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  1. Says the mean one.

  2. Two can play at this game.

  3. Just because you accused me of creeping on you.

  4. Sig accepted. Good job, Dan. Closed.
  5. DRKZ


    That better be a compliment.
  6. Steve says that he sent it over PM. Good job, Steve. Closed.
  7. Looks like that's done. Good job. Closed.
  8. I have more stars than you. I am liked.

  9. Making an iPhone app. Essentially, it's the basic music app, different look and UI/UX, with the added Pandora integration. I'd get more into the details of how the app would work, but I just need CnC on the UI. It just looks like something is missing, specifically on the bottom half of the app. Any CnC is appreciated. Also, for those with the white theme (why), the top status bar will be white when inside the app. You won't see it with the white background of the theme. Anyway, this is the player part of the app. I'll upload the library and other pages a bit later.
  10. [img]http://i1098.photobucket.com/albums/g365/AuthenticNeighbor/vert_zps7ibids7p.png[/img] You can have something like this if you do want all the wording in there. Obviously, there's a sacrifice of the image being seen as much.
  11. Google says "kitsune" means "fox". why not pick an image with a cute fox?
  12. Creep, creep, creep! ;3

    1. DRKZ


      Nuh uh, you be creepin' HARD.

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