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  1. Then I'll go with bacon, destiny, and bling bling
  2. Name: Mayhem Link to Forums Account: https://www.ksiforums.org/profile/1610-mayhem/ Award-/-Achievement: Legen-, Ripple Effect, On Point Reason-/-Evidence: Have 17 awards
  3. Name: Mayhem Link to Forums Account: https://www.ksiforums.org/profile/1610-mayhem/ Award-/-Achievement: Wasted Life Reason-/-Evidence: Have over 2000 posts
  4. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Lil Freddy (Anguish WI) Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/27816-ksi-lil-freddy/ Reasoning why the deserve this - Freddy has been working day and night, putting every second possible to making her squad the best that it can be, whether it is getting people more active on the forums, running very informative workshops, or holding very enjoyable game nights. She has been greatly building her squad with leadership and pushing her limits to benefit anguish. Very deserving of this high award.
  5. There is nothing on my mind but blank space and Mountain Dew.

  6. I am a very tall midget

  7. I witness that she has had a KSI gamertag for a year
  8. I can witness that she has had a valid KSI gamertag for a year
  9. 1. What is your age? 17 ​2.What is your gamer tag? KSI InstaKill51 ​3. How long have you been in KSI? Over 2 years now ​4. Do you have any experience with WW or any online tournament? Yes ​5. If yes, what experience? Have been a part of T&E before ​6. Have you had any experience running a tournament at all? Yes ​​7. If yes, what experience? See 5 ​8. Have you ever had experience running a website?(admin, mod, etc) Yes ​9. If yes, what experience? See 5 ​10. What is your availability for tournaments and events? (days you are online, and how often you play) Online every day. Mon-Fri: 3:15-11. Sat and Sun: all day ​11. What side of the department would you like to be on? Call of Duty or Halo? Both host tournaments for those games, but can host tournaments that are not mainstream? Play both but will go halo 12. What console are you currently on?(this is directed towards people that have the xbox one, so if you are getting it soon after the release then post that you are getting it soon and the same goes with the PS4) Xbox 360 ​13. Being a staff member for T&E is not an easy job. You will be expected to work and have full dedication to help make Tournaments and Events a very efficient department in KSI and in the gaming community. Why would you like to become a staff member, and how would you contribute to this department? Helping out in every tournament to my capabilities, helping out the department in any way i can. Like to help out the members in any way possible. Enjoy holding tournaments for others and will be fully dedicated to it.
  10. I will witness for this award. Whenever I was in one of her game nights or just in a party with her, she was willing to help anyone there with any issue or anything they needed. She definitely is a helpful member in her squad, answering any questions or reminding people about anything important.
  11. Name: (Member-/-Squad-/-Division of the person you are nominating) KSI InstaKill51 Link to Forums Account:http://www.ksiforums.org/user/1610-the-unknown/ Award-/-Achievement: (The award you are nominating this person for) Mad Max Reason-/-Evidence: (Please give reasons to why this person is deserving of the award you are nominating them for) My reason is everything I've been through. the first example is Liberty GZ. I was either 2nd or 1st captain at the time under KSI DubstepBro. nearly became general then until DubstepBro joined a blacklisted community along with the squad. I'm pretty sure i'm the only surviving member of that squad. I left KSI at that time and came back to SH. I was in Phantom under KSI Romans 7, or as he is KSI Steve 7. The next example was dealing with a poorly executed squad split, leaving phantom inactive. then got demoted and took a short break. The next example is when I was in Recoil TW. Much drama happened: evil and many others going to another community and i'm pretty sure became security risked. I was 2nd captain of recoil and was demoted for other reasons. The final example was going back to SH when KSI Subject 115 left phantom. the squad went from doing well to inactive, with merging once and merging into another squad. all of these things broke my mind and sanity down.
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