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  2. Swagg 7 Meta Awards

    Awarded and Closed
  3. KSI Harmony 7 Meta Award Self Nom

    Name: KSI Harmony 7 Link to Forums Account: @Nikki Cola Award-/-Achievement: Three Cheers Reason-/-Evidence:Reached over 30 awards on the forums. Staff award-That's so fetch
  4. DL Division of the Month

  5. Swagg 7 Meta Awards

    Can I get Roxy Foxy
  6. KSI DropShot 7 OS Level 1

    When I became DL's Director DropShot was a Roostery but respectful GEN. As their new Director I took a few days to get to know some of the GENs and officers of this Division. Meeting DropShot was a surprise all in its own. Here is this KID in collage running a squad in a Xbox gaming community and is so full of knowledge I was instantly a fan. DropShot had such a strong squad and officers that worked hard and wanted to learn. He never beat around the bush so to speak with his squad he was always up front and to the point with them. As I sat and listen to KSIfiremomma7 give her Division the hard reality check about the fate of DL this KID without missing a beat said 'ok Momma what do you need us to do". From that point on I watched this KID put his squad to work to not only move is squad forward but help one of the other squads that was struggling. As DL began to move forward and start to turn things around and look to a new future I knew this KID was set for greatness. Adding him to the 7's team was a no brainier and probably one of the best decisions DL made. DropShot has had a long history in KSI and never reached a 7 seat till now, and let me tell you this KID should of been here a long time ago. Hes added to this 7 staff the last piece of balance it needed. He is not afraid to challenge KSIfiremomma7 or KSI Prophecy v7 if he feels there is a better way to do something. He's always willing to share his knowledge with members and let them bounce ideas off of him for their squads. He can be found gaming with all ranks in his division or just simply hanging out in a party with members to chit chat and goof off. Not that I need to but this KID is a KSI Judge and is on the Marketing Team and Productions Team as well. I can not tell you how amazing this KID is it was a privileged to work with him and get to know him. I am excited for DL's future and to see the amazing things this KID can do for not only DL but KSI as well.
  7. Sacrificial War

    I apologize. I misread the requirements. I believe I have it fixed now. Anything else you guys need to know just let me know and I'll do my best to answer ^^
  8. Gamer Pic Request

    thank you @Aztec , love it
  9. Sacrificial War

    You've made the title of your post "Blacklisted and wanting to come back". "Blacklisted" is not your current gamertag and "wanting to come back" is completely unnecessary. I know this may seem overly stringent but if you're unwilling to follow a simple procedure for submitting an Appeal, then it's extremely unlikely your post will be considered at all. Please re-read the instructions on the Appeal Form and edit the title of your post accordingly. I'll re-post the instructions here for your benefit. As the Appeal Form already states - Please title the topic "(Your gamertag) Security Risked, DNH'd or Blacklisted" (whichever applies). Your case will be processed after this is completed.
  10. Sacrificial War

    There you go. I went ahead and edited it ^^
  11. Sacrificial War

    As the Appeal Form already states - Please title the topic "(Your gamertag) Security Risked, DNH'd or Blacklisted" (whichever applies). Your case will be processed after this is completed.
  12. Multi - Department Award Notification

  13. Sacrificial War

    So I was in about 5 years ago. When I was I was blacklisted for something I did not do. I tried proving it but was never given the chance. It was unfortunate but I miss those days. And due to 1 lie I was removed. I am someone who wants to come back and be an active part of the community. If you would like to know what I was blacklisted for I will tell you guys and there are people that are still in KSI that can witness for me from that time on the issue. KSI VENUM 7 being the biggest part of that. When it happened I was 18 and I'm 23 now. So almost 5 years ago was when it happened. My gamertag when I was in before was KSI Lost Soul. I was in ES when I was last in KSI. I'm just asking you guys to take a look into it and give me a chance to clear my name this time around. I really do miss my KSI days and want to be a part of it again Plaintiff Name: Jeffrey Burgess (Sacrificial War) currently blacklistedPlaintiff Squad and Division Name: Cant remember squad from WI But I was in Ragnarok for most of my time in ESOfficial KSI Rank: The highest I made it to was generalName of the Leader(s) that DNH'd/blacklisted: KSI Dragon 0467 I believe was his gamertagDate of being kicked out/banned: 2014 I believeOfficial Reason for being kicked out/banned: Blacklisted because I was lied on and never given the chance to defend myselfCurrent Status (what squad or clan are you currently in): I'm not in any of themWitnesses wished to be called on behalf of plaintiff (with link to their forums account): KSI VENUM 7Contact Information:

    Awarded and Closed
  15. KSI x Rogue Meta award self nomination

    Awarded and Closed
  16. Swagg 7 Meta Awards

    That is still more than the 1 staff award that you can get with this nomination. Which one would you like?
  17. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Please direct the members who attended your workshop here to post for the New Member Certified award themselves. It is only available from self-nominations.
  18. KSI UNBORN 7 Committed award

    I can drop my vote to witness. Unb0rn has definitely been in KSI for longer than a year with a gold KSI tag. I have known him since before April of 2017 and he has been in KSI since then.
  19. So You Think You Can Write - November 2018

    1. What has been the most impactful moment in your KSI career in 2018? My most impactful moment in KSI has to be joining and feeling like I was welcomed into a family. I have not been here that long. All the members show great interest in each other and work together as a team so to be included in such a great community is going to be one of the best moments because there’s always more to come and only up to go! Climbing ranks and helping others will always be a great joy but joining the cause and being a part of something bigger will always be that moment for me. 2. What is something you've learned from this community (this past year) that you use or apply in real life? What I have learned from this community within my time and the past year is that whether you’re gaming or working you have to instill confidence in yourself and convey what you are trying to talk about or do. It goes a long way because if people can’t understand what you’re talking about then how are you suppose to support your own answers and thoughts. Everyone had to be on the same page for team work to make the dream work and to me that is a important lesson to bring home to the kids 3. Who is the one KSI peer or mentor who has influenced you most in 2018 and why? The one KSI peer that has influenced me most is KSI Folkstyle. I entered a workshop that felt very relaxed, an environment to learn and also a area to laugh as well. He talked a lot about KSI and how people have different thought processes, how certain situations can be, and the overall big picture. He kept everyone participating and answering questions. It gave everyone a chance to have a day and he’s very fair. That goes a long way with me. I was wowed by his take and how he kept control of the room. I hope I can be as calm and have great leadership skills as he does. Good work ethic and positive vibes is the way to be. He influenced me to want to be a great a leader as him and the others. He made me want to excel and made me know I can go to him at any point to talk. That’s a person to appreciate and feel influenced by.
  20. Solo

  21. Looking to get back in KSI

    Hello sir! I'm one of the Court Judges. If you wish to appeal your Blacklist, you must complete and submit an Appeal Form. Paste the Appeal Form template in a new topic and fill it out completely. You may transfer your relevant information contained in this post into your Appeal when it is made. Closed.
  22. Looking to get back in KSI

    Thank you for the info sir!
  23. Returned

    As of now, all 8 of KSI's divisions are completely Xbox-based. We do have a PC Section on the forums if you're looking for other League, Minecraft or Runescape players. Feel free to use the General Chat section as well, to network with other members who might game on PC. Let me know if you have any questions!
  24. KSI xKamikaze Master Recruiter

    Master Recruiter - Yes
  25. Multi nomination

    KSI ApexWolf - Helping Hand - Yes Crazy Bear52 - Helping Hand - Yes KSI SumBody 7 - Helping Hand - Need a witness statement from member(s) who received gifts KSI Squeek 7 - Helping Hand - Need a witness statement from member(s) who received gifts @Squeek 7 @KSI Sumbich89
  26. Swagg 7 Meta Awards

    Award Hobbyist - Yes
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