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  1. awarded, closed @KSI RiiOT 7 Needs the Donor group, @KSI xKamikaze make sure to check out both the VIP and the Donor Weekend Section!
  2. for future reference on this award, it should be posted in the department notification thread, by someone in the GFX department. Awarded, closed
  3. This topic needs movement, closing in 48 hours.
  4. According to this app, recruitment was April 2015, which is only 4 years ago? And this app says February 2016, which would make it less? My third point here is the Gamertag was not a KSI tag, which it wouldve needed to be.
  5. Airborne


    Dont need to donate, need to get other awards. So there is a class of awards called Meta awards, it's essentially every so many awards you get, you can get that tier of meta award, and a staff award (or a substitute award for the staff award). So when you have 5 awards you would apply for the first tier, Legen, then you would also be able to state that you would like the Bacon award to go with it
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