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    KSI RiiOT 7/KSI Luci Lux 7 LB DHoF

    Both Riiot and Luci came together to play a huge role in creating LB. It was the first of its kind re-training division that allowed a better re-entry process for members who left the community under poor circumstances. It allowed for rigorous training standards and gave several hundred members a second chance at being in KSI. That knowledge, tolerance, and determination eventually lead LB into becoming WI and WD, and without Riiot and Luci's contributions to creating a brand new division *from scratch,* it would have never been. Their work is an example of what leaders can achieve when they work hard and execute their vision properly. LB could not have been without them, so their place in its DHoF has been earned several times over.
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    KSI xMinion

    KSI xMinion Twitch Sub Club

    Name: KSI xMinionLink to Forums Account: @KSI xMinionAward-/-Achievement: Twitch Sub ClubReason-/-Evidence: i’m subscribed to the ksilive twitch channel
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    KSI Guardian 13

    KSI Hatter 7 - OS1 Nomination

    Name: KSI Hatter 7 Forum: @KSI Hatter 7 Award: Outstanding Service level 1 Reason: Even though I can only speak from the discord side of things, Hatter has always been active and faithful in supporting and promoting unity and team cohesion. She makes doing the impossible look easy, and pushes her squad to be better, especially in events like the past fall classic. I believe she is deserving of this award.
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    love you miss you

    love you miss you
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    Ksi Lenoir

    KSI Hatter 7 - OS1 Nomination

    I witness to @KSI Hatter 7 she is my current general. I have been and Officer for her up intill about 2 moths ago when I stepped down because of personal reasons. She was always on top of things she has a family and 2 young kids who are in school that she has to worry about but still gets her job done and done verry well! I support her award all the way!!!!
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    Oh man, good Ol' Trenders (KSI Trendies 7) I've had the pleasure of working with trenders here on numerous situations while he is enjoying his journey of being a director. When I first had met him, he introduced himself, extremely quiet and then explained he was a really big neverwinter nerd. Well, EO culture had never messed with neverwinter before so at first glance it seemed as tho it was going to be a primarily business style relationship between director and 7's staff. I was pleasantly proven wrong, with such haste that it shocked me. He was literally playing smite THE next day after meeting us and learning about what we played here in EO. Didn't even tell us that he was downloading it during our initial meeting after learning what we played. His willingness to learn the game, learn about our div, and us as individuals within the division is extraordinary. He was always looking to get involved one way or the other. Game nights, workshops, squad meetings, or just randomly party hopping, he was interested in all of EO. While being director over the 7's staff he provided what I believed to be excellent advice and guidance to handle situations varying from poaching, to enticing others to recruit, to member retention or advice pertaining to promotions. He was never one to turn down a challenge or a question and if in the event he didn't know, he was always more than willing to reach out to the seniors and gain clarification for us. When it came time for discussing anything among the 7's he was always the first one asking for an invite to the meeting. He was also normally the last one to offer advice about a situation to see how we might handle it among ourselves and how we discuss it, then chime in with his opinion on the matter. I'm proud to call trenders a friend, a mentor and a nerd. I look forward to seeing him as a senior director one day and the impact of his knowledge help the community more than he is already doing. KSI Trendies 7, to me showed me exactly how a director should conduct business and how to get to know your new division. His interaction with the division will be what I try to be like if/when I become a director and I thank him sincerely for the guidance he has provided. It is for these reasons I believe he deserves this award. Keep on keepin' on trenders.
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    KSI December 77 - OS lvl 2 Nomination

    I can't speak to his Clan-Ops acumen, but his work on News Team alone is worthy of this award. He is always volunteering to do more than is required, and since the News Team has become his to lead, he has been hard at work developing new concepts and approaches to make KSI News even better. He keeps his members involved in KSI happenings, and the News Site has been popping with great coverage. His involvement in History has also been notable. Without a doubt he deserves this award for his contributions to the community through News and History. I'm thankful for all that he does and can't wait to see the future of his programs.
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    KSI Hatter 7 - OS1 Nomination

    My old oops I mean younger sister hatter lol. I've known hatter since 2013 when we used to have HALO 4 gamenights with WI. At the time I was in TW and us and WI used to merge lobbies often and have a ball. We used to communicate as LTs then CPTs then GENS and up. Bouncing ideas off each other. Her being from WI back then it was the last chance div so you had to know ur ranks duties through and through. I have watched her lead from then and more current. Since she's returned she hasn't missed a beat,seemed like she never left tbh. She runs her squad with the tough but gentle approach and it's effectiveness has shown. Her officers respect her 100% and so does the 7s staff. Even on the weekends which is her family time shes ready to jump on the app if need be and she's steady on discord checking up on everyone. Overall a great leader that's overdue for this award so yes to OS1 for sure
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    I have known Riot for nearly six years, and I’m thankful to have met and created a friendship with him. Despite things that have happened that would have turned someone less dedicated away from the community, Riot has a commitment and a drive that not many people do. He is always among the most open and friendly moderators (now admins) around, and his welcoming and understanding disposition creates a safe environment for KSI members to come confide issues and questions about the forums. He has a deep understanding of the mechanisms that keep KSI running and has become a sort of peer leader in the community. His ability to undertake nearly any challenge presented to him — whether it be staring a division with Luci, running the mod staff, or reinventing AAP to be more open and rewarding — has never wavered. If he undertakes a challenge, he follows it through to completion. His actions and demeanor are an example of what all KSI members should strive to be and the mark he’s left on the community is so immensely positive that it can never fully fade. Riot fully deserves this award and I fully and completely agree with everything stated above. He has my complete support and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.
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    Kazeshini 7

    KSI Hatter 7 - OS1 Nomination

    Name: KSI Hatter 7 Forums: @KSI Hatter 7 Award: outstanding service level 1 Reason; man, let me tell you about this chick. I met her in like 2014 but we didnt talk much but i had heard alt about what she done. Sadly i left ksi but now that I'm back and shes my gen ive seen the greatness she has. From day 1 I knew she was awesome, and friendly. She cares deeply for her members and all members of ksi. Shell never ask anything of you that you camt handle. She there to help qoth what ever you need. She is really knowledgeable and can answer any question you throw at her. Even with her sometines hectic lifestyle shes willing to do what it takes to get things done. Shes very deserving of this award
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    KSI Arceus 493

    KSI Hatter 7 - OS1 Nomination

    Name: KSI Hatter 7 Forums: @KSI Hatter 7 Award: Outstanding Service Level 1 Reason: She is the completely qualified for the OS1, im a witness to her hard work and dedication to this Squad im a returning member and ive never been more welcomed into a squad like i have this one. Keep up the Fantastic work
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    KSI No Horizon

    KSI Hatter 7 - OS1 Nomination

    I can absolutely witness this since Hatter 7 is one of my mentors. When I joined KSI not to long ago (August) she happily welcomed me with arms open. Since then I’ve had to witness what she really does for this community and her contributions are limitless. A valuable asset to the community no doubt. She helped guide me into being the officer that I am today and I wouldn’t have ever achieved my rank or knowledge without someone like her. One of the most fantastic Generals I’ve met by far. This gal never misses a beat and she isn’t afraid to say I need some help. All leaders in the future will surely look up to this women. She has abundant amounts of love for the community as well as for our beloved Trocity. She deserves this award along with many others. This gal is a leader at heart.
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    KSI N3O

    KSI Hatter 7 - OS1 Nomination

    I can witness for this nomination. I've been in this community since May of this year, and Hatter has been one of the biggest contributors to my success here. She has been on top of anything and everything presented to her. She has guided me in my pursuit of being an officer and moving up the rank structure. She has been the tether holding our squad together from the day I joined. Assisting others with name changes, guiding people in recruiting, and just leading by example overall. She deserves this nomination more than anyone I've met in this community so far.
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    KSI Hatter 7 - OS1 Nomination

    I can happily witness this nomination for someone who I can call a friend, since meeting hatter 7 I have had no end of conversation about life and KSI, and received a multitude of information regarding KSI and little tips and tricks about how I can fulfil my role as a general. Since hatters arrival over in LS she has risen the ranks and now sits as general over Trocity LS of which she runs with a stern hand but kind heart. I have also witnessed how hatter doesn’t just make time for her own squad but other people in different squads to pass down the knowledge she has acquired from her time in KSI, as well as posting pictures of the amazing food she cooks for her family which I may add looks amazing. But aside from that I can think of no one who would deserve this OS award more than hatter 7 who doesn’t already have it awarded to them