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  1. What are you watching?

    Lie to me
  2. Count to a Million

  3. KSI Doctor 7 Gold Outstanding Service Award Nomination (Awarded)

    What can i say about Doctor? Well, I have known Doctor since he was a General in SH, and a Mini Mod. Now look at him, GM, BoD, and he ending up running SH as the head of division. That's an impressive resume no matter what way you look at it. Doctor is the epitome of perseverance, never wavering in his commitment to KSI no matter what might get thrown his way, and for that alone this man should receive a medal. He is always helping anyone and everyone who asks for it, and always looking for ways he can assist in bettering this community. At the time of Doctor running SH i was running LS, and i can tell you that from my viewpoint that he went far above and beyond anything he needed to do. He fought tooth and nail to keep SH going as long as it did, and i can honestly say i couldn't have done any better. When it came to clan ops he did not care what he needed to do, how much, how far, how detrimental to himself, it got done. Period. Because let's be honest, if you want something done and done right? You go to Doctor. Every time. As for Web Ops i had the pleasure of working more closely with him, i have been a member of the AAP while he was Department Head, and a Mini Mod while he was a GM. Doctor taught me a decent amount of what i know about the forums, hell he teaches a decent amount of what everyone knows about the forums. As GM he works closely with the team to make sure work is getting done quickly and efficiently, as well as making sure to be lax in areas that do not require a iron fist. As Worst brought up Doc has a CRAPTON of mod actions (meaning he does ALOT of work) there were a few times Doc and i fought over mod actions lol In the end there is alot more i could say, but it doesn't really need to be said, we all know Doc has earned this as he has earned everything he has received in KSI. I am proud to have known and worked with this man and envy those who get to in the future. <3
  4. Things sure do change quickly.

  5. Access Denied Name Change Edit

    I know this has been suggested a few times, it is generally a considered a good idea. The issue i believe comes down to the G14 itself, as that site is coded line by line. Now i am sure someone can come in here and correct me if i am wrong, but if my memory is any good lol this has been in the works for a bit. Great suggestion though.
  6. Ban Appeals

    This is true. lol
  7. KSI Jezrien 7 Signature Request

  8. Ban Appeals

    I have been thinking, we have an area for Leaders, Senior Leaders, Forum Staff, etc to post full/section ban appeals for other members. So, my suggestion is what if we had a section in which people could appeal their topic/shoutbox bans? I am sure this is plenty wrong with this idea, but it sounded good to me at first glance lol
  9. Old Idea

    Great video! Thanks for all the hard work you guys and your team is putting into providing awesome content for this community! :D
  10. KSI Jezrien 7 Signature Request

  11. Does anyone like my picture art?

    Dear god that is alot of work, Looks great man!
  12. KSI Jezrien 7 Signature Request

  13. Old Idea

    Oh dude that's awesome! I would love to hear more about it. I appreciate the reply. :D
  14. KSI Jezrien 7 Signature Request

    Type of Image / Size: Signature Image: http://opionator.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/wayofkings_rev_lo.png Main Text: KSI Jezrien 7 Subtext (if any): Defender of Honor KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: Just do what you guys/girls do best. thank you. LINK To Most Recent Past Request: N/A
  15. Old Idea

    Well i posted this in this section in March 2013 and didn't get a concrete answer either way, so i figured i would post it up again just to see what everyone's opinions and ideas are. If this topic is unnecessary i apologize. I will copy and paste the old post. Let me know your thoughts, i personally have always liked this idea. Now this idea may have already been brought up but i have not seen anything about it so i figured i would bring it up. We have alot of videos out there for KSI from gameplay to updates and even random nonesense. My question is why not have some informative videos. Examples being: Rank structure and CoC training videos Rules and regulations training videos SOG videos Forum tutorials Ofiicer/Leader training videos I mean we have the lead class already all we would really need to do would be to record the classes and post them. Then a must larger member base could benefit from all of the knowledge. If we can make training and tutorial videos for KSI it could potencially open up our leader base drastically. With LT training videos to direct upcoming SGT's to. All the way to Forum tutorials to direct squads to. Just a thought. Let me know what you think.