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  2. KSIxPapi77 Sig request

    For artists who want to attempt.
  3. KSIxPapi77 Sig request

    Size: Signature Image: lion pictures&ved=0ahUKEwiNjdTK5orYAhXEY98KHZpjBugQMwjxASggMCA&iact=mrc&uact=8 Main Text: KSIxPapi77 Subtext (if any): Predator Gen KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: Anything you would like to add? Specific size, colors, style, etc.? Artist choice
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  5. Division Meeting Notes 12/13/17

    Holiday Week There will be no mandatory meetings next week. With the upcoming Holiday around the corner please be lenient with member's attending squad meeting's.People may be away for the holidays. Focus on hosting Game Nights for the squads.7's are encouraged to be hosting game nights and helping maintaining the FUN that is KSI. Take the time and start planning the future for your Division/Squads for new officer's and preparing for the influx of new members after the holidays. Weekend Warfare Sat 12/16/17 will be GTA 5 OT Rumble 2v2 Sat 12/30/17 will be Destiny 1 Free For All Both events will be at 8pm est sign-ups are locked at 730 pm est.Signups can be found in the T&E section of the forum's. A.A.P Of The Years close 12/18/17 All 7s should be leading by example to lower ranks and encouraging them to post nominations as well.This is the biggest A.A.P. of the year . "So You Think You Can Write" This months topic is short story this can be fiction or non fiction. This must be 300 words or more. Winner will receive a personal spotlight from KSI Guyy 77 and the Write Right Award on the forum's. Human Resources They are currently updating new workshops for every rank. Please keep a eye out for these updates so they can be implemented into your Division once they are complete. Hirings News,Graphics and Productions Marketing DL currently needs a rep and if you have members interested in joining the team please have them sign up for it.The more the merrier. L.E.A.D 101 KSI W1CKED 7 will be hosting a week 1 class Monday January 8that 8pm est. Happy Hour This Fridays Happy Hour will be on PUBG hosted by KSI Airborne 7 at 9pm est. Please attend on our Twitch channel ( to join in on the fun.
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  7. History: 7 of the Month

    Hello everyone! We are starting a new aspect to our History team, and will have a member spotlight on a 7. We are hoping all members from the community will help, and nominate the 7 they think should be spotlighted for the month. These 7s can range from Senior Moderators Admins, Department Heads and Co-Heads, any ranked Co-Founder and above. These have to be currents 7s. Member spotlights break down into a live streamed interview, hosted by fellow members of our News/History Team. It is also followed up by a written article recaping the live streamed interview. Nominations will close January 3rd. Please follow the format provided below to nominate. Gamertag: Division: Nominated Person: Reason(s):
  8. News' Member Of The Month

    Welcome to the newest area of the News Section, News' Member Of The Month. We as News Heads will be unanimously voting for our News Member of the month! Someone who has gone above and beyond here for us each month!
  9. KSI DARK J3ST3R's Signature Request Form

  10. Skarzx 77 Signature Request

    its dope ill take it !!! ty @HuntrX
  11. KSI DARK J3ST3R's Signature Request Form

    Try this one:
  12. Last week
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  14. KSIxNebula won 2nd place this month with his collection of Destiny and Destiny 2 clips, showing his 'evolution' within the game! Congratulations!
  15. In Decembers 'Upload Studio' we see KSI Skarzx 77 obtain 3rd place with his montage!
  16. Congratulations to @KSI Skarzx 77 on third place!! Congratulations on 2nd place KSIxNebula!!!
  17. Skarzx 77 Signature Request

    Hey Skarzx 77! Here are two versions of the sig that I had made for ya! <> <>
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  19. KSI DARK J3ST3R's Signature Request Form

    I am using a PC The error it is giving me is stating that it exceeds the 500x150 px limit when i go to resize it it is set at 500x200 and when i put it to what is supposed to be it still says the same thing.
  20. ghoul

    focal fades into the background a little much, lighting could be better
  21. are you smelling what i'm stepping in

    Welcome to KSI bro!
  22. hey are you on xbox for destiny.


  23. Heyy Oohh, Sup everybody, Im CaptBojangle. I like long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners and none of that, just Video Games. I'm a Destiny fan, play on ps4 and xbox. Fan of Call of Duty games, hit me up on PS4. I will jump on PC to play some Rocket League, Tom Clancy Siege, Overwatch. Maybe get my butt kicked CSGO. Im down to try just about any multiplayer game. But Add me Across the Board at: CaptBojangle Hit me up, Have fun and Stay safe out there
  24. Of the Years

    Lol, yeah, things never quite go to plan. And I'm glad to hear I realise it's not an ideal day for anyone, but wanted to ask since I love the show (but living in Sweden it's always a bit of a hassle lol)
  25. Sigh....why do people make me pull the parental tone of voice out and be blunt as hell and revert to OLD luci....the wrathfull Devil of Angry English rage.??? Why cant people just look at a crude drawing and understand "ah, so its not a conspiracy....i screwed up" of the sleeping wrathful luci....

  26. Rainbow Six Siege! Operation White Noise and future installments!

    Hey! Sorry for not responding sooner it never showed your reply (lol). Anyways I really like how they integrate into the game and Jackal, Mira, Lesion, and Ying all were good (especially Jackal and Mira; Ying and Lesion didn't integrate that well until the White Noise operators came into play imo) but the new operators add spice to them and make the game feel fun again. I don't know what they did to the map rotation but it feels like they made it better as it is WAY more enjoyable than previous dlc/installments within siege (ex: Velvet Shell and Blood Orchid) I think the addition of more acogs with the new operators guns brings back the element of full auto sniping and fixes the lack of a full auto long range weapon (with a decent mag size) since both bandit and Jager lost their acogs. Overall Ubisoft nailed it with this and came back strong. Hope to see more replies in here as I really enjoyed responding to this. Also Potato aim for the win (Youtubers helped me get a ton better throughout my career in siege).
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