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  1. Division:es Gamertag: KSI Hatter 77 Link to Profile: @Hatter 77 Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: division leader Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Awards: General of the Month General of the Year Outstanding Service Silver Outstanding Service Committed Top Recruiter of the Month Master Recruiter Pro Recruiter Novice Recruiter Trainer KSI Mentor Squad Splitter Die hard Mad max Member Assistance Testimony: Why does this member belong in your division’s Hall of Fame? Hatter has always been here when she is needed she is always kind and understanding when someone is having trouble understand something and has always fought hard for us and the div she is a great person who deserves this more than anyone else in my eyes
  2. I'll get it sorry I have been trying to get some stuff done while still trying to get my job done
  3. Name: KSI Sir Berry Link to Forums Account: @KSI Sir Berry Award-/-Achievement: donor 2019 Reason-/-Evidence: i donated $20 to the forums
  4. KSI Sir Berry ES is the best 8/10 edit I can't join in the weekend warfare today I was helping a friend teach some guys to leave him alone and I got put in bad sport
  5. Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Sir Berry Award new member certification Evidence attended new member training workshop 7/13/19 Person who ran workshop @KSI Nezu
  6. I'm just going to be hanging out in parties with my good friends
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