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  1. Uppish, well well well, Uppish is the type of leader that we should always aspire to be. He will ask you to get your tasks done but the thing is he is right there working just as hard. He doesn't just send his troops in he goes first. He's there when you need him, wither you need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to have a laugh with. He sets the bar high and I don't know how he can keep up and do it all. Uppish is truly the backbone of CS and he takes people under his wing. He raises people up and to me this is truly how a leader should be.
  2. Gamer tag KSI Wo1f Link to Forums Account: @KSI Da WolfAward-/-Achievement: I love me, Luck of the irrish, 2021 Donor Reason-/-Evidence: Sent to starset on discord.
  3. Honestly @Loyalty Paradox I'd just remove it
  4. Seriously we need a Mac N Cheese Award. We have a bacon award but it needs the nest best as well and that being Mac N Cheese.
  5. Name: KSIWHITEWOLF Link to Forums Account: @KSIWHITEWOLF Award-/-Achievement: Fresh Start Reason-/-Evidence: Sent to KSI DC 7 and KSI VENUM 7
  6. I'd like to add Canadian Pride.
  7. Name: KSIWHITEWOLF Link to Forums Account: @KSIWHITEWOLF Award-/-Achievement: Award Hobbyist Reason-/-Evidence: proof is on my fourms account for Award Hobbyist.
  8. Gamertag / Forums Name @KSI GradOmar KSI OMARISH @KSI 0B3Y KSI 0B3Y @KSI ifuri KSI ifuri Award: Fourms Award, and Basic Training Award Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) Hoasted by @KSIWHITEWOLF Gamertag / Forums Name @KSI tmdizzle Award: Fourms Award Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) Hoasted by @KSIWHITEWOLF
  9. @KSI DC 7 @KSI DaKeechas her former LT I can verify that MrsBLITZ has had KSI in her name for a consecutive year.
  10. Gamertag / Forums Name: @KSI Kat Award: Forums Certified Any evidence if required: I hoasted a fourms workshop for both of them on 01/18/21
  11. @KSIWHITEWOLF Committed (@KSI Uppish 7) Enduring Subscriber (sent to @KSI DC 7) Part time gifter (sent to DC as well)
  12. The ting that I missed this year was going and hanging out with friends and going to the movies
  13. Gamertag: KSIWHITEWOLF forums @KSIWHITEWOLF award: naughty or nice, Three Cheers, Bacon evidence: sent to KSI DC 7
  14. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of Xmas but my favorite part is being around people who care about me.
  15. Senior Leader (Board Of Directors, Senior Directors): Category: Senior Director Gamertag: KSI Swag 77 Forums Account Link / @KSI Swag 77 Reasons they deserve this award: I mean I feel this is self explanatory. Swag has enhanced KSI. It literally flows from him. Not only was he a great Div leader, but then he went to Director, and not long after Senior Director. During that time Swag taught leader by instilling the KSI spirit within them. He has went forward with everything that has been thrown at him with excellence, only stopping to eat a pickle alo
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