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  1. TB: GTAV Custom Races (11/25/18)

    KSI GreendayFox Sovereign Legacy
  2. KSI December 77 Member Assistance Nomination

    Um DUHH December literally taught me everything i know about HSI and a little about News even though im not in the team <3
  3. KSI GreendayFox Meta Self Nom

    Name: KSI GreendayFox Link to Forums Account: @KSI GreendayFox Award-/-Achievement: Over Achiever Reason-/-Evidence: I have 98 awards Requested Staff Award(s): Can I get the Destiny award as I have all the staff awards?
  4. Not a member.

    I mean this is the welcome section lol
  5. So You Think You Can Write - November 2018

    1. What has been the most impactful moment in your KSI career in 2018? When I was told by KSI VALI in Rapture Divine Reign and by the DIvision Leader KSI EXODUS 7 that they really believed in me as a leader and a valuable member in KSI back in 2013. 2. What is something you've learned from this community (this past year) that you use or apply in real life? Its better to observe first than just jumping to conclusions there is always 2 sides to every story. 3. Who is the one KSI peer or mentor who has influenced you most in 2018 and why? KSI Ch4tyK4thy she has been a huge encouragement to me as a member because I had felt very alone since I rejoined no one I could turn to or ask for comfort when things are hard she understands me and my perspective, she also helps me see things in a different light so i can learn and grow. I very much appreciate her and everything she has done for me.
  6. TB: Destiny 2 FFA (11/24/18)

    KSI GreendayFox Sovereign Legacy
  7. TB: Black Ops 4 FFA (11/23/18)

    KSI GreendayFox Sovereign Legacy
  8. KSI ROCKDOGG Good Karma

    Name: KSI ROCKDOGG, Knights, General, Sovereign Legacy, AAP Staff Member Link to Forums Account: @KSI ROCKDOGG Award-/-Achievement: Good Karma Reason-/-Evidence: Rock has over 100 positive reputation on the forums now! :D
  9. KSI GamerJohn OS Lv.1

    Name: KSI GamerJohn (Knights, Sovereign Legacy, 3rd Lieutenant) Link to Forums Account: @KSI GamerJohn Award-/-Achievement: Outstanding Service Level 1 Reason-/-Evidence: John has been a huge help to Enforcer/ Knights and he,s basically going through KSI without a Xbox he has done alot of work without it hes always ontop of training and helping his General Recruit for our division! There are plenty of people who can witness for him going above and beyond!
  10. KSI Hatter 7 - Mentor Award

    I claim KSI Hatter 7 as my mentor shes one of the oldest people I know in this community and she is a inspiration to me <3
  11. Mexican or Chinese food

    Mexican fooooooooood!
  12. Multi - Department Award Notification

    This members account had a problem so this is the account for KSI BlueFlame65 http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/47300-ksi-blueflame65/ Sorry for the trouble!
  13. KSI FadeZ 7 DHOF nomination.

    I can witness for FadeZ and all the work he did in Divine Reign back in 2013-2014. When I joined FadeZ was a Co Founder at the time he just split Valkyrie and earned his 7 also making my original home Rapture DR he was a no nonsense type of guy and you could tell. He was held under high regard by both KSI EXODUS 7 (Div Leader) and KSI THOR 7 (Founder) at the time even when FadeZ stepped out of KSI at the time they still talked about the work he did, and when he came back for me into Judgement DR I was General at the time and he put in a lot of time and effort to help me bring the squad to a speedy recovery from being inactive by KSI Alcorn and from previous members in Sacrifice DR when they merged. That is why I feel he deserves this award!!!
  14. Squad Name

    New division means new squad name or not!