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  1. Spirit Week

    @I am FuzzyMeep™ maybe if we don't end up doing Destiny 2 we could replace it with Siege. I know a lot of members would like to see siege on the list.
  2. Basic Information Gamertag/Name: KSI xKing 77 Age: 20 Time in KSI: Was in for 3 years before leaving in 2015 & rejoining 30 days later. Have been back in for 2 years gonna be 3 in December. Current Rank/Position: Join Area Moderator & Co-Founder Highest Rank/Position Held: Divison Leader Have you ever been blacklisted, DNH'd and/or security risked? If so, when and why? No. Performance Operations Specific Questions If you could change one thing about the way training work in KSI, what would it be? While the way that training in KSI works, there's a lot of information that is old & could be revamped & updated. How do you regularly promote the education of members within your division and/or squad? Mentoring, Hosting workshops, Hosting meetings, also if anything comes up in a party I try to use it as a training experience for newer people. If you could implement one of your personal squad and/or divisional policies on a community wide basis to better the standard of leadership and training, what would it be and why? Honestly it would be to try & implement more member retention to give members the real "KSI Experience". Here in DW we have super strong member retention and it really gives people the experience that every & any ksi member should have. It makes them wanna be here & it introduces them to new members within the community giving them many people to play & interact with. Why should you be considered as a potential Performance Officer for KSI? In other words, why should you be selected over other leaders in this community? I've been learning & implementing the PO workshops that have just recently rolled out. I'm currently the divisional rep for DW so I work with the PO's that are assigned to our divison to enforce these workshops & make sure there being implemented in the divison. When I transferred over to DR from LW I was a Co-Founder & I focused on rebuilding the divison from near merge numbers until we got to a divison split & created CD. I've had expeicerences bringing squads back from the brink of death. During my time in LW I was general over Paladin LW that only had 10 members & 2 officers (Myself included) where when I got promoted to cofo I left the squad sitting at 80 with a strong officer core. When I came to DW my squad was sitting at roughly 22 members with 0 officers just myself as Gen & when I got to Co-Founder I had left it with what we call the "Dream Team" sitting at 65 members with an amazing officer core. I've served as a Join area mod for maybe a little over a year & it has taught me to take deep in depth security checks for the safety of our members. That's what I could bring to the table in PO.
  3. April 2018 OTM nominations (Closing April 30)

    Director Gamertag - KSI Ronin 77 Director DW & FI Link to forums account - @Mr. Conversation Era Reasoning why they deserve this - Ronin has always been a strong leader in all aspects of KSI. Back when I was div leader of DR ronin was div leader in EO & we didn't really know each other, we came other through different paths & we had different past history's in KSI. When I made my return to LW not long after we merged with DR & ronin was our director. He show'd me new ways to lead & has built me up to be a stronger person. We chill literally everyday & just recently opened my Group on the forums up to him & made a few adjustments. Ronin strives for greatness no matter where he is & he is very much looked up to. He definitely deserves this award. Divison Leader: Gamertag: KSIfiremomma7 DL Div Leader Link to forums: @KSIfiremomma7 Reasoning why they deserve this: I've honestly only met firemomma once & we had a long talk about ksi, our divisions & our members. Just from that one talk I realized that firemomma is an amazing div leader who has big goals set for herself as well as goals set for her members. She cares about every member in DL & she has a super kind heart. She's very welcoming to new people that she meets as well as new members that come into her division. The members in DL look up to her & she really is a momma to most of them. She has earned all of my respect & I hope to work with her someday in the future Co-Division Leader Gamertag -KSI Gary 7 DW Co-Div Link to forums account - @KSI Gary 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Since I've met Gary he has always been a dedicated member of the community. When I first met Gary he was a Founder leading the division rolling solo with none above or below him. In a situation where just about anyone else woulda left & gave up Gary stuck it out with his members & he gave it his all. Even with Gary being in a completely different timezone he makes it his mission to be online as much as possible for as long as possible to talk to & assist members. Gary might be the Div leader but he makes himself known as a friend & family to everyone. Founder Gamertag - KSI HAVOC 7 DW Founder Link to forums account - @KSI Havoc 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Havoc & myself didn't exactly start off on a good path. There was tension & havoc understood that, but he did what anyone else would do & he continued to be himself & try to do whatever he could do earn my respect & to squash whatever tension there was. Havoc also makes sure he available throughout the day making sure that if anyone hits him up he can be online or respond as quick as possible to make sure the member gets there question answered or even assisted with whatever they need. Havoc's past history in the community is good, but I think what he has done here in DW has started a new era in havoc's career & he has big things coming for him, keep up the great work! General Gamertag KSIxNebula Hannibal DW GEN- Link to forums account - @Nebula~ Reasoning why the deserve this - When I first met nebbi his squad was just as in the dumps as mine was & he was looking to revamp it & take it to new hights. Nebbi has been the only officer in his squad, has had officers but they were completely inactive & has been under 20 members & has still came back from of all those issues. He has been gen for almost an entire year & his goal is co-founder & he's super determined to get there. Don't get me wrong he's not perfect & he knows that but he has brought his squad up from 20 to about 50+ & he has been slowly grinding with his officer staff. When nebbi actually sits down takes a breathe & thinks things out he's an amazing leader & he's gonna go super far in the community. Captain Gamertag -KSI xKamikaze Samurai DW 2CPT Link to forums account - @KSI xKamikaze Reasoning why they deserve this - Kam is an all around officer, he has an open schedule to make sure he's there for his squad. He's one of the most knowledge officers that we have here in DW. Kam not only assists Samurai but he also helps out hannibal & elysium when needed. He's always pumping up the members for divisional activities & community activities getting people signed up for weekend warfare's. The guy is all about KSI & I'm proud to have him in my div. Keep up the amazing work bro LT Gamertag - KSI WaviestSnow Elysium DW 4CPT Link to forums account - @KSI WaviestSnow Reasoning why they deserve this - Wavvy has had one hell of a run here in KSI quickly rising through the ranks by devoting hard work & dedication to his squad and the community as a whole. When I first met Waviest he was a sgt that got pulled into the Gens meeting & ripped apart (jokingly) before he was promoted to Staff Sargent. Waviest is always in a happy mood & is always willing to help & assist wherever he's needed. Speaking of that, waviest along side another DW officer transferred to Hannibal to help a brother squad out in it's time of need. Even tho he was only there for a small amount of time he held build a base for hannibal to build on & for that I'm forever grateful. Wavitest has a bright future ahead of him & I can't wait to see what he does with it. Member Gamertag - KSI x Artifice Elysium DW 4LT Link to forums account - @KSI x Artifice Reasoning why they deserve this - Artifice much like waviest has had an amazing start here. Every step of the way he has proved that he deserves his position. He is constantly recruiting, promoting, hosting gamenights, mentoring, & getting with his general to learn & further his career. Yes he had some rough patches & some things that he had to & still does need to work on but he accepts that & trys his hardest to better himself. He's taking any advice he can get & making any and all attempts to achieve the goals he has set for himself. I have no doubt in my mind that if he keeps going the way he is that he will be a future leader in KSI. Keep up all you're hard work!
  4. Kamikaze Trainer Award.

    Name: KSI xKamikaze Link to Forums Account: @KSI xKamikaze Award-/-Achievement: Trainer Reason-/-Evidence: During his time here in KSI, Kam has trained plenty of people. Just from his current time in KSI i've personally watched him train people in Samurai during my time as gen. I can say he has done well over 30 trains. He deserves his own custom award
  5. KSI xKamikaze Outstanding Service Nomination

    Since rejoining KSI, Kam has been an unstoppable force. He has made a huge impact on DW showing that this time around he's gonna help make a difference. Kam is online daily getting people in parties to meet new people & to show them the KSI experience. I've never seen someone who's dedication is so strong, Kam goes above and beyond to make sure his squad & his divison are running super smooth. I've said it before & I'll say it again, Kam is the heart & soul of DW. Any issues arise he's there to resolve them no matter what the squad, someone needs help hes there to help them no matter what the rank, he's always eager to host workshops or have new members host work shops, always pushing this Divison to do great things. As for the marketing side of Kamikaze's career, He doesn't let the fact that he's a marketing rep affect his clan ops side, Kams always posting up links and pictures for all KSI events, maybe 2 times a day. Same with kam & nebbies weekly/bi-weekly Marketing workshops. In my opinion kam shoulda been the first ever recipient to earn this award. Keep up the amazing work Kam You'r appreciated for everything you do & everything you'v ever done for me.
  6. KSI Gary 7 Die Hard Award Nomination

    I shall witness on behalf of Gary. So when i was leading DR i was formerly in LW so i kept in touch with leaders & members of the divison, when GCM was created almost everyone in LW had left & gary was the lonewolf officer within Samurai. Gary, staying to help rebuild & recreate the image of the divison he came into gary was promoted to cofo & not long after founder. Gary was accompanied by a co-div above him & a cofo under him, shortly after they both dipped leaving gary by himself as the only 7 within the divison which was pretty much falling underneath him(nothing against gary as a leader he was brand new to leading a div on his own).... Through all that hell gary has stayed & fought the ultimate fight, he has legit shocked the community by sticking with LW(Now DW) & pushing for greatness instead of leaving & giving up on everything. Gary has inspired many under him with the strength he had to stay & fight all by himself. He show'd many that no matter what happens dedication & commitment will bring you along way. I'm proud to say because of gary i was able to return to LW before it was merged & i'm happy to say I got to be apart of the restructuring of this divison.. I know I went off topic but THAT is why Gary deserves this award.
  7. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI xKing 77 Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Completed New Member Training Workshop @KSI Havoc 7 Person Who Ran Workshop: KSI Havoc 7 Link To Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/16503-xking-77/
  8. I hope you will answer back.. on the issue.

  9. KSI Skychild Commited

    I can witness this as i was over Skychild in DR when he joined & when he changed his GT. I regret accepting him on the recruit tag everyday.. lol
  10. Outstanding Service Lvl 1 For KSI Havoc 7

    So, I knew of havoc when he was on the BOD, but i never had the pleasure of meeting the guy. Fast forward to late 2017/ early 2018 Havoc came back into KSI as a Co-Founder over me in DW, as we all know i hated him lol. I wouldn't join parties with him, was hesitant to let him in my squad meetings, i guess you can say i was alittle "Salty" about the way he came back. After months of working side by side with havoc i relaized that he never mean't any harm & that he was coming to DW to fight the same fight as me. Havoc spends countless nights in parties with me making future plans for the divisons & squads within the divison, even when i was going through a rough patch in my life havoc would constantly message me on discord & pull me into parties every chance he could get. On another note, even tho I've been a divison leader in the past, there's many things that havoc has shown me as a co-founder & even have a gen, showing me how to make better decision & to trust my judgement on things. Havoc is a mentor to everyone in DW & he makes it his mission to make sure every member is having the best KSI experience they could. Havoc isn't just my founder, He's pretty much my brother. That ladies & gentleman, is why Havoc deserves this [email protected] Havoc 7
  11. Member Assistance For KSI Ronin 77

    I can easily witness this, Since the DW merge & ronin taking over as our director I've been in countless parties with ronin for hours at a time just asking questions & ronin is more then willing to answer. If anyone deserves member assistance its ronin.
  12. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Performance Operations Awards: KSI Gary 7 @KSI Gary 7 KSI xKamikaze @KSI xKamikaze KSI Finisher @KSI Finisher KSI Bane @KSI Bane KSI Harmony 7 @Nikki Cola KSI x Artifice @KSI x Artifice KSI ZOMBIE98 @KSI ZOMBIE98 Award to be Awarded: Train the Trainer Certifiation Award Reason: Above members have completed The "Train the trainer" Workshop on 4/5/2018 with KSI xKing 77
  13. Member Assistance for KSI Hysteria VI

    I can witness this, I've known Hysteria since 2014 and from then to now he's answered many of my questions, even tho I'm his cofo & was his cofo back in 2014 theres been things that I've hit him up for and he's been greatful enough to answer me and other members around me. He deserves this award!
  14. Self nomination for Committed Award

    I can witness this, i was DR div leader when my good friend here filled out his rejoin app & we got him recruited back into Paragon DR . He has held his KSI tag for a year & he deserves this award !