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  1. Once KSI Always KSI.

    Do I cut ties? No. But, it does depend on what kind of a friend you were to me while you were in KSI. Where you an absent barely there member? Or one of the biggest influences and closest confidantes? I will use you Kamikaze as an example. You will always be my friend and KSI has nothing to do with it other than it helped us meet. I respect you and will always do my best to maintain a friendship with you. Speaking from the perspective of the person leaving the community, most people will not be your friends like you thought they were. Sadly, they can't prioritize you into their schedules. I always kept pride in KSI while I was gone. I still had respect for the effort and time people put into this community.
  2. DW FC 2018 Div HoF Nomination Thread

    @KSI Gary 7 Division: Divine Warriors Gamertag: KSI Gary 7 Link to Profile: @KSI Gary 7 Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: DW Division Leader Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? Yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes Awards: Has Nominee been awarded Outstanding Service Level 1? Yes Please list other awards this member has received: Outstanding Service Lvl 1 & 2 KSI Mentor Member Assistance General OTM Co-Founder OTM Founder OTM Co-Div OTM Division leader OTM Monthly 7 Spotlight Pro & Novice Recruiter PO Certifications Committed Spirit King 2017 Testimony: Why does this member belong in your division’s Hall of Fame? Please explain. Gary has been around this community for a long time. He has been with DW since it came to fruition. We are currently sitting at the biggest division in KSI! Gary has lead us to those numbers, working hard to be a motivator and press everyone to work harder. Also making sure we don't bring excess fluff along. Gary makes an effort to talk to everyone in the division regardless of rank. He is a friendly face and will always chat and laugh with those around you. He makes DW a positive and fun environment while still stressing the proper way to do things. By the book and correctly.
  3. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag / Forums Name- KSI March @KSI_March KSI M3NTALIST @KSI M3NTALIST KSI No Horizon @KSI No Horizon KSI Hatter 7 @KSI Hatter 7 KSI Kazeshini 7 @Kazeshini 7 Award-Basic Training Certification Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too)They attended my workshop. Profile Link if possible
  4. Gamertag:KSI Harmony 7 Division:DW Game:Siege Link to Clip: Description: Multiple people dying multiple times.
  5. KSI VENUM 7 OS LVL 2 Nomination

    I will witness for Venum. I met Venum back in March when I was looking to rejoin KSI. He was always very welcoming and friendly to me while I was coming back into KSI and still to this day maintains that very of integrity. Venum has been my Co-Founder since he was promoted. I was an LT when he first started over Hannibal and he has taken the time always to listen to my concerns and help me improve my skills as an officer. If I ever need advice he is one of the people I turn to. As a General under him he is understanding and always willing to help. He works with my officers and tries to challenge us all. Venum does everything with a smile and enjoys coming online every day to help out everyone. He is always there when I am not able to host a meeting and always takes time to game with my members. Venum is caring and a friend to anyone who crosses his path. He most certainly deserves this recognition for his accomplishments. Everyone in DW respects him because of how he presents himself and represents KSI in a very positive way as it should always be shown. I can definitely contribute a lot of credit to Venum for always challenging and helping me grow as I have been climbing the ranks again in KSI.
  6. Favorite 7 ?

    Thank you Sup3r!!!
  7. Removed the Workshop Occurrences section. 8/12/18
  8. KSI PapaRomeo Gamerscore Hoarder

    Name: KSI PapaRomeo Award-/-Achievement: Gamerscore hoarder Reason-/-Evidence:Member has 20,085 Gamerscore Link:@EuanTL06
  9. Thank You!

    Hey Apollo! Welcome to DW! Glad to have you here.
  10. Recruiting Workshop: (Updated 08/02/18)

    8/2/18 Edited and removed incorrect information.
  11. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag / Forums Name KSI PapaRomeo @EuanTL06 KSI Majesty @KSI Majesty KSI RPG900SR @KSI Rpg900 Award :Basic Training Certified Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too)Attended my and KSI Big Mack 92's
  12. Count to a Million

  13. What’s up guys

    Hello there, My GT is KSI Harmony 7, I play Siege and so does my squad and a lot of my division, feel free to friend me! Welcome to KSI I hope you enjoy your time here!
  14. KSI Harmony 7 Rebounder

    Name: KSI Harmony 7 Link to Forums Account: @Nikki Cola Award-/-Achievement: Rebounder Reason-/-Evidence: In 2013 I joined the squad Menace and got to work quickly repairing the very fragmented squad. I worked very hard to become an officer and recruited like crazy to bring our numbers up to avoid being shut down. @KSI Havoc 7 Can witness.

    Do nominations for the PO Certifications count towards the awards for nominating people?