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  1. Battlefield 1

    This game makes me rage im just not use to the BF play style would like to get it a decent chance but idk man
  2. Favorite Video Game Music?

    You cant go wrong with Minecraft, so soothing to my earholes
  3. Where do you spend most of your time on the forums?

    in the dark abyss call Doctor's Lair
  4. *claps*

    because you're the best mate!

  5. Count to a Million

    13,259 man back in my day this was around 10k or so xD
  6. Superbowl 2015

    Im hoping for the Chiefs.........since I dont talk about my team much :/
  7. What is this place.................

  8. Da Bears....Like watching them play....hate seeing them lose Kappa
  9. Favorite Game Mode

    anything along the lines of BTB, the plays to be made
  10. Favorite TV Show

    How I Met Your Mother.....what a show I could watch this for hours on end
  11. Spirit Week 2015 Forums Challenge

    Have fun guys, in this spirit week, Your the best and my the best division win!
  12. What songs are you listening to?

    No flex zone: by Karma and Watsky so good
  13. 3rd Forums Anniversary!

    Happy anniversary KSI! love your butts