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  1. Name: KSI DC 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI DC 7 Award-/-Achievement: OS2 Reason-/-Evidence :KSI DC 7 is a phenomenal person. He represents KSI as a respectable community. He helps all of us be better. He has helped me myself learn to be a leader, he takes time to help everyone in all the squads of SL. He has many great accomplishments such as Pro recruiter. Captain of the Year Runner Up, Squad Splitter, and Trainer. He stands as a solid role model for aspiring officers. I believe DC 7 is the best at doing what he does. He is patient and kind but firm. He has helped our division grow and stand strong. He has helped Imperial rise up to become the self sufficient squad it once was. Oh and leads by example. He continues to recruit and help train members because he cares about the members, he makes a habit of joining parties with people so they don't feel left out. He inspires all of us to be the best we can everyday and do what we need to succeed When he was GEN he cared about the squad like family. Now that he is a CO-FO he puts forth that same mentality to the entire division.I am proud to stand and call him my CO-FO. If anyone deserves this award its him.
  2. KSI ANXIETY @KSI ANXIEXTY Train the trainer Attended a workshop hosted by myself
  3. Skarzx is am amazing person. He does everything he can to help others. When i first joined i remember he helped me find my place even gave me some training when i first became an officer the first time. He games with others and makes everyone feel welcome. Everybody knows who he is and both love and respect him. Without him our division would not be the same. He has done so much for all of us. If anyone deserves this it is him.
  4. General KSI DCRUNK ( General Imperial SL) @KSI DCRUNK He deserves this because he has done so much for the squad. Without him here i don't think the squad would have as much success as it does.he helps everyone feel accepted and happy. He pushes us officers to be better and strives for the success of imperial. Under his leadership we have grown so much. He has even helped me overcome some personal issues i had a made me a more positive and confident person. He deserves this more than anyone else.
  5. KSI MATTZ Basic training Attended workshop hosted by KSI Lollipop @KSI MATTZ
  6. KSI MATTZ and KSI kenny93 Train the trainer Attended workshop hosted by KSI Lollipop @Kennyruttan93 @KSI MATTZ
  7. I first joined KSI in Febuary of 2019 my squad was Royalty. I was apprehensive at first but quickly grew fond of everyone. I started recruiting about a month in and wanted to becone an officer. I rose up the ranks fairly easily becoming 1LT in 2 months. This is when problems started however. Alot of the oth officers felt i wasnt qualified for the position despite the fact i had worked for it. It ended up in a huge arguement where we lost our gen all but 5 of our officers. This didnt phase us as we kept our squad going strong. We ended up changing the squad completely. We became conquest. We got a new gen and things were going smoothly. We regained our staff and had gotten our numbers back up. Then our other gen left and we had 3 officers left. I was going through a rough patch in life and had to leave in may of 2019. I heard that the squad had shutdown. I returned to KSI in june of 2019 to IMPERIAL SL. This is where i currently am and where i will grow and strengthen my squad to my best abilities. I hope my KSI story will continue for years to come.
  8. Grifful is an amazing person who helps everyone! He does everything he can to make everyone better. Even after i went through a hard time he helped me through it and ma!e me belive i can do anything. He deserves this and more.
  9. KSI Lollipop New member certified Evidence: see photo Person who ran workshop: KSI Scotty
  10. Captain KSI MagisShadow CPT/SL/Royalty @KSI MagicShadow She is always helpful to me and everyone who needs help. She is a great trainer and a wonderful friend.
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