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  1. Team Captain Gamertag: KSI WANT A TAC0 <-----(the 0 is a zero) Division: ES Teammate Gamertag:KSI Barry Division:ES
  2. PUBG for the more realistic approach and because the weapons have the same damage/strength every time you pick it up instead of having tiers. I HATE Fortnite. Mainly I hate how they blatantly rip off other people, companies, and games with seemingly no repercussions. I also hate the building aspect, the fact that I can only ever find weak weapons, and the ever popular "I just unloaded on a dude with my top tier weapon hitting every shot and he turns around and kills me with one or two bullets even though I had full shield and health."
  3. Brawlhalla was a blast during Spirit Week. Let's do that again
  4. POKER NIGHT!!! Gamertag: KSI WANT A TACO Division: ES
  5. Team Captain: KSI WANT A TAC0 Division: Last Strike Teammate: KSI Barry Division: Last Strike
  6. Team Captain: KSI WANT A TAC0 Div: Last Strike Teammate: KSI Barry Div: Last Strike
  7. I'll also witness to this. Of all the people I have met since joining KSI, Jynxie deserves this award the most. Going through recent events that went on with her former squad was stressful to say the least. Some of the people involved actually reacted by leaving KSI, but KSI Jynxie did the opposite. She stepped up by helping to keep the squad focused during the trying times and after receiving her division transfer, she hit the ground running continuing her hard work. Not only did she excel and stick with it, I believe that if it weren't for her efforts, even more people would have left KSI.
  8. Just wanted to say I am thankful for the friends I have made since joining KSI/LS. It's only been a couple months, but I'm already closer to some of y'all than some people I know in person. You keep being you and keep kicking ass.
  9. Team Captain: KSI WANT A TAC0 Division: LS Teammate: BARRYMcOCHINER2 Division: LS
  10. Team Captain: Gamertag: KSI WANT A TAC0 Division/squad: LS Trocity Team Member: Gamertag: KSI Killedbyme Division/squad: LS Trocity Gamertag: Torch096 Division/Squad: LS Trocity
  11. KSI Jynxie is more than deserving of this award, helping many people along the way. She has not only helped me grind to unlock gear in-game, but she also got me Black Ops 4 so that I can participate in games and feel included.
  12. KSI Hatter 7 has been a phenomenal leader since I joined KSI. She has not only mentored me in the majority of the workshops I have attended, she has continually upheld the standard that was discussed in each of these workshops. She knows when to be tough, how to make someone feel welcome and like a part of a team, and how to motivate her squad members to be active and participate in KSI events. I have learned so much from her already!
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