official work shops . We are getting ready for Spirit week . And we are getting ready for the Division Split . Goals for the week is to get everyone ready for everything that is coming up in the next few weeks . FI short term: get divisional headhunters up to snuff and go kick butt long term: have squads velocity shift and lotus split they are all within 20 to 30 members of splitting weekly: finally finalize nitro merger just waiting on u to give one of the cofos the nitro tag cheddar ;p 399 with 15 on the recruit tag numbers goal is 435 nothing major has happened this week to make it noteworthy DIVISIONS MISSING? YES THEY ARE!!!!
  7. DIV MEETING NOTES 4-22-15

    MEETING NOTES 4-22-15 1.Mod team apps are still open in the general area for those who want to apply. 2.The Graphics team is looking for requests to do, so get an image and fill out a signature request form when you can, 35 posts are needed to request a sig. 3. The Facebook/Twitter are close to hitting a milestone with likes and followers, spread the links and get people involved! Facebook: /KSIGlobalOfficial Twitter: @KSIOrg 4.Also, if you have someone you want to shoutout or promotions from SGT and up, message KSI Doctor 7 with those, and we'll get them posted for everyone to see! 5.Make sure all promotions are getting announced and if you promote a 7 that they are sending the seniors a Friends Request, if they have too make sure that they send a message so we can remove someone to add them. 6.Weekend warfare this Saturday (April 25, 8pm EST/1am GMT) will be a karaoke contest! Go to www.ksiweekendwarfare.org to sign up now, start practicing your favorite tune, and don't miss the stream on twitch.tv/KSILive 90’s theme so the song will have to be from 1990 to 1999, also the following weekend will be a 4v4 swat on halo 4 on 360 and also the Xbone. 7.Make sure that all of your Generals are signed up for the Generals section by using the apply button on the top of the forums. This is located in the last column, click on it and click on APPLY. It’s just that easy. 8.Spirit week is coming up and as of right now we are looking at July, but we are still trying to nail down the exact week and get all the festivities lined up. You have some time to get your teams ready, and we look forward to livestreaming some competition between you all before then. 9.Tomorrow KSI PURGE is going to be streaming on twitch.tv/ksilive starting between 4-5 pm EST Mortal Kombat X on the Xbox One, He said he will be doing the story mode and also be talking to the viewers online. 10.Happy Wars is dropping in two days, be gathering info for adding destiny or any other games back on xbone. 11.Join section is needing to be discussed with the leaders with all leaders concerning procedures and processes. DIV STATS: EF: 81- Squad tags 2 Recruit tag Continuing our plans to build up a foundation, got some officers up in Assassin, they seem to be coping well. Looking at a few outstanding members in Arbiter to move up. Co Founder is taking a few days away for personal reasons. Shogun is doing a squad wide evaluation of members to ensure there is no fluff within the squad. Goal: SET REGULAR GAMENIGHTS LS: Currently sitting at 213 with 4 on the recruit tag. Still finalizing moving people from legend to Trocity, should be complete in the next week. Anyone that hasn't responded from Trocity about the game switch will be defluffed this coming week as well. Having some issues in the halo squad, echo. Working on getting them back on track and things moving forward. Morale and motivation is high throughout the division. Training needs to pick up across the board in the squads. Goals: reach 230 and defluff Trocity ad well as get training back up to par. DM: Squad Tags: 281 Recruit Tag: 21 Summery: KSI L10N 7 is now General of Lethal We are working to get Hellfire to where it needs to be. We have been working to get more Officers trained. We are working to make sure all squads are continuing to advance forward and are not growing stagnant. Goal: I will work to get DM to reach 300 by the end of April. I will be working to get the remaining 3 general-less squads up to standard GZ: GZ is at 206 with 10 on the recruit tag. Its been a good week, all of the squads have bein picking up on things an are having more complete activities compared to previous weeks. Especially Bravery the little squad that struggled so much with recruiting has gotten 7 new recuites so far this week. There hard work an never give up attitude an team work is finally paying of SO PROUD OF ALL OF THEM . Our newest Gen KSI DUFFS has bein getting warmed up and putting his potential into action. There has being some focus on officer training. And we will be working to ensure all the hard work is kept up and the officers are staying on top of the training of new members. We are also working with KSI Filterfish to get him ready for Gen of Unity, an working on building officer staffs an improving recruiting in all the squads. Over the coming weeks i want to work on communication that can still be improved upon both within an between squads as well as throughout the division, and we are looking forward to seeing the effects of our divisional training program as well as our divisional game nights. FI: Long Term: Split Lotus and Shift by first week of May Short Term: Merge Nitro into both Ignite and Viper Weekly: Increase forums activity so as to meet the requirements for Flagship 404 with 13 on rct tag Numbers goal: 435 We promoted KSI Invizzy 7 to cofounder and KSi Plooger to Gen of Lotus HD: Division: 198 Recruit tag:16 We have really dropped the ball on recruiting but through working with generals I am hoping we pick it back up so far it has been doing good, we may have to close down a squad due to lack of activity from within but if we do it will be better for the group as a whole since the active members will be able to join another squad and help them grow. Throughout HD we are doing a good job on hosting game nights and many workshops as a group as well we are working hard on being ready for spirit week. The one big thing we can work on as a group is situational dealings which workshops will be held for as well as making sure that the Generals know what part they fully play in the growth of their own squads. IO: IO 268 on g14 11 on recruit tag Implementing officer workshops officers need more training Recruit competition coming to a close at end of month got a lot Of new members just not enough people recruiting to compensate For the ongoing fluff WI: WI is currently sitting at around 367, with 26 on the recruit tag. We're looking predominantly right now at steady growth, and making sure everyone who's hitting the recruit tag is being trained in a reasonable amount of time. Anarchy is still doing very well, recruiting has slowed a bit in the past few weeks as Officers are busy with preparing for the split. They're fluctuating in the low to mid 90's, and they recently got a General, who's been getting rid of any inactive members he finds. Abaddon is currently a bit of a mixed bag, there are a couple of members transferring to Crysis WI, our Halo 4 squad. Recruiting has been exceedingly slow, but game night attendance is better than ever and meeting turn out is always satisfactory. They're in the mid-50's, haven't moved for a couple weeks, will be looking into that a bit more personally. Anguish is better than its ever been, close to breaking 30 here soon. Their big goal is to hit 30 as of now, but their General has expressed to me that he's going to push his member hard, wanting Anguish to be the biggest MCC Squad in KSI, and hopefully be the first one to split some day. Officer promotions are very good, bringing up new ones and promotion older ones consistently. Decimate is alright, recruiting has been slow on Ghosts for a while, seems like for every 2 members they gain, they lose one. Either due to inactivity or issues, I don't know. The Co-Founder for Decimate has always had a very good grip on what needs to be done, but I think that WI's presence on Ghosts may have to come to an end at some point if this current situation continues. Crysis is currently sitting at 29, Halo 4 is an older game so, like Ghosts, it's hard to recruit. An upside to this is that their General, VONNER META, Is able to focus more directly on the members he has. He recently put forth his own money in a bid to get most of his Corporals name changes. if you wanted one, you'd get one. Worked alright, but problems concerning his location in the US versus some beneficiaries in Europe made the cards not work for them. Fierce is in the low 40's, they've been fluctuating from the low 30's the low 40's these past few weeks. Getting rid of inactive members, etc. The General is very dedicated, and keeps morale up. He is building an Officers Staff for himself, but I’ll admit it's pretty slow going. Vortex is doing fantastic, there were a couple problems among the Officers Staff, but BIG TANKER nipped them in the bud right quick. Recruiting has been very good, close to breaking 50 as of this afternoon. Game Nights are being hosted all the time, morale is high, overall I think Vortex has a bright future. LW: G-14 and squad tag is at 385 20 on the recruit tag What happen last week? Had to kick a general out due to him breaking the CoC Headhunter is starting up in all squads All squads having more game nights Plan on getting a new general this week Getting ready for spirit week is on its way! Things we need to work on and goals:😯 making sure CPL on higher have the recruiting process down !!😉 making sure we at least try to get every member that want to come to meeting /work shop there (host two lobbies ) Making sure everyone understand the CoC and the SoP We staying with the same number goals 400 with no fluff And to have two squad ready for a split EO: Our division is at 135 with 10 recruits on the recruit tag This past week we focused on removing fluff that we had in the squads that had fluff as well as doing workshops and getting the motivation up and communication up in each squad. I have brought back squad of week this past week and it seems to be helping a lot with the motivation and bringing new members in. This week my division will be focusing on getting a general for fallout within the next week or two, working on my xbox one squad activity making sure everyone is playing together and getting the motivation up which is really lacking at the moment but will be fixed. Keeping up with the forums activity. Getting all my squads pumped for Spirit Week!!! Holding our workshop this Friday and Saturday should be very informational and fun as well. Lastly working on the overall growth of EO as a whole. Goals for the division are: 1. continue working on motivation and communication throughout all squads 2. hosting and participating in game nights 3. show overall growth in each single squad 4. Number goal is 140 for this week ES: Squad tag 448 Recruit tag 9 We are finally fully staffed on gens We are currently working on the rest of our officer staff Also we are going to be going over a recruit retraining program to make sure that we continue to recruit properly Forums activity has picked up greatly and seems to be continuous Last Thursday I asked our members to get word out about spirit week and people who may want to compete we will be posting sign ups in our sections for all POSSIBLE game types We have some new ideas that keep coming in for our div and we are getting a lot of activity back because of these things like ES Warfare and mpliers personal live streams An yes he Is thinking about signing up for productions team (We promote events and teams at ES Warfare such as Weekend Warfare and squad battles headhunters) and we will be promoting spirit week during our upcoming events DR: SQAUD TAG'S; 532 RECIUT TAG; 21 We are having game nigh0ts 2 to 3 times a week. And we are having SGT and LT classes 2 times a week. We are having meetings with the 2 to 3 times a week. A we are getting ready for the split. GOAL; To get the Division split done and go to work to split DR again
  8. Questions for KSI Fuzzymeep 7

    What are the things you look for in a leader? With all the late night gaming, the parties I have held true to one thing that you taught me and that was to have an "off switch, or quitting time" for KSI, so I could enjoy gaming and play and have fun with the members. Where did you learn this, and did you learn it the hard way? You have been a mentor of mine for almost 3 years now, we have always wondered what are like when you take a girl out. Do you talk about video games? Do I need to have the talk with you? lol you have been in KSI a long time. jk...
  9. DIV MEETING NOTES 4-15-15

    Division Meeting Notes 4/15/15 1. Weekend warfare: Sat April 18th, 8pm est there will be a ffa on Halo4 & Advanced Warfare both on 360 with a prize of 3month gold. Sign up at www.ksiweekendwarfare.org under the tournaments tab. Any questions plz message KSI Havoc 7 or any T&E staff 2. We will be posting up a new thread in the Leaders Section on the forums about the squad tags that are showing off line for an extremely long period of time. If any tag belongs to your division PM us with an response, include all Seniors in your response please as to reason and what is being done to rectify members not seeing the tags online. 3. The join section is still not getting the attention that it is supposed to be getting, each division has a Founder and up, so each Division should have a Representative to monitor the Join Section. The join section is there for members to rejoin and also join for the first time so don’t think that you have the right to just say no to accepting the people from there. If there is some one you don’t want then you need to post up and let them know. If your division is on a recruiting hold then and only then can you pass the member along....but post up and let them know. 4. G14 password security must be 10 characters long including numbers upper and lower case letters with symbols also. 5. AAP staff applications close tonight and the OTMs are closing on the 18th, check out the AAP section for more info, or message KSI Doctor 7. 6. Web Staff Moderator positions are open for those who wish to apply. If interested, go to the general area and check out the "We're" hiring topic! Also, you can message the web staff for more details. 7. If you have promotions for anyone in the community that you would like announced, please message KSI Doctor 7 the names, ranks, and squad/division of those you wish to shout out! The more the merrier! 8. Leaders, please ensure that you're going through your division sections daily, especially if you are a section mod for your area. It's important for you to keep tabs and participate on what is going on, and helps the staff out because you all can catch these things before we do! STATS: EF: 78 in division, 1 on recruit tag Finishing up alot of transfers and rejoin apps. Continuing to lay a foundation within the division which will strengthen us in the long run, no shortcuts being taken hense it taking so long. Still working on getting gamenights going Going to set up a new round of workshops in the next week, probably with joint squad workshops for Assassin and Shogun. DM: DEMONIC MAYHEM STATS (4/15/15) Squad Tags: 283 Recruit Tag: 9 Summery: Working with squads to improve the over all the strength the division. Working to get a new general up over Lethal. Pushing Menace, Brutal, and Menace to further work with SGTs and expand their knowledge. Working to improve the structure of our XBOX ONE Squads. Working to get Hellfire growing and training officers. Goal: I will work to get DM to reach 350 by the end of April. We will work to improve motivation around DM. HD: Division number:197 Recruit tag:18 So far recruiting has picked up but troubles with one squad have come up we are dealing with those as well we are working to be better at problem solving because that had recently been an issue but so far with our little drop in numbers we are preparing for a big bounce back I'm excited to see what my division can do as a group our goal is to work on getting some major workshops for problem solving going as wlell as to hit 220 ES: Squad tags 449 Recruit tag17 Number goal 460 We are going to be promoting a General for Hydra (KSI xShocK) Tomorrow night We are working with one of our BO2 squads to try and work their squad split into AW instead of BO2 depending on who has the game We have recently retrained our staff on how to run our recruit training program ES Warfare was very successful it isn't a weekly thing because there are prizes involved but it was a big hit we did have to re write and edit some of our rules but nothing major We have an eye on our next two potential cofounders and we have more promising member making there way up I would like to see us have the requirements for Armanda in the next few weeks an we are going to work towards that. WI: Squad Tags: 361 Recruit Tag: 29 We've been doing pretty good lately, i'd have to say! Recruiting in most squads is satisfactory and forums activity div-wide has improved. We have a new General in one of our AW squad, Vortex, fellas name is KSI BIG TANKER, and we're going to be moving up another Gen over in Anarchy this weekend, leaving us at maximum capacity in terms of Generals! We're going to look into making the Recruit Tag as efficient as possible on the Xbox One, as we've reached a pretty good point on the 360 and need to make sure everything is working properly and effectively on the Xbox One. Wicked Intent Weekend Warfare participation is a big goal right now, we've been trying to send teams every week. Our primary goal right now is train all recruits on the recruit tag, putting us into at least the 380's. Our secondary goal is to push WW and our participation, and my personal tertiary goal currently is, as i stated previously, to make sure the recruit tag on Xbox One is working at peak efficiency. DL: Four Squads: 189 members Recruit tag: 20 recruits Activity: Covert Ops Division merge is complete with a few stragglers to be identified. This merge was short in part because the g14 and squad tags did not match up in gamer tags; however matched up in numbers because more than a handful of members had multiple squad tags on their friends list. All in all messages were sent out and received a lot of people lost interest or were busy in other aspects of life and havery since played a lot less. Squad merge is complete as well we have around about 20 members for the Xbox ONE and will likely use the KSIxExorcist DL squad tag for such at this point though it looks like we might be low on the officers side. I have some people identified and ready to work with. Squad split is doing well. We had one officer removed from the division for hitting his old squad among sending one of those members to RD. You read that right... RD. At any rate this officer has an issue with female authority figures so we set up a meeting with him and Thor 7 so he is in DR at this point and time. Other than that Airborne 7 has been a power house taking a two day split and in about a two weeks time nearly doubling those numbers. The original squad Death has seen some steady growth but has since slowed it's pace since the split. We are focused hard and have seen a rebound in our AW squad. I still plan to have that split some time in June the latest. Individually Destiny is starting to look gloomy hopefully the recent DLC drop from yesterday helps. It takes a lot to keep me entertained, besides the repetitiveness I still think it's a great game especially on the ONE. I still need to make a gun crown table for AW. I've been dragging my feet I that one since I hardly have the time but I'll make some this weekend lol. Goals this week are to start getting the division ready to work together in prep for spirit week. Start up doing more founder things like holding workshops routinely throughout the month most likely on a weekly basis Dark Legions moral is on the rebound and is excited for the Black Ops III announcement! EO: Squad Tags: 142 Recruit Tag: 7 EO stats were are currently with all squad tags counted up, totaled out to be 142 with 7 recruits on the recruit tag. For this week are main focus is to make sure that all squads are very motivated and to work on more activity with two of my squads. One of my squad my co - founder and I will be working closely with to make sure that there a immense amount of activity going and keeping the motivation up. All of the squads will be making sure that they are communicating better with each other as well as motivating each other to the best of their abilities. Other positive things that are happening in this division is that we had our first workshops this past Friday and Saturday and will be continuing them this Friday and Saturday. Also to help with the motivation and activity I will be bringing back "the squad of the week" this week. Lastly the Goals for my division this week are continuing with the 10 week workshops, keeping the motivation going, more activity in all squads, get more forums activity, work on the communication in all squads, and lastly I would like not to put a number goal this week as we are focusing on activity as well what is listed above. If a number goal is required then it will be 149. DR: Sqaud Tags ; 528 RCT Tag ; 35 All of the squads are having training classes and we are getting ready for the split. And we are getting ready for spirit week. We are getting 2 teams for every game. GOAL ; Come up in numbers and get ready fo division split LS: Currently sitting at 198 with 11 on the recruit tag. Brutus stepped down recently. We are moving one of our halo squads, Trocity, over to Destiny and transferring the Americans from Legend to Trocity as well to help accommodate time zones as well as a sort of mini split to alleviate some pressure in Legend. Recruiting has picked up over the last week and we expect to see positive growth in the coming week and to continue moving forward. Morale and motivation is high, teams are up and running for spirit week in all squads bar the X1 AW squad which should be forming this coming week. We also hope to have 2 new generals by the end of the month as well as work with the current generals in hopes of finding new co founder potential in the near future. We have a new general, KSI frootloop88, over Echo. Our goal is to reach 220 by next meeting. GZ: Div stats April 15th 2015 GZ is at 204 with 3 on the recruit tag.We promoted a new CoFounder last Thursday KSI Emmmy 7 as well as a new Gen on Sunday KSI DUFFS. There both doing good. Emmmy is focusing on getting to know her squads an getting them comfortable with her. She is actively working with her Gens to get a dialogue and interaction between squads to learn from each others experiences. As well as looking into training processes for her squads Bravery, Honor & Pride. Mechanic is focusing on working with Unity to get recruiting an activity up an working on a potential Gen. Working to get better activity an a officer staff in Legacy. An Liberty his focus is recruiting an working with the Cpt to get him ready for Gen. I am focusing on a divisional training program as well as divisional collaberation (divisional welcoming committee, divisional game nights ect.).Our goal is to get the new training programs up an running as well as the divisional welcoming committee an to get the squads that are in the 20's into the 30's within the next couple of weeks. LW: Stats for LW We are sitting at 376 on the g14 and squad tag There 27 on the recruit tag Thangs that happen this week : We Had to kick out a general due to him breaking the CoC! We will have his replacement in a week,every officer understand why he was removed! recruiting tournament is still going its going really good , Having more work shops to help our members learn more and have fun at the same time Forum's activity is up im happy about it Division goals: To reach 400 by next week To have the whole division free of fluff To make sure we make every member and new member feel like they are home , having fun and educated in KSI MISSING FI, IO FI: Long term: Have Lotus and Shift split their squads by the end of month short term: Boost forums activity exponentially Weekly goal: Get 2 divisional game nights going and get that back to being a weekly thing. Numbers: 387 with 11 on the rct tag Number goal: 425 by next week
  10. We're Hiring!

    I would like to apply for a job with your forums staff, where would you like my resume sent?
  11. Furious 7

    Yes, at the end no matter who you are it will pull on your heart. I think it is very well worth watching, I will be adding it to my DVD collection.
  12. DIV MEETING NOTES 4-8-15

    DIVISION MEETING NOTES 4-8-15 1. Keep the Shout out program going, remember to do it publicly.... shout out to DL for their turn around. 2. WeekEnd Warfare: 3. AAP OTMs are open until April 18th, nominate those you think deserve awards! 4. TnE and AAP staff applications are still open, News Team and Productions are always also looking for new members. Check out the departments when you have a chance! 5. Keep preparing your divisions for spirit week, we have fun plans in the works, so keep on your toes! 6. (MESSAGE FROM CHEDDER) I challenge every leader in this community to recognize someone or a division on their efforts this week. It doesn't have to be anything huge, but take the time to send out one message of positive reinforcement, it means a lot to people. 7. Thursday night “ASK THE SENIORS†live stream. 8. Promote the Generals areas with all your Generals. KSI STATS FOR 4-8-15 LW STATS: 366/25 RCT TAG Squad and g14 is at 366 There 25 on the rct tag ☆ thangs that happen last week ☆ daily question game is up and going, Work shop is going great Gun crowns and game night are going as well recruiting tournament is going strong ♤ division goals ♧ fluff the whole division Work on training our replacements getting a little more active on the forum's Start having teams for spirit week 😤 Bug the senior directors Just playing get the division to 380 so we can sit that flagship status EF STATS: 77/1 RCT TAG Division at 77, recruit tag at 1 Division is trending currently, we are teasing people back into the swing of game nights. Looking at potential candidates to move into officer positions, to help move the squads forwards but moving very slowly with that. Continuing with the training schedule we have been doing and will be doing more 1on1 trainings from now on to make sure more quality trainings are taking place. Also made it official that the seniors have Thursdays off (your welcome guys) Goal: Continue on the road we are on, get a new officer up in arbiter, and get a few guys up in Assassin. ES STATS: Squad tags 440 Recruit tag 17 Number goal 480 We are looking for our new co fo in ES as well as a new plan b Will be promoting a gen for hydra next week which is currently the only squad without a gen We have cleaned up our pvts that we had massive amounts of We are getting our butts back in gear we have stopped recruiting for hydra for the time being because we are waiting for a gen we have the people wanting to recruit help recruit for banshee We are getting closer and closer to that armada status Our officer staffs are being built back up We have a new thing in ES called ES Warfare it's new and we are still testing it but the goal is more fun and more forums activity as well as promoting Weekend Warfare and encouraging more people to sign up for it. It is currently open to ES only until we work out the kinks. Also there will be prizes and other things awarded with this new event WI STATS: 350/20 RCT TAG WI has been doing generally well the past week, we're sitting at 350, with 20 on the recruit tag. In the divisional sense, everything is slow going, but at least it's progress. We've gotten rid of a majority of our inactive members, just dealing with the last few now. Anarchy is doing good, the individual we were considering for Gen backed out of it, for understandable reasons, so we're now looking at another fella named Webby as some point, training him and getting him squared away, he might be ready in a matter of weeks. Vortex is doing pretty well too, their highest ranking officer, BIG TANKER, is doing well in his position, really taking the initiate, but he has been unreliable at times in the past, so we're being very careful in terms of promoting him further. We have faith it'll work out, though. Fierce is unfortunately a bit of a mixed bag as of now, has the lowest amount of officers in WI, but has a very dedicated and smart General, who's been a member for more than a year. We have faith that he'll be able to turn it around. Decimate cut a good amount of inactive members this week, dropping from 80 to 69, but they've always had good recruiters and a large officers staff, so they're back up to 71 now, slowly growing. Abaddon has had some internal trouble lately, sitting in the mid-50's, not stagnant, but not growing at a very sizeable rate. We're looking to solve the problems evident there, get the squad on the straight and narrow, before focusing on anything else. Anguish is still doing great, they haven't gained much in terms of member base this week, but they're still doing strong in terms of activity and morale. Crysis is still not doing great, but yet again, they have a very dedicated General who tries his absolute best. He has some ideas to improve upon squad activity, so we're looking forward to seeing how that turns out. Overall, goals right now are to 1. Get a full Generals Staff. 2. Continue to grow, keep promoting Private's, and keep getting rid of any inactive members that arise. HD STATS: 206/13 RCT TAG Division-206 Recruit tag-13 We had a little bit of a struggling week, the division had done good without my presence for the weekend but it slowed down our progress of bringing in new members. We are currently still working on building back up while we are also dealing with a hurting squad trying to get them going better. So far forums activity though has sky rocketed and we have done a good job of keep moral and activity up. Our goal is to continue working hard on recruiting but as well getting a couple tournaments going for the division and keeping the new members close and interested in KSI. I expect us to be sitting at 230 by next week. IO STATS: 266/14 RCT TAG 261 on g14 14 on recruit tag Finishing shutting down lone star and atlas .recruiting competition going well Paradox has fluffed and is moving forward again , game nights are going well And officers workshops are up n running DL STATS: 294/20 RCT TAG Covert Ops Merge is entering week three, we are going to give it the week and see how things go. This may very well be the last week. In the mean time the members we have intercepted we are looking to integrate quickly. Still considering an Xbox one squad little interest has been shown at this point so there maybe a mass exodus of members heading off to other divisions. Squad merge of Exorcist is complete I will clear the tag and g14 later tonight. I was considering that tag be for the Xbox one squad however what I lack is interest from the officer so we have not been able to have a serious conversation about it yet. SQUAD Split KSI Death DL split creating KSI FAMINE DR the split is complete and took less than 48 hours both squads have continued to go from the 30/70 split with Death at last check with 71 and Famine just short of 40. I'm looking for any division that has gun crowns for advanced warfare, if nothing else I will be putting a gun crown table together in short order. Stats: 294 on the squad tags that number will fall this week with no promise of a rebound in the coming week 20 on the recruit tag. DM STATS: 306/19 RCT TAG DEMONIC MAYHEM STATS Squad Tags: 306 Recruit Tag: 19 Summery: Overall our squads have been doing well. Our XBox One Squads are still seeing some trouble, but we will be making some changes there soon. I am changing the squads of the cofounders a little to better suit their personal strengths to better help the Division. Lethal will hopefully have a new general soon, and Hellfire hopefully a captain. Goal: I would still like to see DM reach 350 by the end of April which I feel is a very feasible goal. I would also like to see more mentoring of Sgts to better improve future officers. DR STATS: 547/38 RCT TAG Sqaud Tags ;547 Recuit Tag ; 38 Stats ;We have promoted KSI COMMAND0 to CO-FOUNDER , KSI DarkxKnight to Gen. over HELIOS ,and KSI Phenex to Gen . over NIRVANA .We are have Sgt . work shops 2 to 3 times a week and Lt . and Capt. work shops 2 times a week. GOALS ; We are ironing the details for the division split. EO STATS: 144/8 RCT TAG Hello Senior's, EO numbers are on all squad tags at 144 with 8 recruits on the recruit tag. Things that went on this past week was making sure all squads had no fluff at all and the making sure all PVTs that could promoted to CPLS were promoted to CPL's. Working the activity and motivation in one of my squads that is lacking it at the moment, but will be fixed shortly. Also had a recruitment workshop that was held in one of the squads which went smoothly. Goals for this week are to 1. Keep it going with the gamenights. 2. Start workshops this friday and saturday since last weekend was Easter weekend. 3. Working on getting activity in one of the squads that needs it at the moment. 4. Number goal is 152 5. Keeping the forums activity up. GZ STATS: 204/4 RCT TAG Div stats April 8/2015 GZ is at 204 with 4 on the recruit tag. Our primary focus has been on activity an training with our officers an members who are looking to move up the ranks with workshops an individual training an promoting recruiting in a fun way so it doesn't feel like a job but a fun activity instead of oh we have to recruiting today it's lets see how many new friends we can make today an bring them into our family. activity has improved but recruiting is still a work in progress. So were going back to the basics so we can build a strong foundation for these squads to grow on. We will also be promoting a new CoFo on Thurs. An I look forward to working with her an watching her grow as a 7.Our goal is to continue getting back to the basics an help these squads move forward in a positive fun an knowledgeable direction. Our number one goal I’m going say 220 I know that’s a little low but I want something that’s achievable for them FI STATS: 382/12 RCT TAG #-382 RCT #-12 Goals-415 by end of April. Working on getting Forums workshops going. Working on General training and making our Generals more "leadership ready". Working on getting GameNight and shoutouts going strong. Promoting a new COFO this Friday.
  13. Education Department - Graduate awards Notification

    L.E.A.D. 101 CLASS SESSION 1 2015 1. KSIx2FINGERS 7- http://www.ksiforums.org/user/20810-ksix2fingers-7/ 2. KSI PANTSIR 7- http://www.ksiforums.org/user/16959-pantsir/ 3. KSI OhMyLanta 7- http://www.ksiforums.org/user/22393-ksi-ohmylanta-7/ 4. KSI ZOMBYGaL 7- http://www.ksiforums.org/user/12458-ksi-zombygal-7/ 5. KSI EVIL 7- http://www.ksiforums.org/user/6154-the-evil-one/ 6. KSI Mpliers 7 - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/20715-ksi-mpliers-7/ 7. KSI KAZESHINI 7 - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/21340-kazeshini-7/
  14. DIV MEETING NOTES 4-1-15

    Meeting Notes 4-1-15 AAP and TnE staff apps are open, please look in the AAP section and the TnE area to apply. Also, Productions and News team are always looking for applicants. The news section and productions section on the forums are where you can apply. Remember to take a look at the news site for articles, leadership advice, KSI News, and even interviews from KSI leadership! www.ksiglobal.org Keep up the positivity! Motivational quotes, promotions, and shout outs are great ways to motivate not only those around you, but also yourself. Weekend warfare, Sat. April 4th, 8pm. Est. 360 and Xone CoD AW TDM 4v4. Sign up at weekendwarfare.org. Any Q's message KSI HAVOC 7 or any T&E Staff. Lets work on getting all the Generals in the Generals group on the forums. Walk them through the process of applying for it if need be. (walk through the steps) Spirit Week is fast approaching and you should be getting ready by holding game nights and getting your teams together by having them compete for their position. One addition to the meeting notes, This weekend is Easter Weekend and all squad meetings should be voluntary only, if they hold them on Sunday. Make sure this message is passed along to all Divisions, sorry for the oversight. Thank you Huck. EF: 76 - 0 Recruit tag A foundation is slowly being laid. There is a positive atmosphere in Assassin, which is showing the most potential within the division at the moment. Getting around the squads doing workshops and assessing potential leaders across the board. Making sure the basics are known and that CoC is fully explained. Making an emphasis on having fun, and that with us enjoying being together will help for future growth. MCC Squad is struggling still, with getting people together due to all the timezone difficulties, 3/4 of the squad of US other 1/4 is Europe. Overall trying to get activity up, raise moral and hopefully get people into positions so that they can assist in moving the squads forwards Goal: Continue with the training and laying of a foundation within the division. Hopefully get some fully trained and clued up officers into play within the next week. Try and get on a level with the members to try and make gamenight schedules work for everyone. EO: 149 RCT 6 Here are my stats for EO Div number are at: 149. With 6 recruits on the recruit tag. My CO-FOUNDER and I have made a workshop schedule and a officers check- in, which has been going really well, as well as working with the generals on squad management. Forums active is going really well everyone is active on the forums. We are taking the whole division back to the basics of KSI. Goals are to sweep the whole division and make sure everyone in all the ranks are active. The number goal for this week will be 155. HD: Division:219 Recruit tag:14 We're going to be hosting the tournament that was sent in for the contest with multiple prizes coming in from the division, I made sure everyone was prepped for me to step away for the weekend. Activity is going good for the division and the biggest goal for us is to raise the forums activity, awareness, and knowledge. LW: At where 350 on the g14 amd squad tags We have 25 on the recruit tag Stuff that happen within the division within a week : ☆ A forums work shop will be every week hosted by KSI Green 7 ☆ we started a recruiting tournament ☆ catching up and preparing for spirit week ( LW will be taking it home thix year 😈) ☆ Starting gun crowns and headhunters and mini tech team battles!!! ☆ started the questionnaire games and where you wanna be in KSI ? And write down your history! 《♧Division goals♧》 ¤ be up at 380 with no fluff ¤ have recruit on up on the forums 😲 ¤ making sure every member knowns basic knowledge of KSI (regardless of ranked)😨👀 ¤ making sure offices on up os training there replacement ¤ maiking that MEMBER IS HAPPY AND DRAMA FREE AND EBENJOY THE GAME. WI: WI is currently sitting at right about 365, with 13 on the Recruit Tag. All the squads have been doing decent and better lately. Fierce (AW) just broke 40, got rid of all their fluff. Vortex (AW) is in the 40's, still recovering from the loss of a majority of their officers staff a couple weeks ago, but they have a good guy as 3CPT who's really trying to get some stuff moving. Abaddon is doing very well, they're in the mid-50's and are growing steadily, their Gen had to go to the hospital recently so Officers handled day-to-day operations for a day or two, did it flawlessly, no problems. Anguish is also doing great, broke 20, got a new Captain, KSI AbruptWand0, KSI Sad Tempah (General) is training him to be his replacement. Our Halo 4 squad, Crysis, is probably the lowest in terms of overall morale right now, but their General is a great guy and i think they'll bounce back. Decimate is at 80, slowly growing, seems to be two steps forward and one step back lately, but they have a very dedicated General and Co-Founder, i am confident with the squad being in their hands. Anarchy is our biggest squad right now, sitting at 93, unfortunately they don't have a General right now, their highest ranking officer has not reached her 12 week gen promotion requirement as of yet, but she's definitely level-headed, calm, and agile in her duties. Main goals right now are- 1. Continue to improve upon forums activity. (About 75% of all Officers are active, 50% of members.) 2. Continue to remove all inactive members from the division. (About 75% complete) 3. Make sure everyone is recruiting and training according to the KSI Standards for Recruiting and Training Processes. DR: DR is Squad Tag are at 536 RCT Tag 39 We are having sgt , Lt ,and Capt work shops 2 to 3 times a week. We are getting ready for spirit week . We are looking for a Founder and 2 Co-founders . We are having game nights 3 to 4 times a week And DR's goal is to hit 575 and split. ES: Squad tags 446 Recruit tags 20 Number goal 480 Lacking a lot on motivation Working on bringing back the work in our division We have a few new things being out in place for ES as in the new ES Warfare which is being run by KSI RageFlip also a ES think tank bi weekly for cpts and up to help our gens get some new ideas flowing I have been away a bit here lately I plan on picking it up a lot more over the next few weeks We are also working on a possible mini split for angels into Lycans which is our aw squad and working on consolidating all our BO2 squad depending on if we have enough people wanting to transfer DL: 279 Members 9 Recruits Previous week KSI Steelers 7 promoted to Cofounder and was given level 2 immediately on g14 Replacement was ready and promoted immediately and is off to a good start KSI Death FL is with in range of split and the ultimate goal is 15 APR 2015 Covert Ops Division merge is in its beginning stages one squad has been created another one is in consideration for Xbox ONE. Activity between division members is an active goal already underway.
  15. DIVISION NOTES 3-25 1. Weekend Warfare Sat,March 28th 8pm est X360 4v4 Halo 4 ro sham bo and Xone Halo 2 4v4 ro sham bo Sat April 4th,8pm est X360&Xone Cod AW 4v4 TDM.Sign up at www.ksiweekendwarfare.org any questions message KSI Havoc 7 or any T&E staff 2. L.E.A.D. CLASS 201, 101. Monday and Tuesday at 8:00pm est be on time. 3. There is one thing that we are going to start this week: we are going to ask that all the division leaders compile and send the seniors in a PM your stats and goals to us by Wednesday at 6:00pm est. This has to come from the highest ranking member of the division. This is to make your meetings shorter and to expedite your time with us. Your goals should be attainable and not just recruiting goals. 4. Please tell the generals about their area on the forums and let them know it doesn’t work on all themes. Subway or Darkmatter is the 2 that work better. This application is in the top menu all the way to the right, select more, then select apply. 5. Poaching= make your members unpoachable and you will not have to worry about it. 6. CoC number 3 and 4