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  1. Request Form

    Thanks for using the Graphics department for you graphic needs! Please use this format with every request aswell as including the department name in the request title. Unless approved otherwise, only Department Heads or Co-heads should be using these request. All section rules still apply!! Type of Image/Size: Image: Main Text: Subtext (if any): KSI Logo (yes/no): Deadline: Additional Comments:
  2. HSI - Global Image Request

    @It’s December, baby!
  3. Department Request - Monthly Top Recruiter Image

    Mah bad fam.
  4. wanting to join the Graphics team (Pending)

    We are in contact on discord, we will update this when we get her feeling comfortable with photoshop! @Scotland
  5. Department Request - Monthly Top Recruiter Image

    @It’s December, baby!
  6. Gamer Pic Request

    Accepted. Gj Aztec!
  7. Hey, thanks for considering applying for the Design Team! First and foremost, applicants are required to have Photoshop. If you do not have the means to gain access to it, the Design Team will help you out. We suggest any version of Photoshop that is CS2 or beyond. This is very important to note, for Photoshop is primarily what we produce and teach off of. In applying for the team, you need to be sure that you're willing to put in work, willing to learn and willing to work with us. Don't expect to make the team right away, but don't let this discourage you either. Be patient, keep posting work and completed requests. You will eventually be promoted to GA. Please become involved with the team. It is encouraged that you add us on Discord and Xbox as we do have lives outside of these forums and may not respond as quickly to posts or PM's. Here is the form you will need to apply:
  8. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

    DM. Enough said.
  9. Gamer pic for KSI Papa Bless

    @KSI Papa Bless Your image choice is too small to use. That is 350x350 and to stretch it to 1080x1080 will cause alot of distortion and would loose the quality.
  10. Meta Self Noms

    Gamertag: KSI Dragons 7 Awards: Legen- thru Highest of Fives Profile: @Dragons 7 Reason: I have like 54 awards. Staff Awards: RiiMPY 2k18 The Double Agent Cult of Worst Meeps Minions Doctors Love Support Group
  11. KSI OG Kushy's graphic design application. (Pending)

    I have spoken with Kushy here and we are waiting on a way to resovle an issue with him getting PC to use Photoshop(which we will have to have him install aswell)
  12. HSI Department - Spotlight Image Request

    @December 77 Sorry, was going to post it up sooner, but my pc crashed trying to save it.
  13. KSI Folkstyle forums picture request

    Accepted GJ Hunter!
  14. KSI Dundarrach Gamer Pic request

    @KSI Dundarrach Hey buddy! since you do not meet the post requirements i will be closing this! feel free to pm me when you reach it, or just make a new post!
  15. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    #DMMasterDiv!! #Letsgo!