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      Hello, Friends!  As most of you know from last year, Divisional Cup will keep track of divisional participation throughout the year. Starting at Spring Break and ending with January's Award Show, we will be ranking divisions each month by their participation in activities, growth, and officer staff ratio to develop a competition for Division of the Year! The division with the most points at the end of each month will be named Division of the Month. As you can see on the chart above, a list of monthly events will be posted with the meeting notes and in the Div Cup area on the forums, so everyone can be aware of what will count toward points! Divisions can expect to see points counted for Weekend Warfare, Montage and Clip submissions, News Team contests, Twitch Subscriptions, Social Media activity,  and OTM/DOTM award periods in the AAP..  plus a couple of other categories weaving in and out throughout the months! Additional events will be added depending on what is happening in and around KSI for that particular month. Same as last year: KSI's large events -- Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, and Turkey Bowl -- will count independently and figure into the overall scores, but not the monthly tallies. Different from last year: (Change is good, promise) This year Div Cup will be split into two halves. This means even if your Division doesn't start off too hot in the first half, you can always give them a good kick in the rear at the start of the second half, and finish off strong! Here is an example of how it will look, along with the standings so far. I'm sure you all remember that Divine Warrior's took home the win last year.. so as of right now, they are the Division to beat! I'm looking forward to seeing the activity and participation from all of you!    Side note: I took down the names of all the people who supported #billdabear. I'm coming for you.        

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  1. KSI Siggy- Capped Out

    Member Is on the join staff and a member ES
  2. ES Multi Nom

    Name of Applicant: KSI xKing 77 Division Name: ES Name of Milestone being applied for: KSI Tags 40% Reasonings why this milestone should be awarded: We have 116 KSI gamertags out of 241. Name of Milestone being applied for: Division OTM Reasonings why this milestone should be awarded: We won div cup for the month of April
  3. So You Think You Can Write - May 2019

    ✦ Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 ✦ Division: ES ✦ My Happy Place: Truthfully my happy place is Jacksonville North Carolina. Reason for that is my brother and his wife live out there. Which I'm also the godfather of there beautiful daughter. No matter how mad, upset or worked up I get everytime the plane touches down in Jacksonville I always know I'm gonna have a very exciting and relaxing day or even week.
  4. KSI December 77 - OS3

    December, I haven't know December for the longest time but I know in the short time that I have known him hes done some pretty amazing things. December takes on many roles in the community, New Dept Head, PO Admin, Senior forums mod and more! December and myself haven't always been the best of friends and in fact we hated each other for quite some time before getting promoted to senior mods together. He hit me up and was actually hella chill about asking if we could leave the past behind us and start a new. December is a super dedicated member to this community and honestly working with him has been a huge eye opener to me. Hes helped me with alot since we became baby mods together. Even if we did hate each other for most of that. Definitely don't think this community or most of the people in it would be where they are without him. If anyone deserves this award its definitely November.. oops December sorry.
  5. KSI Jynxie - Outstanding Service LV 1

    Jynx.. Honestly when I hear the name I instantly think warrior. When I first met Jynxie it was when I transferred to ES as the Founder, not many people we very happy about my transfer or the way it went down but Jynxie gave me that chance to prove that even tho I was transfering over as a higher up that I was here to make a difference and help bring ES to new heights. As a captain jynx worked her ass off to help bring in multiple recruits and make sure they were all getting trained in a timely manner. Being basically the only officer under Hatter she was out to try and make a name for herself and try to do whatever she can to get banshee to the top and get an officer staff that could help her do just that & that I can definitely say she did.. since day once I've gotten to watch jynx battle her way to the top of ES and right now she's standing tall as the Banshee general and since she got the position shes worked harder then most and shes making huge moves. I'm proud of everything jynx has accomplished in KSI, clan ops or web ops it's all been amazing and I can't wait to see what she does in the future! Thank you for everything!!
  6. KSI xKing 77 Request

    Love it thanks mate
  7. KSI xKing 77 Request

    Type of Image/Size: Xbox Gamerpic (1080x1080) Image: King of the dead (GoT) Main Text: KSI xKing 77 Subtext (if any): None KSI Logo (yes/no): Do you want the KSI logo implemented? Most definitely Additional Comments: Anything you would like to add? Preferably in Black & Either blue or red whatever looks better. Most Recent Past Request: N/A
  8. Hatter 77 - OS2

    Hatter... There is so much to say about Hatter and her past, From WI, to LS, to ES Hatter has done some of the most amazing things and showing her worth in this community. Hatter being a huge part of WI back in the day playing a huge part in the creation of Abaddon as well as solidifying herself in the WI 7 staff. When hatter departed from the community it was to do what she does best and thats be an amazing mother to her kids, making sure that she put her family before anything. Fast forward to April 2018 when Hatter made her long overdue return to KSI, becoming a member of Trocity LS & changing the landscape and creating a power squad showing everyone that she never lost her touch and proving that she deserves and is hungry for that 7 position back. Late 2018 hatter ended up going to ES and this part I'm glad to say I got to see first hand. Hatter has been the back bone of ES since her arrival here. She has taken Banshee from basically the brink of death with 40+ members of fluff and with the help of her officer staff they brought it to new heights that nobody even thought it could've been at. Just recently ES has placed first in Spring Break and I'm not gonna take any credit for that. Hatter put her heart into it wanting to prove that the new era of ES is here she did just that. Hatter is someone that I've been told I'm alot alike and honestly I'm honored to get to share alot of character traits with her and I'm honored to get to work along side her on this amazing project. If anyone ANYONE deserves this award its Hatter for the outstanding service that she has shown time and time again! Thank you for everything Hatter you're my inspiration to keep going and you are rock here in ES!
  9. ES Spring Break!

    Name of Applicant: KSI xKing 77 Division Name: Eternal Souls Name of Milestone being applied for: 1st Place Spring Break 2019 Reasoning why this milestone should be awarded: Won first place in Spring Break 2019
  10. Spring Break Forums Challenge

    ES all day babbbyyyy!!
  11. SB: 7's GTAV Sumo (3/29/19)

    Division: ES 1. 7's Rep: KSI Hatter 77
  12. March 2019 OTM Nominations!

    Senior Leader (SENIOR DIRECTOR through CEO) KSI Gambit 7 (Rank) - Senior Director Link to forums account - @KSI Gambit 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - When I first met Gambit I'll be honest I wasn't the biggest fan I heard so much negative that I couldn't see the positives, but as time went on we built a bond together that helped us work very well together. Since my return to ES gambit has been in parties with me constantly, always answering text messages and phone calls and is always looking for the best that ES has to offer. Gambit has helped me and the rest of the ES members turn this divison around from a stand still division full of fluff to a force to be wrecken. I can honestly say that Gambit (and ronin) have made the clan ops side of this community 100% better and I can't wait to see what new things are to come. Co-Founder KSI Venum 7 (Divison/Rank) - DW Co-Founder Link to forums account - @VENUM 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - I've known venum for a very very long time and venum has showed time and time again that he's here to make a name for himself and he's here to help make this community better, I can honestly say he's done just that. Venum is not only one of the, if not the most active and hard working Cofo that this community has to offer. He is also constantly trying to help better the divisons he's over as a PO. Venum takes on many tasks in the community such as PO, Clan ops 7, AAP staff & Join area Moderator and never seems to fail in any of those areas. Venum has multiple goals set up for himself in the future that he strives for day in and day out, he goes above and beyond to make sure not only his members are satisfied but also the members of the divisons that he is PO rep for. Venum is ALWAYS available to answer any questions and handle any issues no matter the time of day. He is an all around amazing leader and future DW hall of famer! I'm glad I had the pleasure of working along side him on his journey to the top and I'm gonna be honored to be have our names to some day sit in the DW hall of fame together. General KSI Hatter 77 (Rank - Division/Squad) - ES Co-Founder Link to forums account - @Hatter 77 Reasoning why the deserve this - Hatter.. I have the upmost respect for this woman. Many say that when they look at Hatter & look at me they see the same person & in many ways that could be a bad thing cause two of me or two of her could never be good lol. Hatter is the backbone of my 7 staff. She is always on top of her job & she has things done before you can even delegate them to her. She is on xbox daily handling all sorts of issues and making herself known with the members of all squads while still being able to balance her family time. As a Gen Hatter helped carry the pack, taking banshee from what was basically shredded paper and started piecing it back together. She made an impact on that squad that no other possibly could of. Hatter is also not one to just take all the credit, she is very good at giving credit where it's due and she makes sure that all of her officers & members are feeling appreciated for any and all work that they put in to the squad. Hatter is always coming up with the big ideas to help better a situation, a squad, or just to make ES a better place to be. Hatter was just recently promoted to Co-Founder over ES and even tho its only been 2 weeks she's hit the ground running staying on top of all squads, working side by side with generals and officers to help teach and train. She is always available for anyone doesnt matter if shes driving, with family, if its late at night or early morning she will do her best to make time. Hatter is honestly one of a kind I'm honored to be in the same 7 staff as her and I'm honored to be able to say shes my right hand. Captain KSI Jynxie (Rank - Division/Squad) - Banshee ES Gen Link to forums account - @KSI Jynxie Reasoning why they deserve this - Jynx is always finding new and exciting ways to make not only her squad but the entire divison alot more fun and outgoing. She is all about the family aspect of KSI and doesn't just think her squad is the best and the only thing she needs to care or worry about, She is one to see the bigger picture that without all squads working together, communicating and just getting along that our divison will never thrive. Jynx is one to always ask questions even tho she usually always knows the answers she just wants to see how others would respond to the issue at hand just to get another persons perspective and use that to her advantage. While being an amazing mother to her kids jynx Is on the xbox daily trying to make an impact and get her name out there. Currently holding many jobs such as General, PO Specialist & AAP she is highly active throughout the community and is making in impact in all those areas and still making time to do what were here for and play with the members. Jynx has her eyes set on a squad split, becoming a 7 & some day being able to carve her name in the ES history books. LT KSI Squeek 7(Rank - Division/Squad) - Succubus ES 4CPT Link to forums account - @Squeek 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Squeek is an all around mentor, motivater and friend to all members of Succubus. When I first met squeek we definitely buttheads quick and it took awhile for us to earn each others respect but we've sat down on more then one occasion and have just talked for hours and that is what really opened my eyes to who squeek is and the goals she has set for her self. Squeek being the former Gen of Succubus has the strongest bond with her squad mates. She looks out for them as if they were her children and making sure they're safe, not being exposed to toxicity and not being walked all over. Her along with Barb are what is keeping Succubus on the path they are on. Squeek is always one to bounce ideas off you and just try to come up with everything and anything to try and make her home the best. I sat with her and have listened to her struggles and anyone who has went through the things squeek has and still stays dedicated to this community deserves mine and anyone else's respect. From being a full time student to working second shift squeek will always make time to get online, recruit, be active with her squad strive for excellence and never give up. Department Member KSI SN1P3RB0552 (Rank - Division/Squad) - Angels ES Gen (Marketing) Link to forums account - @KSI SN1P3RB0552 Reasoning why they deserve this - Sniper is the Marketing rep for ES, now some might say marketing is easy or can't be that hard but this man works ridiculous hours and still has time to make sure he gets all events pushed out to the divison in a timely manner. Sniper trys to be on top of all community events and making sure that the members are getting informed about these things and are able to participate in them. Nobodies perfect and I'm sure he misses some or gets some out at the list minute but being a Gen and working hours that are just complete trash and still being able to take on a third task and succeed on that to is exponential. Definitely proud of the things this guy does and hope he goes far in marketing. Member KSI Nagisa (Rank - Division/Squad) - Angels ES 1CPT Link to forums account - @KSI Nagisa Reasoning why they deserve this - When I was the po rep over ES Nagi was just a SSGT doing the job of a LT & Captain trying to help take alot of the work load off his generals shoulders and proving what hes really capable of. He has said since day one that he wants to become a great leader in the community and has definitely shown his worth. Nagi is in parties with members every second he can get making sure that they are having fun and enjoying there time here. With big future goals nagi has been trying to work with his replacement to some day take his spot as he is striving to get Angels to the top so he can someday become Gen. He is a friendly, soft spoken guy but definitely gets his hands dirty when he needs to. I've talked to nagi about his plans in the community and what the future has in store for him and he wants nothing more then to learn, become a better leader and some day show that he deserves to be a 7 here. Him, Sniper, Max, and the staff are the back bones of our Cod/Tom Clancy side and with work they will be an unstoppable force.
  13. SB: Rainbow Six Siege - 3v3 Bomb (3/30/19)

    1. Team Captain: KSI Torch096 Squad/Division: Banshee ES 2. Teammate: KSI SN1P3RB0552 Squad/Division: Angels ES 3. Teammate: RUSTYMARSHMELOW Squad/Division: Banshee ES Alternates: 1. Gamertag: c477um2011 Squad/Divison: Banshee ES 2. Gamertag: KSI PapiPho3nix Squad/Division: Succubus ES
  14. SB: CoD Black Ops 4 - 4v4 TDM (3/31/19)

    1. Team Captain: KSI Torch096 Squad/Division: Banshee ES 2. Teammate: KSI Tempest115 Squad/Division: Banshee ES 3. Teammate: ZealousEqualty Squad/Division: Angels ES 4. Teammate: RUSTYMARSHMELOW Squad/Division: Banshee ES Alternates: 1. Gamertag: KSI Saint Pablo Squad/Division: Angels ES 2. Gamertag: KSI Peacheria44 Squad/Division: Banshee ES
  15. KSI Hatter 77 Multi Nom

    Gamertag: KSI Hatter 77 Forums: @Hatter 77 Award(s): Trainer / Novice Recruiter / Pro Recruiter/ Master Recruiter Evidence: Coming over to ES and jumping right in I got to watch Hatter in action, she along with jynxie has been a recruiting & training machine going. Not only in ES but also during her time in LS Hatter gave it nothing but her all and she has most definitely gotten above the required amount for all awards. Witnesses: @KSI Akame 7 @KSI M3NTALIST 7 @KSI Eyonia 7