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      KSI Spring Break 2018 Announcement   02/22/2018

      Hello! We are proud to announce the official schedule for KSI's 2nd Annual Spring Break, to be held Friday, March 23 - Sunday, March 25, 2018! This year's Spring Break event is momentous in several ways. It is the first large-scale competitive event on the 2018 calendar, and it serves as the official start of KSI's new initiative, the KSI Divisional Cup. As per every large event, there will be a schedule of events, a forums poll, and a scoring system to rank divisions in the order they finish. We will also be holding a Twitch Subscriber Lottery drawing for either KSI Merchandise or a 1-month Loot Crate subscription. Schedule Friday, March 23rd: (8 p.m. EST) Town Hall -- Divisional Cup/Spring Break Q&A Rainbow Six Siege - 4v4 Secure Area Halo 5 - 4v4 Swat Saturday, March 24th: (8 p.m. EST) Rocket League - 2v2 Black Ops 2 - 4v4 TDM Black Ops 2 - 7's FFA Sunday, March 25th: (6 p.m. EST) WWII - 4v4 TDM WWII - 7's FFA Overwatch - 2v2 Mystery Heroes ** Sign-ups for these events will be posted in the weeks to come in the Spring Break area on the forums, which can be found here. Only 7s may post sign-ups for the division, which can be edited until the evening of the event. Each division is allowed just one (1) team per event. For FFAs, there may be just two (2) 7s per division. There will be a Poll posted as part of the event. It will open at 8 p.m. EST on Friday and close at 8 p.m. EST on Sunday. Votes will count toward participation for divisions and members will be asked to post a reply to become eligible for the Spring Break 2018 award! Prizes will be $10 codes, given out to the winners of each individual event. Total prizes for the competition will value ~$200. The Twitch Sub Drawing will happen on Sunday evening. Anybody who subscribes to KSILive before 6 p.m. that night will be entered into the drawing for the merchandise/Loot Crate prize. We may do more than one drawing, depending on Subscriptions. (Reminder: All Subscription revenue is used exclusively for prize pools for events, and the more Subs we get, the more prizes (and the bigger the prizes) we can offer.) Divisional Cup Division Cup will keep track of divisional participation throughout the year! Starting at Spring Break and ending with January's Award Show, we will be ranking divisions each month by their participation, growth, and officer staff ratio to develop a competition for Division of the Year! The division with the most points each month will be named Division of the Month. A list of monthly events will be posted with meeting notes and in the Marketing Area on the forums so everyone can be aware of what will count toward points! Divisions can expect to see points counted for Weekend Warfare, Montage and Clip submissions, News Team contests, Twitch Subscriptions, and OTM/DOTM award periods in the AAP. Additional events will be added depending on what is happening in KSI for that particular month. KSI's large events -- Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, and Turkey Bowl -- will count independently and figure into the overall scores, but not the monthly tallies. Social Media Follow along on our Social Media platforms to stay informed, engaged, and to connect with KSI! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/KSIGlobalGaming Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KSIGlobalGaming YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/KSIGlobalGaming Twitch: http://twitch.tv/KSILive Twitch: http://twitch.tv/KSILive2 --- We hope to see you at KSI Spring Break 2018! Good luck and happy gaming.

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  1. KSI Spring Break/Div Cup Town Hall

    KSI Bane Divine Warriors If there was one thing you can bring back to KSI that was here back in the day, what would it be?
  2. Graphic Design

    @KSIxCapzx Hey there. I hope your doing well. If you want something like that, I’m sorry but you are in the wrong section, if you want a KSI emblem you should visit the Graphics Design area, the request section, below you’ll find a link that will lead you to Graphics design. Have a good day!! http://www.ksiforums.org/forum/18-graphics-design/
  3. So You Think You Can Write: Dream Character

    Yo what up. Okay so if I had to choose I would be Niko Bellic from GTA 4, that guy was lit. He comes in off the boat from another country gets into action, goes bowling with his cousin, gets the girls. He is awesome. Only thing I wouldn’t like is being called by my cousin a million times saying “Let’s go to bowling” your favorite streamer, <3 KSI Bane
  4. ManiacPlays: Arkham Series Information

    Arkham Series will return on March 11th 2018, it will most likely be the finale tune into the twitch channel KSILive 3:00 pm eastern
  5. ManiacPlays: Arkham Series Information

    Arkham Series returns on March 3rd 2018 with some more Batman Arkham Knight. Starts at 3:00 pm eastern. Tune in y’all
  6. February 2018 OTM nominations (Closing Feb 28)

    Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -KSI Gary 7 DW Co Division Leader Link to forums account - @KSI Gary 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - I met Gary when I joined productions and I thought eh he’s a cool guy and good head, but then I joined DW. He is a great leader. He is extremely cool to be around if any member or anyone has an issue Gary will always be there to help out. Even though his time zone is different he’ll still stay up to host meetings and go to game nights. He makes his number one priority DW. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -KSI Havoc VII DW Co Founder Link to forums account - @KSI Havoc VII Reasoning why they deserve this - Now Havoc is probably one of the best leaders I have ever met. He is always down to get into a party and play with members. He is a great mentor especially given his past experiences. Every week before Gens meeting he always host a workshop. And I always try my next to attend them, because I can learn so much knowledge from attending them. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -KSIxNebula DW Hannibal General Link to forums account - @Lord Nebs Reasoning why the deserve this - Between being a streamer in productions and being very active in marketing. Nebs will always put Hannibal before anything else. I enjoy nebula as my general, he is super easy to work with and he will not hold me back from doing anything. He always sets goals for the squad and will always give me goals to do for a week.
  7. KSI February 2018 Town Hall - 23 Feb 2018

    To Board of Directors: What division do you think has done the best so far since the new year?
  8. ManiacPlays: Arkham Series Information

    Hey everyone so today’s Arkham Knight stream will be cancelled, but will be replaced by a different game. It’s a secret so you’ll have to watch it to find out. Tune in to the KSI twitch @3pm eastern to find out more info
  9. Hey guys thank you so much for the love and support you’ve shown to me in doing Arkham Series. It’s been super lit. So far I’ve completed Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. And soon I am continuing the series. We are up to Arkham Knight. If you like my content on Asylum and city or even if you’ll be a new viewer. Come watch me in action as I take on Arkham Knight Below are the dates and times I am streaming Arkham Knight: Feb. 18 3-5pm Feb. 21 4-6pm Feb. 23 3-5 pm Feb 25 3-5pm All are streamed in eastern time zone. Please view on those days. All content is streamed on the KSI twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/ksilive With Love, KSI Bane Stay lit everyone
  10. Gamertag: KSI Bane Division: DW Game:Ww2 Link to Clip:http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/KSI Bane/video/43922174 Description: just some kills I got on WW2
  11. So You Think You Can Write: Gamer Life

    Okay so it all started on the GameCube, that was super lit. I got into playing a lot of games likes Mario kart double dash, ultimate Spider-Man, uhhhhh I forgot the rest. Lol but the game that really started the gamer life for me was Super Smash bros Melee I think it was called. That game was lit. It was all my brother, sister and I played as kids. We would always plug in our controllers and play for hours. We’d have little tournaments on it. I used too always lose though. But it was still a fun time with the fam. Now their lives didn’t go towards gaming like mine, but oooo my really gaming life started when I got the Xbox 360. Oooooooooooooooooo Modern Warfare 2 was lit. I used to play that game for hours, I remember meeting someone on Xbox Live that instantly became my friend, we were friends for a year, and then he told me to get a deeper voice if I wanna play with him (I was a squeaker lol). So I moved on met some people, played with school friends. Now Black Ops 1 was fire that was what I played 24/7 for a long time. My mom had to literally ground me all the time because all I did was play video games lol. But yea y’all get it, Super Smash bros is what started the late night gaming with the friends on Mw2 , it’s why I’m here today. It made me appreciate the quality of games and made me play Xbox 24/7. From ya boy KSI Bane DW is lit and I was half asleep while writing this lol, I literally just woke up in the middle of the night and said So you think you can write time?
  12. What's your real job?

    You wanna slide your boy a free meal ?
  13. KSI January Town Hall Jan 26th

    Will the Major rank ever make a comeback?
  14. So You Think You Can Write: Gamertags!

    Okay so here’s how I got my gamertag, let’s start with the gamertag where it all began. KSI Maniac5, this is the gamertag that I’ve been known by for 3 years. Okay so if you get in a party with me, you’ll know why my gamertag was maniac. I’m a maniac, it’s that simple lol. But for real, when I was younger, everyone would say I’m a Maniac, I used to be the craziest kid in my family, I would do so many things you wouldn’t see a normal younger boy do, so I picked my gamertag from my childhood years, the gamertag means so much to me, the 5 at the end ruined it tho lol, KSI Maniac without the 5 was taken. It really got me mad, but it didn’t stop me from using Maniac in my gamertag. I guess you can say I was a 5 Star Maniac lol. Okay so let’s get to the next Gamertag also my current one KSI Bane. I know what your thinking, no I’m not the Batman villain. No I took Bane from the Sith Lord Darth Bane. So here’s a little bit about Darth Bane, he created the rule of two, which if you’ve seen the Star Wars movies you’d know there’s only two Sith, a Master and an Apprentice (Rule of Two). The apprentice would kill the master, after they’ve learned everything they needed to, and get there own apprentice. Doing this Made the sith stronger. I picked Bane as my gamertag as he has accomplished a lot, and he was a very powerful Sith Lord, and I hope to accomplish so much for this community, minus the rule of two part lol (that would be a bad idea) KSI Maniac5 has really stuck with me my whole KSI career, and has meaning from my childhood. From ya boy, KSI Bane/Maniac5. Stay Cozy.
  15. Congrats on SSGT bud.

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