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  1. Gamertag: KSI Maniac5 Age: 17 E-mail: Skype: timmyp_1220 Recording device (if any): Xbox one Please list your strengths: I’m very determined to do things that are put in my way. Laid back, like to joke around, enthusiastic, friendly Programs you are familiar with (if any): Twitch, Upload Studio What can you do for KSI Productions? I can stream quality stuff for the productions whenever I’m asked to do so. Are you in KSI Clan-Ops? Yes Are you in any other KSI Departments? No Do you have any pending applications to othe KSI Departments? No A Sample video (if any): none Additional comments: I really want to be part of a team like productions, and I wanna help better this community
  2. Gamertag: KSI Maniac5 Squad/div: HELLCAT FI Link: Maniac5/video/36906244 Short description of montage: Just some clips of me having some fun on Destiny 2, and my first ever montage
  3. 9/2/2017 COD: WWII Beta Livestream

    KSI Maniac5
  4. KSI Fantasy Football 2017 Season

    Tim/KSI Maniac5 Kingdom/DR
  5. How old are you?

  6. The Meaning Behind Your Gamertag Name

    Isn't it obvious…
  7. When did you first join KSI?

    11/29/14 at first I thought it would be dumb. But it turned out to be a great experience
  8. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    Let's go DR
  9. Hey there 

    1. Maniac


      How's it going 

    2. Airborne 7

      Airborne 7

      Going well thanka for chilling on roblox today

  10. Favorite NBA Team and Player?

    Team: Lakers Player: D'Angelo Russell
  11. Superbowl 51

    Giants and Patroits. Giants win
  12. Favorite NFL Team and Player

    Team: NY Giants Player: Odell Beckham Jr