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  1. Is Water wet?

    Water isn't wet. Next topic.
  2. Tournaments and Events Suggestion Box

    For sure. If they ever implement something like that, it would be a great tournament to host.
  3. Tournaments and Events Suggestion Box

    FortNite doesn’t have a private lobby for the Battle Royale portion, unfortunately. It would be very difficult, if not impossible to run a tournament.
  4. Skarzx 77 Cover Photo

    Here you go man. @KSI Skarzx 77
  5. Skarzx 77 Cover Photo

    @KSI Skarzx 77
  6. Skarzx 77 Cover Photo

    Can't hide the signature, being that it is their work. Try and find a different image please.
  7. KSI BuMPer 7 Signature Request

    Image won't load. Photobucket is AIDS.
  8. KSI UNB0RN 7 signature

    @KSI UNB0RN 7
  9. Favorite TV Show

    Hmm, right now. Power.
  10. Favorite Movie?

    Last Man Standing
  11. What's the last movie you watched?

    Message from the King
  12. What game are you waiting for?!

    Anthem though.
  13. The Elder Scolls Online

    I play every now and then. Add me, KSI Furian 7.