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  4. KSI Guyy's Sig/Cover Photo Request

    @Defiant Dog
  5. Playlist Sharing

    I love the Rocket League Soundtrack to death it is absolutely amazing!
  6. So You Think You Can Write: Trick or Treat!

    I am so what of a prankster and back in destiny 1 while in KSI I would take new recruits on the sabre strike and get them to jump up at the corner as the door opened knowing full well they would end up glitched in the door. Another initiation would be in the building just before skywatch there would be a lot of hive and knights and a little thrall hiding in thr corner. I would say that if they killed the thrall they woukd get something special happen. For those that have killed the thrall you will know it spawns a big yellow boss and double the original number of adds making it seriously hard to leave the room alive. I would shout oh no what have you done we are both gonna die now too funny for words. As most of you are aware though my name is Budgie and it hilarious having destiny 1&2 as main game and the makers being Bungie i coukdnt have a more troll name if i tried.
  7. thirst

  8. thirst

    idk if this is a set up for an insult or not.
  9. thirst

    this quenched my thirst
  10. thirst

    idk if this is a set up for an insult or not.
  11. Just need some friends


  12. thirst

    im made very thirsty by this
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  14. Skarzx 77 Cover Photo

  15. Playlist Sharing

    83 Tokyo (Apple Music | Vaporwave/Pop/J-Pop)
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  17. thirst


    i watched blade runner 2049 this weekend and it was dope. the soundtrack is also amazing~
  19. KSI Guyy's Sig/Cover Photo Request

    You're amazing appreciate you @+.Vee
  20. KSI Guyy's Sig/Cover Photo Request

    @Defiant Dog
  21. So You Think You Can Write: Trick or Treat!

    So awhile back in another community I was referred to as "Mr. Reserved Seating" because one day in a Division meeting (aka Gen's meeting) my Co-Founder at the time asked us all what RS stood for which it meant Rank Suspension but me being hilarious and sometimes obnoxious (still am ) I blurted out "Reserved Seating!" and the whole party muted their mics as it was supposed to be somewhat serious and from then on my discord was Mr. Reserved Seating and I still get called that nickname by old member whom I am still friends with. I wish the nickname carried over here as it is an absolutely amazing nickname I loved! Anyways thanks!
  22. KSI October Town Hall Question Submissions (Oct. 27)

    Have there ever been thoughts of having a PS4 division or test squad? Has Overwatch ever been considered to be a squad game or has it been one in the past? What Departments do you think help most to represent KSI the best way possible to outsiders who are new to us? (Thanks, that's all! )
  23. Farewell KSI

    Wish you the best on your future endeavors brother!
  24. Trenzyy YT Productions application

    so whats been going on garry just coming back to ask where the partnership is going with productions cause it been awhile so please reply when you get this message
  25. KSI Court Judge Applications (Closing Oct. 28th)

    Name: KSI Skarzx 77 Age: 25 Experience with in KSI: CoFounder , Co Head of Productions and AAP Staff Members in 5 1/2 months of being in KSI Real Life experience with court proceedings, studying law, classes: Mock trials in high school as well as 3 entry level college classes on Criminal Justice and Criminal investigations. Experience with in the KSI Courts: Just what I read through old cases . Ever been blacklisted/DNHD? No If yes, explain: N/A Tell of any other relevant information: I am pretty confident in my choices and as a manager in real life I make decisions that affect others everyday. I learned through out life and my time in KSI that when making a decision that affects many you got to keep your emotions in check and be unbiased in your thought process. KSI is my big part of my everyday life now and not a chance is that changing any time soon. Current rank and titles held with in KSI: Co-Founder in Explosive Outlaws Division, Co-Head of Productions department and AA0 Staff Members. Why should we consider you as judge? I am a very honest and fair person. Learning is a key thing for any lawyer and judge; I'm always eager to learn KSI process as a judge and apply it to my work. My activity on both the forums and in clan- ops means I'm available alot.
  26. Farewell KSI

    We all love you Chicago!!! Another amazing member lost I'm always here for you.
  27. Farewell KSI

  28. DC or Marvel?

    It's a tough choice but in terms of comic books I'm gonna have to go with marvel.
  29. Skarzx 77 Cover Photo

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