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  1. Lets go CS and LS and TW for sure!!!!!!!
  2. gamertag: KSI SHINIXD7 Forums name @KSI ShiniXD7 award: donor 2021 and out for summer
  3. Team Captain: Gamertag: KSI Kazeshini 7 Division/squad: Last Strike/Trocity Team Members: Gamertag: KSI SHERMAN Division/squad: Last Strike/Trocity Gamertag: KSI Fading Division/Squad: Last Strike/Trocity
  4. I was going to quote you but its a lot of stuff lol. Thank you. I got a few people hounding me wanting to know if they won.
  5. Still wondering about March otm
  6. Name: KSI MFLSWAGG 7 Link to Forums account: @KSI MFLSwagg 7 Award OS level 2 This man is always going above and beyond to help his members out. Even though it's not his job he's recruiting people for all squads and training people off the recruit club. He's given out more name changes than I can count and has he's exhausting himself to make sure people stay motivated and happy. Someone make him take a break! His passion for this community knows no bounds. This dude honestly make LS what it is. He's a one man awesome machine. But seriously. Tell him to take a spa day!
  7. Hello. Were all wondering when the March OTM will be done?
  8. Director KSI TexAngel 7 (Director/LS&DM) Link to forums account - @KSI TexAngel 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - She has worked very hard to make sure LS stays a float! We've had some rough patches, especially the last few months, and she never lost passion or pride in us. She's about business, but doesn't make it feel like it. She's great to work with and full of helpfulness and knowledge. Any problem you have you can bring to her and she will do her best to help you out! She's been dealing with the pressure of her higher ups coming down on her cause we're kinda lacking, and stays positive and glowing bright. Co-founder KSI MFLSwagg 7 (COFO/LS) Link to forums account - @KSI MFLSwagg 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Swagg has been an amazing Cofounder. Before he was promoted he was helping other squads get on their feet and making sure people are feeling welcomed and properly trained. Since he's become CoFounder he has helped Trocity and we have grown more, seen a massive jump in activity and overall happiness. He's always willing to help train and promote people even though it's not his job, and always host workshops for new and old members. He seems to always be working and having fun at the same time and doesn't tire. If not for Swagg Trocity was facing being merged. He's helped us get back on track and pushing forward. Captain KSI WANT A TAC0 (2nd Captain Trocity/LS) Link to forums account - @KSI WANT A TAC0 Reasoning why they deserve this - Tac0 has done great job of balancing his Physics class and being an Officer. He's online doing his duties and homework at the sametime. I know its a stress on him but he's still training and helping people. Anything you ask of him he gets done. Even in the process of moving he was able to still get a hold of members and do what needs to be done. His drive and focus is an example to us all. Cause... SCREW PHYSICS lol. Lieutenant KSI Kratos18 (1st Lieutenant Trocity/LS) Link to forums account - @KSI Kratos18 Reasoning why they deserve this - Kratos joined Trocity shortly after we lost about 15 members, to events we won't speak of, and came in ready to help and do what it takes to get the job done.he had no idea the trouble we were in and He's helped get activity up and training new members and offers to help with even the most menial(spelling? Lol) of tasks. We were hit again a few days ago and his passion for the squad has grown even more. Since he's come here he has been a great help to this squad. He's has GREAT potential to be come a great leader and i can't wait to see what he will do! Member KSI Walnut (Sgt <now ssgt> Trocity/ LS) Link to forums account - @KSIsavagewalnut Reasoning why they deserve this - Since Walnut was recruited in his fire has burned bright. Before he was off the recruit tag he changed his GT. When i asked why he said "KSI Is my first community/clan and if im going to join I should give It my all" Since he's joined, thats what he has done, ove never seen someone like him before. he passed everyone that already had recruits in the contest we were holding and all of his recruits have changed their names and become great additions to the family. This man is a recruiting machine. And now that he is a ssgt he's become a recruiting/training/learning machine. When we got hit a few days ago by TSB he went a recruited and replaced the memebers within 12 hours of being poached. He's a retainer of knowlesge and a great member of this community. I cannot wait to see what his officer path has for him.
  9. Gamertag/forums KSI Kazeshini 7 Award- new member Evidence - woekshop 27.10.18 Ran by- KSI Hatter 7
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