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  1. Type of Image: Gamer Pic Link: DM on discord for image at KSI Draco#1503 (unable to provide link via forums) Main Text: KSI Draco Sub Text: None KSI Logo: Yes Deadline: Preferably before August 31, 2020 Additional Comments: DM on discord at KSI Draco#1503 for addition comments so that you dont have to go back and forth looking at my comments and the image SECOND REQUEST
  2. General Gamertag: KSI Uppish 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Uppish 7 Reasoning Why They Deserve This: Uppish is by far one of the most wackiest yet helpful people I know. Ive only been in this wonderful community for about 4 months now and Uppish has always been there for me whenever I needed assistance. He has been such a great mentor for both me and many others in the division. He has actively pulled both me and others aside and helped correct us on the right path. He has been such a great friend as well to everyone that he meets. He absolutely loves being around those he
  3. For the image, dm me on discord @KSI Draco#1503 NOTES: May i have the top text be “KSI” and the bottom text be “Draco”? May i have the text be in a similar style to that of the image? There is absolutely no rush to finish this soon! If you have any further questions or concerns just hit me up on discord at the username above! Additional Comments: First time requester of this kind of stuff.
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