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  1. Im thankful for my real life fam, n my KSI fam
  2. Gamertag: KSIWHITEWOLF Link to Forums Account: @KSIWHITEWOLF Award: thankful for you, charity gifter, fourms newb Reason/Evidence: Sent to KSI Starset 7 and KSI DC 7
  3. No I don't, would you be willing to do it up urself. Im just looking for a cool tribal white wolf, with a tribal theme. With My gamertag
  4. Xbox Gamerpic Image Provide a link to an image you want used in the graphic. Main Text: KSIWHITEWOLF Subtext (if any): Join Mod KSI Logo (yes/no): Hell yeah Additional Comments: Kinda wanna keep it black and white tribal vibe Most Recent Graphics Request:
  5. Gamertag/Name: KSI L0N3W0LF Link to Forums Account: @KSI L0N3W0LF Award: Halloween Spirit and Bacon Evidence:
  6. Gamertag/Name: KSIL0N3W0LF Link to Forums Account: @KSI L0N3W0LF Award: Summertime Scorche, Rolling Subscriber Evidence: Sent to @KSI Starset 7
  7. Weeaboo is always there for people no matter where they are, he has built me up at my worst and is always there for anyone that needs him. He has put in the work and it shows. Since becoming Gen over Elysium I have personally seen the change even if I haven't been as active as one should be it still shows from others and their feelings. And I agree with Fenny it isn't easy to take on what he takes in, and he seams to do it with ease.
  8. Name: KSIDeathHawk Link to Forums Account: @KSI Erebus 5 Award-/-Achievement: merica Reason-/-Evidence: sent to starset
  9. Gamertag/Name: KSIDeathHawk Link to Forums Account: @KSI Erebus 5 Award: Round of Applause, Starset vs. The World, Jack of All Trades Evidence: Awards on profile and post by @Scarface 77 in Multi Noms Department Awards.
  10. So I want to know how dose one get the 4 of July award, I know it's celebrate fourth of July with KSI but how dose one qualify, like saying happy 4th to other members in discord on that day, playing games with other members on that day or just by being in KSI on that day?
  11. Gamertag/Name: KSIDeathHawk Link to Forums Account: @KSI Erebus 5 Award: Out For Summer Evidence: sent to Starset
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