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  1. KSI xRELICx (Captain - Malice WD) @KSI xRELICx Relic joined KSI ready to get to work and has come a long way during his time in malice, Relic is always looking for ways to improve himself and isn't afraid to ask questions. there is no questioning his dedication to his squad and he shows great potential as a leader. KSI BlueRose (Lieutenant - Anarchy WD) @KSI BlueRose This member is very shy and had a hard time being able to reach out to members or being in larger groups she even had a hard time talking when it was just her and I in a party, but she wanted to move up the ranks and help out in anyway she could, since becoming an officer she has improved greatly and member Retention has now become one of her specialties. She now has built great relationships with many of the members in her squad as well as hosts massive gamenights every week. She has completely stepped outside of her comfort zone and is thriving in her position. Very proud of all she has overcome and she definitely deserves recognition.
  2. Gamertag - KSIkylelovesgod Link to forums - @Ksi kylelovesgod Award - Gamerscore master Evidence - member has 71907 Gamerscore
  3. Gamertag - KSI Thash Link to forums - @KSI Thash Award - Gamerscore hoarder Evidence - member has 34830 Gamerscore
  4. Gamertag - KSI LGNDKIL4 Link to Forums - @Xx LGNDK1LL4 xX Award - Gamerscore hoarder Evidence - Member has 22360 Gamerscore
  5. Gamertag - KSI Sixchart Link to forums - @Sixchart24 Award - Gamerscore hoarder Evidence - this member has 30000 Gamerscore
  6. There is so much to say about Kami I don't even know where to start... He puts his all into everything he does, I've been able to work along side him in both clan ops and web ops and the one thing that shines through in any area is that Kami is a natural born leader. As his Co-Founder I don't think he knows how much I appreciate him, I never have to second guess anything he does or check to make sure his stuffs been posted i just know it has been. He is the reason Malice has survived and will continue to thrive, the squad has taken many hits and each time Kami just comes back stronger and leads the squad to be bigger and better than before. He has no problems making touch decisions and doesn't let things fester when something needs to get done he is the first to respond and get it done. I don't understand where he finds the time to do all that he does between his personal life Forums moderator, Department member and an active successful Gen he juggles a lot daily but that doesn't affect his performance in the slightest he still goes above and beyond in every area. There is no question Kami deserves this award.
  7. Gamertag - KSIxSWAG#3760 Link to forums - @KSIxUSMCxSWAG Award - Gamerscore hoarder Evidence - this member has 24461
  8. Gamertag - Magmakiller14 Link to forums - @Magmakiller14 Award - Gamerscore hoarder Evidence - this member has 49889 Gamerscore
  9. Gamertag - TWISTEDTM Link to forums - @TWISTEDTM Award - Gamerscore hoarder Evidence - this member has 43810
  10. Director Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI xKing 77 Link to forums account - @KSI xKing 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - Since king has taken over as director WD has done a total over hall and is in a much better state now that it has been since i've been in KSI we have an all new 7s staff 2 new squads and the communication throughout the division has been outstanding and none of this would have happened without kings guidance. King has been the first director we have had that has remained actively involved with the division and the members and that goes a long way in showing the officers and members that yes the senior leadership does care and is here to help. King goes above and beyond what his title requires him to do. He has been a huge inspiration to many of our members to branch out in KSI and many have joined departments and web ops or even stepped up as officers. Kings strive for greatness is contagious and he makes others want to push to be better leaders. But one of the greatest things about king is he knows when to turn off the Director and just be a friend from playing games and joking around to letting others vent. He is 100% here for his members. King coming to WD was exactly what we needed. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI xKami77 Link to forums account - @KSI xKami 77 Reasoning why the deserve this - Kami's squad has had to overcome so much bad luck in the last few months i think any person would stressed out or even consider giving up but that's just not Kami, no matter what challenges he's had to face he has kept the squad intact and remains calm and professional, Kami has been working with his officer staff to rebuild the squad and in short time has actually surpassed where they were before the chaos putting malice in one of the best states its been in since the split. Kami is another one that goes above and beyond what's expected. This member does so much for this community outside of just clan ops but doesn't let that affect his squad in the slightest. He's still always there to help his members and oftentimes other members as well, I enjoy working alongside Kami. He's a great Gen and certainly deserved to be recognized for it.
  11. Gamertag - KSI xRogue 77 Link to forums - @KSI xRogue 77 Award - Luck of the Irish Evidence - twitch sub proof sent to @KSI xKami 77
  12. Gamertag: KSI xRogue 77 Forums Link: @KSI xRogue 77 Award: I LOVE ME Evidence: Currently subscribed to the KSI Live Twitch channel during this month (February). https://drive.google.com/file/d/14UecxvR_iBqNacPXtRwm9uov09FQ684r/view?usp=drivesdk
  13. Tiger is the definition of outstanding service. She has dedicated ALL of her time to this community, she is almost always online yet rarely plays any games. She spends a vast majority of her time reaching out to members or helping one of the officers or 7s with issues or even just training/mentoring, Tiger is the most loyal person I know, the only way she would ever leave this community is by force lol. Tiger is the main reason WD thrives the ways it does she is determined to make sure the members are happy and has become the voice of WD (I've said it before and I will stick by it) and has even joined the LC to help get her words out there, She takes on any roll needed and when crisis struck in one of our squads she jumped right in and helped get with all the members to remove any security threats and well as acting quickly to get the ones causing the problems security risked. I have never been a Div leader and I'm sure it's not easy but tiger takes it on with confidence and pride. Tiger is more than deserving of this award!
  14. Gamertag: KSI xRogue 77 Forums Link: @KSI xRogue 77 Award: I LOVE ME Evidence: Currently subscribed to the KSI Live Twitch channel during this month (February). http://imgur.com/gallery/QSVRVeM
  15. Gamertag - KSI xRogue 77 Link to forums - @KSI xRogue 77 Award - Three Cheers Evidence - 37 current forums awards Requested staff award - execute order 77
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