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      Hello, Friends!  As most of you know from last year, Divisional Cup will keep track of divisional participation throughout the year. Starting at Spring Break and ending with January's Award Show, we will be ranking divisions each month by their participation in activities, growth, and officer staff ratio to develop a competition for Division of the Year! The division with the most points at the end of each month will be named Division of the Month. As you can see on the chart above, a list of monthly events will be posted with the meeting notes and in the Div Cup area on the forums, so everyone can be aware of what will count toward points! Divisions can expect to see points counted for Weekend Warfare, Montage and Clip submissions, News Team contests, Twitch Subscriptions, Social Media activity,  and OTM/DOTM award periods in the AAP..  plus a couple of other categories weaving in and out throughout the months! Additional events will be added depending on what is happening in and around KSI for that particular month. Same as last year: KSI's large events -- Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, and Turkey Bowl -- will count independently and figure into the overall scores, but not the monthly tallies. Different from last year: (Change is good, promise) This year Div Cup will be split into two halves. This means even if your Division doesn't start off too hot in the first half, you can always give them a good kick in the rear at the start of the second half, and finish off strong! Here is an example of how it will look, along with the standings so far. I'm sure you all remember that Divine Warrior's took home the win last year.. so as of right now, they are the Division to beat! I'm looking forward to seeing the activity and participation from all of you!    Side note: I took down the names of all the people who supported #billdabear. I'm coming for you.        

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  2. Self Nom - Ripple Effect

    @Scotland could i get Support Group?
  3. May 2019 Of the Month Awards

    Co-founder Rank:COFO Tag:KSI MFLSWAGG 7 DIVISON :last strike Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/17174-ksi-mflswagg-7/ REASONS FOR THIS : swagg is one of the hardest working 7's I've had the pleasure of knowing and learning from throughout my time in ksi. Not only does he do his own duties but he goes far beyond what is asked for what ever rank he is sitting at. He is always helpful and always willing to help anyone out with anything Captain RANK: 4cpt TAG: KSI MAYOR 7 SQUAD/DIVISON: Legend / Last strike LINK: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/45329-ksi-mayor/ REASONS WHY: Mayor is one of my trusted officers with a wealth of knowledge. He is always willing to help do what is asked of him when it comes to the wellbeing of legend. If he isn't at work he is working on relations with the legend members Lieutenant RANK: 1LT TAG: KSI VORT3X LINK:http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/31581-ksi-xvort3x/ SQUAD/DIVISON: Legend/Last Strike REASONS WHY: vort3x works tirelessly to help maintain squad relations member retention and is always willing to help train a new recruit as and when needed.
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  5. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI BinGin1913 Award: New Member Certified Evidence: KSI Follow Hosted Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI Follow
  6. KSI Siggy Approachable Award

    Approachable Yes
  7. So You Think You Can Write - May 2019

    ✦ Gamertag: KSI BinGin1913 ✦ Division: Dark Legions ✦ My Happy Place: Its a quiet open room. People are busy doing their own thing. The Television is on with a show I have not seen. I can not hear it. It's a quiet room when I have my earbuds in my ears playing my favorite music. The beat carrying me through the motions of a routine. My Happy place is anywhere I can drown out the world and perform a Kata. I am a traditional Martial Artist and I like to perform katas as a way to release tension and stress. It is a good workout too.
  8. So You Think You Can Write - May 2019

    Gamertag: KSI xKamikaze Division: Divine Warriors My happy place is anywhere I can be to help someone in need. That being Xbox with anyone who has questions to having my ear open when someone just wants somebody that will listen and give feedback. My happy place also includes being there for my family. Family is truly anyone who is there for you at the best and worst times.
  9. So You Think You Can Write - May 2019

    Gamertag: KSI Ragingone86 Division: Divine Warriors My happy place : My happy place is at home with my babies because i feel the love in my home with my kids n family. There is no other place i rather be but at home. At my home i can relax n let all the stress just wash off me that life throws at me.
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  14. Self Nom - Ripple Effect

    @KSI Nevermore That award is retired, choose another please
  15. KSI Siggy Approachable Award

  16. KSI Siggy Approachable Award

    Approachable: Yes
  17. KSI Siggy Approachable Award

    Approachable: Yes
  18. KSI Siggy Approachable Award

    Approachable: Yes
  19. KSI Siggy Approachable Award

    Approachable: Yes
  20. KSI UppishB592 Self Nomination

    Legen: Yes
  21. KSI UppishB592 Self Nomination

    Legen: Yes
  22. KSI UppishB592 Self Nomination

    Legen- Yes
  23. KSI Siggy Approachable Award

    Approachable: Verified, Yes
  24. May 2019 Of the Month Awards

    Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI WHISKEY82 (3CPT - DM/Discord) Link to forums account - @KSI WHISKEY Reasoning why they deserve this - “Whiskey” went far above and beyond during the month of May (as he does every month) in his role as 3CPT, and his monthly statistics thus far for May, 2019 speak volumes: Recruiting Messages Sent: Over 500; Recruits: 6; Trainings/Promotions: 3 Whiskey is an absolute stand-out among Demonic Mayhem’s officers. He truly has the betterment of both the Division and the Squad in mind. He works closely with me daily in discussing squad activity levels, provides numerous ideas to boost activity/morale, advises on member retention, as well as how to continue adding quality adult members to Discord Squad. As an example, Whiskey took the initiative and the time to create in-game clans for Discord Squad in The Division 2 and Destiny 2. Thanks largely in part to Whiskey, both in-game clans are growing at a healthy rate each week (Whiskey rebuilt the Bungie.net clan for Destiny 2 from the ground up) and he makes it a point to have friendly competitions with members each week for the top XP earner in The Division 2. Whiskey not only engages members on DM’s Discord server daily, but he actively games with and is able to speak frankly with members about any manner of issues that arise. I’ve seen firsthand how Whiskey handles difficult situations with members who may have crossed a line, and he’s shown tremendous personal/professional growth in this area alone. Finally, Whiskey is always on the lookout for potential officers, and has a great eye for this. He recently sought and was granted approval for a long-time, well-known Corporal (now a Sergeant) - KSI SevensNova - for an upcoming promotion to Staff Sergeant. As I was on a Leave of Absence earlier this month, Whiskey ran the squad in my absence (and did a fantastic job in doing so). Whiskey is frequently my plus-one in the weekly Divisional General’s Meeting, and it’s refreshing having him there to give input and/or ask tough questions. There is absolutely no doubt that Whiskey is qualified to run Discord Squad as its next General. Furthermore, it’s my honest belief that Whiskey - given the time and training needed/required - can and will go to the rank of Co-Founder or higher. Whiskey, thank you for your positive attitude, problem-solving skills, your willingness to adapt your way of thinking to accommodate/assist our squad members and/or officers, and your tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to KSI, Demonic Mayhem, and Discord Squad. It's both a pleasure to work with you in bettering the squad and the division, and to frequently game with you as well! LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Sgt Peppers (2LT - DM/Discord) Link to forums account - @KSI Sgt Peppers Reasoning why they deserve this - “Peppers” is an absolute workhorse for Discord Squad. She's the first officer in the squad to volunteer to conduct trainings/promotions and host game nights (many times she volunteers to host multiple game nights per week). She engages the squad DM's Discord server, and hosts some of the largest game nights Discord Squad has ever seen! Peppers statistics for May, 2019 (with twelve days remaining in the month) are absolutely stellar: Recruiting Messages Sent: Over 100; Recruits: 1; Trainings from Recruit to Private: 6; Promotions to Corporal: 5. Peppers, a sincere thank-you for all your hard work and dedication to KSI, Demonic Mayhem, and Discord Squad. Since becoming an officer, you’ve truly shined and are an absolute asset to DM and Discord Squad. Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI SevensNova (SGT - DM/Discord) Link to forums account - @SevensNova Reasoning why they deserve this - "Sevens" as I know him won DM/Discord's Member of the Month for May 2019. Sevens is an outstanding gamer with one of the most easy-going personalities I’ve ever witnessed. Sevens is very active in Discord Squad and games with many members from across the entire division. He is always courteous, friendly-natured, approachable, and polite beyond belief Sevens is an extremely positive influence on both the Division and the Squad, as I’ve never heard him use foul language or speak poorly of anyone. He actively engages others in DM's Discord server with a friendly hello, a funny screenshot, or by simply welcoming new members and/or congratulating those who were promoted. Sevens is a hardcore gamer and has assisted members with in-game achievements/awards on both the divisional and squad level. Sevens is a true team-player, a soon-to-be officer, and an overall great guy. Sevens’ upcoming two-year anniversary with KSI and his willingness to step up to assist DM/Discord Squad as an officer are just some of the many reasons why Sevens deserves this award. Sevens, thank you for being a truly fantastic all-around member of KSI, Demonic Mayhem, and Discord Squad. Your friendly demeanor, positive attitude, community involvement, and willingness to become an officer in order to give back to the community you’ve been a part of for nearly two years are truly remarkable. You are an asset to KSI, Demonic Mayhem, and Discord Squad.
  25. KSI Siggy Approachable Award

    Name: KSI Siggy Link to Forums Account: @KSI Siggy Award-/-Achievement: Approachable Reason-/-Evidence: I currently have 'Won the day' 6 times as seen on my profile.
  26. May 2019 Of the Month Awards

    Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -KSI Skarzx 77 SL Divison leader Link to forums account - @Scarface 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - This man is incredible and by far an amazing role model. He has taken this division by storm and made it so amazing. His wise wisdom always supports everyone in SL. Over the last month SL has taken many beatings and has been kicked to the ground with a co founder leaving and two gens and multiple officers. However this man has not stopped for a second and put inspiration into all of us and made us push past all of the horrible things that have happened and we are better for it. I believe Skarzx really deserves this award because his divison even when being kicked will stand tall under the leadership of Mr Skarzx. He is a major asset to this division and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Grifful 7 SL Link to forums account - @KSI Grifful 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Through out the whole of this month this guy has been there for both me and the entire division. He is a true inspiration to me and has always kept me on the straight and narrow. I am so greatful for him and everything he does and he always supports me and gives me advice when needed. Both of the co founders in SL are amazing and it definitely was hard to choose between the two. Grifful is absolutely amazing and I definitely think he deserves this award due to his dedication, commitment and determination. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI RHUBARBxPIE Gen Knights SL Link to forums account - @KSI RHUBARBxPIE Reasoning why the deserve this - I believe that she deserves this award because when she took the squad over she definitely had big and hard shoes to fill because the previous gen was absolutely amazing. However this girl has taken over the squad by storm and really impressed everyone. Even through everything that she has gone through and when she has been so ill and bed bound some days she has still been able to run a successful squad and keep everyone happy and running smoothly. She is a true inspiration to me and I wouldn’t be where I am now without her. Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Itachii CPT SL Knights Link to forums account - @KSI Itachii Reasoning why they deserve this - I could write pages and pages about this guys because he is absolutely amazing. He goes above and beyond no matter what you need he will always be there to support and help you. I have trained this guy throughout his time in KSI and I have seen him grow into the amazing officer he is today. He is true inspiration to the whole of his squad Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Greenday 7 SL Knights SGT Link to forums account - @Greenday 7 Reasoning why they deserve this: Oh my god words can not describe this women she is so god dam amazing I can’t even put it into words. She does so much for this community and some people really take her for granted. She does both department ops and clan ops and she does this with style and swag. She is a true inspiration to me and definitely my role model. This month she took the decision to step down from LT. However this has not stopped her and she is still such an asset to the squad.
  27. May 2019 Of the Month Awards

    Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI xKing 77 ES Division Leader Link to forums account - @KSI xKing 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - King goes above and beyond for his division an being his Performance Officer I can witness first hand the effort time an dedication he puts in to running his division. Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Hatter 77 Founder ES Link to forums account - @Hatter 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - Hatter is one of the most hardworking leaders in the community. Although sometimes she comes off as scary but at the end of the day she means well. She has been a driving force in the resurgence of ES an the future is Bright for her. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Bane 7 DW Link to forums account - @Bane 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Bane Mr Bane is a relatively new CoFounder but one of the hardest working ones I've seen always there to lend a hand to the members even the squads hes not over. So with him I can see him going far in the division an community as well. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Majesty Gen DW Samurai Link to forums account - @KSI Majesty Reasoning why the deserve this - Majesty goes above an beyond for her squad. She is constantly hosting game nights, recruiting new members, trying to get everyone involved. Her drive is what got her to the Gen position an it's her drive that'll get her past Gen. Definitely looking an waiting to see where she goes in the future. Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI HellsKnight 2CPT DW Paladin Link to forums account @KSI HellsKnight Reasoning why they deserve this - With HellsKnight it's a long road to get to where hes at these days through countless struggles as a officer he is still a officer doing what needs to be done. An one day I know he will go far places. LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI ragingone86 Hannibal DW Link to forums account - @KSI RAGINGONE86 Reasoning why they deserve this - When you look for a member that truly cares about the members then look no further than ragingone86. Strong leadership qualities in this member definitely can see leading a squad an potentially a division one day. Forum Staff (ADMIN/MODS/DEPARTMENT HEADS) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI December 77 Head of News Link to forums account - @December 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - So December is the head of the wonderful news department. An I must say he runs a tight ship. The news articles that are put out are definitely great reads. I know it's not at all him but his staff as well so I must say his staff are top notch. Department Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Jynxie General ES Banshee Link to forums account - @KSI Jynxie Reasoning why they deserve this - Jynxie is definitely one of the best AAP members I've seen in a while. Always one of the first ones to post on awards for the members of the community. Definitely has big aspirations for herself in AAP an I definitely can see her leading the department as the head or cohead in the future. Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Starset 7 SSGT DW Elysium Link to forums account @KSI Starset 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Since rejoining a few months ago I've got to witness his work effort an work first hand. An all the things I've heard about his work ethic hes definitely lived up to it. The future is bright for him an I know he will go far in his time here.
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