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  1. My man @KSI Grogu 7 Dude is a phenomenal member and friend. Throughout hard times dude held it together not only for himself. But for those around him. When you need someone there to help you see the light. You can count on him. Man influences me to strive for higher than the top.
  2. Name: KSI T StackG Link to Forums Account: @KSI Stack Award-/-Achievement: Hallooween Spirit Reason-/-Evidence: Sent to KSI Bane 7 Name: KSI T StackG Link to Forums Account: @KSI Stack Award-/-Achievement: I<3 Award Reason-/-Evidence: I have 60 plus awards Supplemental Meta Award: Gang Beasts
  3. The time in these last 6-7months alone. Being under uppish as him being my Div lead. Has been the best time I have had being a officer in a division, leadership wise. Dude makes makes you want for nothing as a great leader. Uppish pays attention and cares about his officer core. Always asking the opinions of his peers before making decisions he know will affect those around him. Getting different points of views, so he knows he is getting the whole picture of situations. For example, before changing the cofos around. He made the officers aware and asked how we felt about it. That example alone I find is a great feature to have as leader. Uppish makes sure to greet every new member into CS. Supports his officer staff and also corrects us when needed. Man knows how to keep the attention at meets aswell. Never a dull moment when uppish is in the party. He sets a great example of how to act as an officer. Not too serious at the same time knows when to be serious. As a friend. Dude, as ive said before. Has always made me feel welcome, along with ever person I have brought around him. Uppish is a good dude to be around. Great sense of humor. Well round human being. Man is easily a top tier leader. Even without speaking on his endless accomplishments. Man leads and great div. Uppish is consistent, he repeatedly shows how good of a leader he is. He does a great job.
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