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  1. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Harley 7/ CO-FO WD Link to forums account - https://www.ksiforums.org/profile/47760-ksi-harleygirl/ Reasoning why they deserve this - harley has been an amazing co-founder so far this month and since she became a WD 7 and took over napalm. She is an incredible teacher to me and all of our officers, she's always motivating us to do more and be more and be better and is always fighting for our squad to stay alive. Without her I can honestly say I don't think id be where I am today and I know that napalm would not be here today if not for h
  2. Looks awesome man thank you @Huntr X Huntex
  3. Train the trainer workshop 10/11/20 Host: KSI IrishEmu Attendance: KSI Darkwolf @Darkwolfking545 KSI Pianist @KSI Pianist
  4. Basic training workshop certified 10/11/20 Host: KSI IrishEmu Attendance: KSI Darkwolf @Darkwolfking545 Evidence: taught by me
  5. Is there still someone working on this app? @Huntr X Huntex
  6. 1: type of image: gamerpic 2: image: I attached it 3: main text: I would like my squad and the rank if gen (I know I'm not one but that's my goal to get it so I wanna be ready) 4: Subtext (if any): the word Eire (items Irish) 5: KSI Logo: if it fits but it's not a big issue if not 6: I'd like the colour to match up with the black and white please and no red 7: I attached it in the original post of this topic @Huntr X Huntex
  7. If you look at my first request back in August I had filled out my application the same way and there was no issue but I'll do it fully now @Huntr X Huntex
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