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  1. ***T&E Open Application Form***

    1. What is your age? 27 2.What is your gamer tag? KSI Meta 7 3. How long have you been in KSI? 4 years 4. Do you have any experience with WW or any online tournament? -If yes, what experience? Yes, weekend warfare, and HCS 5. Have you had any experience running a tournament at all? -If yes, what experience? Yes, halo tournament in DM (2013), Halo Destiny tournaments in WI 2014 to 2016, and November FFA tournament hosted by me (open to the community) 2016 6. What is your availability for tournaments and events? (days you are online, and how often you play)- Evenings and weekends, ( some times during the weekdays when I'm not working) 7. What side of the department would you like to be on? Call of Duty or Halo? Both host tournaments for those games, but can host tournaments that are not mainstream? Halo and Destiny 8. What console are you currently on?(this is directed towards people that have the xbox one, so if you are getting it soon after the release then post that you are getting it soon)I play Xbox one but have a 360 too I can use as well 9. Please list all games you own or plan on getting in the future that we use in T&E for tournaments. Please also include which console you own the games on (IE if you have minecraft on both 360 and one then please say both) the list of commonly used games are as following Minecraft, CoD (MW, MW2, MW3, Bo1, BO2, BO3, Ghost, AW), Halo (Halo 3, Halo reach, Halo 4, Halo MCC, Halo 5), GTA 5, Rocket league. All the Halos, Destiny, Destiny 2,Rocket League 10. Being a staff member for T&E is not an easy job. You will be expected to work and have full dedication to help make Tournaments and Events a very efficient department in KSI and in the gaming community. Why would you like to become a staff member, and how would you contribute to this department? I would like to help and keep the department great like it has been and make sure members are having fun doing the tournaments or special events and put my dedication of KSI into this department as well 11. Are you currently acting as a member or head of any other web ops team? - If yes, what department(s): No 12: Do you have any pending application with any other departments? - If yes what departments: No 13: What divisions are you in? Last Strike 14: why should we hire you? I have been a fan of Weekend warfare tournaments for a long time and I have had years of experience when it comes to brackets and gameplay so each match is fair game and equal when it starts, I would be a great ascent to u guys in T/E and I would propose a way to make sure the tournaments and events run good even when the forums are down, I would be able to help 100% the best I can, and even learn more things about Web ops
  2. Gamertag- KSI Meta 7 Squad/division - Trocity LS Link-http://xboxclips.com/KSI+Meta+7/3aa7442e-c8c2-41e5-8220-b7cb453fb2bb Description- Halo 5 of the best moments in September and October
  3. "Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it." 

  4. chun li for me

    Great signature huntress:)

    See u guys in Halo Championship series

  7. Gamertag- KSI Meta 7 Squad/Division- Trocity/ Last Strike Link-http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/KSI%20Meta%207/video/33479702 Description- represent the glory of halo and how unstoppable can u be

    Welcome abroad
  9. Short Clip Submission for FB/Twitter

    Gamertag:KSI Meta 7 Game: Halo 5 Link to Clip:http://xboxclips.com/KSI+Meta+7/d2b48b1b-5141-4dde-9ea2-ec2b2ccc0eca Description: can't get the jump on me, sarge would be proud on those 2 dirtbags lol

    Gamertag- KSI Meta 7
  11. Spirit Week Shout out/200th poster Wins a Prize

    Shout out to everyone that participate in Spirit Week in other words everyone in KSI
  12. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    LS for the win once again in halo and spirit week of 2017 #DejaVu of 2016
  13. Short Clip Submission for FB/Twitter

    Gamertag:KSI Meta 7 Game: Destiny Link to Clip:xboxclips.com/KSI+Meta+7/227bd659-e9d8-4b7a-a8f3-a080c6eafeeb Description: Hammering the nails lol
  14. Gamertag: KSI Meta 7 Squad/Division: Trocity LS Link to Montage:http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/KSI%20Meta%207/video/32041406 Short Description of the Montage: Halo clips for most except the last one is destiny
  15. Gamertag- KSI Meta 7 Squad/ Division- Trocity LS Link- http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/KSI%20Meta%207/video/31111979 Description- got some clips it was supposed to be halo 5 top luck kills but it was too many words old , a few are recent and what would you guys think on Warden eternal assassinations?