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  1. Basic Information Gamertag/Name: KSI Warpriest 7 / Jacob Age: 19 Time in KSI: 5 Years Current Rank/Position: SSGT Highest Rank/Position Held: Co-Founder Have you ever been blacklisted, DNH'd and/or security risked? If so, when and why? Yes, I was DNH'd in 2015. Since then it's been cleared. Are you currently apart of any other departments, or do you currently have any applications pending? Yes, News and HSI. Performance Operations Specific Questions If you could change one thing about the way training work in KSI, what would it be? More consistency and individual involvement. I believe that with being more consistent with our training we would be more effective with pushing for a standardized training for members, officers, and leaders. It would overall improve the quality of training and the quality of members. I also believe that we should focus on more individual involvement in our training. With more individual involvement we could more effectively train members as every person is different and what works for someone might not work for someone else. How do you regularly promote the education of members within your division and/or squad? I always try to host as many workshops in my division and squad as I can. I also regularly push for divisional wide workshops and a standard for forums activity in my squad and division. If you could implement one of your personal squad and/or divisional policies on a community wide basis to better the standard of leadership and training, what would it be and why? I would push for a community wide forums activity policy for officers. It bugs me to see squad chats with no posts for weeks at a time and the only activity in a divisional section being the "Officers Check-In". Why should you be considered as a potential Performance Officer for KSI? In other words, why should you be selected over other leaders in this community? Well in my 5 years off and on in KSI I have probably hosted every type of workshop there is. I have trained countless members over my KSI Career, many of which have become leaders themselves. I am consistent and active, and available at all times of the day. I also have many ideas I'd love to share.
  2. Name: KSI December 77 Link: @December 77 Award: Member Assistance Evidence: Idk how this dude doesn’t already have this award. But being the department head of News and HSI as well as a former Co-Founder. There has been many times where he has helped me with whatever questions I could possibly have. No joke I could message this guy at 3 am and he’d still have his awesome positive and helpful attitude. He’s always thorough with his explanations and he answers any and all questions I could possibly have to the best of his ability.
  3. KSI Kalakoi 77: member assistance nomination

    I’ve had many dms with him over questions about aap and whatever. He always answers every one I have quick and thorough.
  4. KSI Warpriest 7 Meta Awards

    Name: KSI Warpriest 7 Link: @Warpriest 7 Award: Award Senpai, That’s So Fetch Evidence: I have over 70 awards on the forums.
  5. KSI Warpriest 7 Meta Awards

    Name: KSI Warpriest 7 Link: @Warpriest 7 Award: I <3 Awards, The Double Agent Evidence: I have over 60 awards on the forums.
  6. KSI Warpriest 7 Meta Awards

    Name: KSI Warpriest 7 Link: @Warpriest 7 Award: All meta awards up to Highest Of Fives Evidence: I have 55 Awards Staff Awards: I love Riiot Scotlands Jacobites Winter is coming execute order 77 Riimpy 2k18 Roxy Foxy Impyys Cuddle Party Note: Getting these Awards would put me at 69. Meaning I’d be eligible for I <3 Awards. However earning that would put me above 70 so if that’s how it works than I’d like to be awarded: I <3 Awards Award Senpai As well as the staff awards of The Double Agent Thats so Fetch
  7. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Name: KSI Warpriest 7 Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Workshop - 10/27/18 Ran by: KSI Hatter 7
  8. KSI Warpriest 7 FI Divisional Hall of Fame Self Nomination

    Sorry. I’m getting more. It’s just been so long since I’ve been in FI that I’m having trouble getting ahold of some of the older members
  9. HSI Applications (Open through 11/21)

    Gamertag: KSI Warpriest 7 Age: 19 Discord: Warpriest 7#1745 Squad & Division: Legend, Last Strike Current Clan Ops Rank: SSGT Are you currently in any other KSI Departments? News Current Department Ops Rank (if applicable): News Team Writer Do you have any active applications with other KSI Departments? No Why are you applying to be a part of the History, Statistics & Information Department? I love this department and what it does. The history of this community is so important and interesting. I’d love to have the opportunity to work with everyone and show everyone how I can help out. What do you think you will be able to contribute? Great activity and availability. And a love for history. Are you wiling to provide basic communication about assignments, histories, and ideas? Of course Are you open to constructive criticism and willing to grow from your experiences? Of course What’re your top 3 best character qualities? Explain. 1. Hard work ethic 2. Punctuality 3. Availability Any comments or questions: Nope Times available for interview: Anytime
  10. Not a member.

    Welcome to our website
  11. New to KSI. Excited

    Absolutely love the fallout series. Not my favorite game but I’m glad to see another FO4 lover on here!
  12. Tacos or Enchiladas

  13. Name: KSI Warpriest 7 link: @Warpriest 7 award: Divisional Hall of Fame Gamer tag (All FORMER GT USED) - KSI Warpriest 7, KSI KING B3AR 7 Division Applying For - Forced Induction Awards Earned - Philanthropist Good Samaritan Pro Recruiter Novice Recruiter Pave The Way Friendly Fall Classic 2018 Spring Break 2017 Co-Founder of The Month Merry Christmas 2016 Good Karma 5th Year Anniversary Wasted Life Forum Addict Spirit Week 2016 Dat Spirit 2015 Battlefield Doctors Love SH Socialist Prison Party Mumu Militia Officer Squad Splitter KSI Mentor Luci’s Side Don’t Touch The Fro Meeps Minions Spider Fan Club Queens Guard Rimpy 2k12/13 US Marines US Airforce Halo Call of Duty Outstanding Service Member Assistance Helping Hand Master Recruiter Merry Christmas 2014 Cult of Worst Ice Breaker Committed 3rd Year Anniversary Dat Spirit 2014 I’m SXE US Army US Navy Bacon Party on The Fourth! 2014 Trainer Testimony why they deserve it Through my many years in FI I have accomplished quite a bit. Among them are: Becoming the youngest general in division history (14) Splitting that squad at age 14 Becoming the youngest 7 in the divisions history (15) (maybe the youngest in KSI history at that point, although older leaders might be able to remember a younger one) Being a prime example and instrumenting a practice for future divisional leaders to look at performance and leadership abilities for young officers instead of just age or maturity Being instrumental at transitioning the division from the 360 to the Xbox one with a gain in members instead of a loss. Working alongside, being the right hand man, and even to some extent helping train leaders who would later lead as senior leaders (such as: KSI VeRiiTaS 7 and KSI MFLSwagg 7 Tying the record with Swagg 7 for achieving the highest number of squad splits in FI as a general. (3)
  14. I’m New

    Hey man! Welcome to our website! If you'd like to join KSI you can do so right here http://www.ksiforums.org/forum/238-join-ksi/ (just be sure to copy the form and start a new topic) I hope you decide to join us! We'd love to have you in the family!