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  1. CoverPhoto?

    Yea i noticed that too. I was worried they werent even that noticeable in the smaller resizes. While working on it in ps i had to work with like a 45% zoom to see the entire piece. so i guess most of the effects look better in the smaller resizes.
  2. CoverPhoto?

    Alrighty! ill open it back up tonight and do that! thanks!
  3. KSI GoofyDoofer's request

    @+.Vee @KSI GoofyDoofer, When i load those images they have a watermark. Atleast tavies does.
  4. Más Christ

    Good stuff man!!! Thank you!!
  5. KSI FaIIout's Signature Request!

    @The Lone Wanderer
  6. Xbox Gamer Pic?

    Np man! Accepted!
  7. Xbox Gamer Pic?

    @KSI Gandhi 7Just resized so i wont count that as two... This time
  8. doing too much with scanlines or naw

    Well, kinda. Maybe have some more dark spots, besides vader, not have them. It kinda flattens some of you splatter effects. Your text is really distracting tho so i doubt its that noticeable. Nice BnW tho overall!
  9. TB: Rocket League - 2v2 (November 25th)

    Captian: KSI Furian 7 Team: KSI Kiht 7
  10. Graphics Request from Nebbi!

    Pretty sure he wanted a gamerpic, 1080x1080. Nice sig tho!
  11. Xbox Gamerpic Request

    You will need to fill out a request, when you have the required post. For now, check this out.
  12. Forums Signature Request

    @MandaPanda Hey! So while there is nothing wrong with the image you posted, it is however hard to work with. For the sake of speeding this process along could you find another image?