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  1. KSI RabidWraith Multi-nominations

    Name: KSI RabidWraith Link to Forums Account: @KSI RabidWraith Award-/-Achievement: Gamerscore Hoarder & Gamerscore Master Reason-/-Evidence: Member has a gamerscore of 51022
  2. Name/Gamertag: Shay / KSI Hatter 7 Rank (If applicable): 1CPT Banshee, ES Time spent on the forums (Daily): Way to much time. Between the Forums and Global, I’m on at least 4-6 hours a day. Sometimes on my phone, but mostly from my laptop. Experience and Time in KSI: Early 2013 - fall of 2015, April of 2018 - present. Are you apart of any other departments? If yes, which one/s? Yes, I am the News Team Editor, and sit on the Court Judges panel. Do you have any pending applications for other departments? If yes, which one/s? I do not Why you feel you are the right person to join the AAP (Please provide details): I feel I could be the right fit for several reasons. I am friendly and outgoing. I am unbiased when it comes to making decisions. The vote is going to go where the proof and detailed explanations sit. I find that I work in a fast paced and timely manner as well. I don’t like letting things go undone. I’m extremely reliable, and consider myself a team player, and am willing to do whatever is needed to get the job finished properly. Are you able to meet deadlines set for you? Yes, very much so Are you willing to undergo an Interview in addition to this application? Yes I am What do you wish to get out of this application? - (Please do not answer to get on the staff, think about it). Honestly? I’m striving to learn about another side of the Forums. I feel that to be a good leader within the community you should be well rounded. I want to help increase awareness of the AAP Department in Clan Operations. Being a staff member would definitely give me the ability to do so! Is there any further information you would like us to know, to put forwards towards your application? Thank you for taking the time to go over and consider my application for the AAP Staff.
  3. KSI December 77 - Drama Queen

    Oh I can sssssssssssssssoooooooooooooo witness to this!!! December has a massive rep to protect around here. When someone mentions his name, everyone in the party goes "Yep, we know him! What a Richard". December is a no nonsense kind of guy, and those who DON'T know him will find that out sooner or later. If you have a slight bit of sarcasm, he will throw it right back in your face. You being loud and obnoxious? PINEAPPLE! (Code word for someone unknowingly exiting the party). But all kidding aside, December is a ridiculously hard worker, thus being well known. He puts his whole heart into anything he does. He's an extremely hard worker and always takes the time to help the little guy out. If there's ever been an issue that I've had, he's been right there to lend a helping hand. He's definitely a Queeny member! Also, he really does only wear pink on Wednesdays...
  4. General Chat

    Well hell, reckon it's time to get ready then...
  5. General Chat

    I thought that was meant to be hush hush...
  6. KSI Greenday 7 Multiple Noms

    Name: KSI Greenday 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Greenday 7 Award-/-Achievement: Baby bit - Poggers Donor - Charity Gifter - Part Time Gifter Reason-/-Evidence: Donated over 75,000 bits and has gifted 10 subs
  7. KSI Jynxie - Die Hard

    Gamertag: KSI Jynxie Forums: @KSI Jynxie Award: Die Hard Reason/Evidence: Jynx was recruited into my squad, Trocity LS, back in August on 2018. In the short 5 months that she has been here, she has turned into an exceptional KSI member, as well as a very good friend. When she first wanted to join, she was hit with hostility and and a line of massive dramatics. She stuck through it all though, persevering and never stopping to look back. After she was recruited in, Jynx made it her goal to get to know everyone. Now most people know that as a woman, in a "man's gaming world", it's never an easy task to make friends. This statement was true for her. She was always getting flirted with, but the boys were good and took no for an answer. Fast forward a few months. Jynx made it onto the Officer's Staff with extreme work, dedication, and a thirst for the knowledge to make KSI an amazing community. In the time that she was in Trocity on the Staff, she had major run ins with inconsiderate people who gave no care about rank nor a person's well being. There were several times where she wanted to just go, to throw her hands up and be done with it all. She didn't though. She powered through and found herself sitting in a Captain's position. Onward to mid November. There was a slight disagreement amongst some members, causing Jynx to take a transfer to ES. Anyone who knows about this, knows the struggles and strife that happened, and this alone would cause anyone to just quit. Jynx didn't though. She pulled up her big girl pants and went after everything with a mind set on putting the past behind her and making the best of it not just for her, but for her members. Since being in ES, Jynx has had a struggle with helping the Officer Staff of Banshee completely revamp our squad. It's definitely been a rocky road sometimes, but she's never faltered and continues to give everything her best. Jynxie is at epitome of a damned near perfect member to KSI, (and only damned near because no one is perfect here.) She continues to give her best in every aspect of the things she sets out to accomplish, and will in my eyes, be a massive asset to keep around. With this, I feel she overly deserves this award.
  8. College Football Playoff National Championship

    Clemson wins 44-16!
  9. DISCUSSION OF THE MONTH: Activity Defined

    Gamertag: KSI Hatter 7 Clan Ops Rank: 1st Captain, Banshee ES What would you define as "activity"? - Activity has a wide range of meaning when being defined by the community. By standards, activity is considered attending community wide events, as well as within your squad and division. This could be broken down even more into gamenights, hangouts, meetings, tournaments, and workshops hosted by your squad. Community events would be considered Weekend Warfares, Spirit Week, Spring Break, Forums challenges, attending live streams for Awards Ceremonies, and even participating in the community activities like trivia night and Thursday Night Throwdowns. Do the expectations of activity vary by rank? How so? - I would say that expectations vary the higher up within ranks. As a squad level officer, you're asked to attend weekly events hosted for your squad to bring in activity within the members core. The higher you go, the more of an expectation is there for you to be around so members know who you are. Do we hold everyone to the same standards? - I feel that we have the same standards for all members across the board, but we don't hold them the way we should. What should expected activity be for these various ranks - Sergeant: Associates with all members of a squad/division. Participates in weekly squad activities, as well as community events. Officers (SSGT, LT, CPT): Everything as a SGT, plus promotes Squad and Community events through discord, forums, and messages. General: All from officers, and focuses on sending out messages on the Squad Tag, as well as making sure events are being hosted/attended. Divisional Leadership: Attending a few gamenights from their divisional squads, as well as promoting activities within the community Director: Associating with members via gamenights that are set up within the Divisions they are over
  10. Last TV Show You Watched

    Beat Bobby Flay
  11. What Is In Your Garage?

    My daily is a 2015 Chevy Tahoe LTZ. We have several "toys" though.
  12. So You Think You Can Write - January 2019

    Who I Gamed With Most In 2018 Who you gamed with most: Would definitely have to be @December 77 Game(s) you played together most: PubG, BO4, Sea of Thieves, Warframe, Destiny 2 and many, many more. Best thing about gaming with this person: December is a MLG Pro Tryhard player. He’s amazing at pretty much any PvP game you put in front of him. He’s always grinding to be the best of the best, top of the class. You need a carry in a Battle Royal game? Call on December. Want a win in crucible in Destiny? Call December. Want to get better at FPS’s? Call December. All in all, he is all around a great teammate who is supportive of anyone he plays with. He is my #1 go to when playing anything. Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: Listening to his eye rolls whenever we play PubG together and I miss a blatant kill. It’s the best. Most memorable moment gaming: I would have to say when he took the time to sit back and play xbox with my kids. He could have just dipped out and went on about his business, but he came out swinging and hung in there for several hours. My children always ask if they can play with him when they see him on because they know that 99.9% of the time, he will be there unless he has other things to attend to. Or maybe my first ever HeadHunters win with him! He was also a part of my first ever Chicken DInner and Destiny Raid boss wins!!! On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: 11. Everyone should take time time to go and play at least once with him on a game. He’s always willing to teach if the person is willing to take the criticism and work towards bettering themselves. Who you gamed with 2nd most: @Scotland Game(s) you played together most: PubG, Sea of Thieves, Minecraft Best thing about gaming with this person: Scotland is an all around gamer. He takes the time to explain the little things about each aspect of a game. He also likes to just chat while doing things, about pretty much anything under the sun. I’ve been in several parties and games with him where members would join in and ask if he would play with them. Scotland always jumps to the occasion to play, including anyone who’s interested. He’s also taken the time to include my daughter in his Minecraft shenanigans, who now constantly annoys the crap out of me with her “Mommy is Scotland on?” “Mom can I go play Minecraft with Scotland?” Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: Hands down our PubG game nights. When Scotland gets on a roll, it’s utterly hilarious. He just galivants on his own, running and chasing down people. Or he likes to crawl into the prison cell on a ship and just sleep… side note, it takes a long time to fill up the bottom of said ship to try and drown someone… lol. Most memorable moment gaming: I remember one night we were playing PubG and I looked at my mini map to see him clear across the other side of the map. I was about to ask why he was so flippin far off, when all I heard was “YOU BETTER NOT RUN! OH NO, I’M COMING TO KILL YOU. Yeah, that’s what I thought, accept your death.” I’m pretty sure I laughed uncontrollably for a full 10 minutes, and still giggle when I think about that moment. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: For me he’s a 10, as he’s always looking out to keep me safe, and I just let his Scottish banter go in one ear and out the other, much like he does with me. He’s truly a hidden gem that some people overlook. Just don’t get on his bad side, because he WILL call you out! Who you gamed with 3rd most: @KSI Jynxie Game(s) you played together most: Paladins, Fortnite, PubG, Fallout 76, Xbox’s elaborate “Home Screen” Best thing about gaming with this person: Jynx is freakin hysterical. She’s always bringing out the fun in the games we play. She keeps our team communicating, and always coming back for more. I know I can always count on her to keep me grounded, and usually from hardcore raging. And when the time calls for it, she can get down and dirty and proceed to kick anything in the butt! Also, she likes to incorporate the KSI mini me’s in her game play. She’s always asking about my son, who’s a die hard Fortnite junkie like the 90% of other children in the world. She’s willing to take time out of her gaming schedule to make sure he’s getting his challenges completed for his Battle Pass, even when being a complete and utter challenge himself. Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: Holy cow, man, the ridiculous amount of laughs she gives. She’s abnormally got some sly comment dealing with anything she’s doing. She’s always got the party crackin up, even in the most tense situations. Most memorable moment gaming: “REMEMBER THE BUTT PAN HATTER!” That will always stick in my head anytime I play PubG. OH, and that one time she wanted someone to shoot her so she could heal up for a challenge, and “someone” pelted her to death and would never man up to who did it. Then there was that time on Paladins where the infamous Fernando just wouldn’t stand still so she could heal him...I’m not sure she will ever be his saving grace again lmao. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: Most certainly a 10. She’s a team player that anyone would be lucky to have on their team. Whether you need just a laughing conversation, or want to grind out all day long, Jynx is always willing and ready to go to the battlefield with you.
  13. College Football Playoff National Championship

    Agreed. Hasn't been the same since that class honestly. I'm by no means a State fan, (I'm a Florida fan first, and a Michigan fan 2nd, and when they play against each other, bring on the Gator Chomp), but I can man up and give credit where credit is due. State looked good this year, except for that small Purdue hiccup. They will def be contenders again in the near future. I'm just not sure how the team will work out with Urban leaving. Aside from that, who you got winning?
  14. College Football Playoff National Championship

    Yeah, the Sugar Bowl was a great game! No one could touch Zeke!!!