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  1. HR Discord Server Pic

    Awesome! accepted.
  2. HR Discord Server Pic

    @KSI Gandhi 7
  3. Head Hunter Awards Request

    ** * * @KSI BadKitty 7 @Scotland *Edits
  4. "A Touch of Class" YouTube Thumbnail

    Hey sorry for the delay! @KSI Gary 7 Lemme know if this works please!
  5. KSI BuMPer 7 Signature Request

    Sorry for the delay! @KSI BuMPer 7
  6. KSIxPapi77 Sig request

    *Didnt put rank, we tend to avoid that because rank changes and its easier this way so you dont come back asking for an edit.(sometimes the artist may be unavailable to do it)
  7. Widows Requests Part 2

    @KSI Widow 7 Hey, so sorry for the delay. The team has been real busy irl and such, and the few attempts ive made of this have gone no where(not to mention i had made a sig for this at one point before realizing you wanted a coverphoto, L O L.) Anyways, could you find another image? This one is rather difficult to use for a coverphoto.
  8. "A Touch of Class" YouTube Thumbnail

    @KSI Gary 7 Yes sir! are you wanting to make it all Black and White?
  9. "A Touch of Class" YouTube Thumbnail

    Hi!, @KSI Gary 7, with you requesting a bigger image, we are gonna need a bigger image to work with. An image that size will lose ALOT of quality being resized to an image the size you are needing. Something about the same size(as what you want) or larger should work.
  10. Community Education Project Awards Requests

    Awesome man. glad to hear! Accepted.
  11. Community Education Project Awards Requests

    Just to be clear, Gold Text, Back to the Blue background, and change the last three around to make them look not as similar? Ill try to get that today... *Just did these and hope i got it just right for you.
  12. .inK 2nd Tag Wall

    Oh man, these look really nice man!! I really like the bane sig and the one below the DragonBall sig.
  13. KSI Breezy Sig Request

    @KSI Breezy just noticed your post count. Next time try to get that up before requesting please!
  14. Community Education Project Awards Requests

    Changed em to gold... and did some moving around of bg... hope this will work now. @KSI Gandhi 7