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  1. Weekend Warfare - Halo 5 (1/19/19)

    KSI Akame 7 LS
  2. KSI STR8WR0NG94 Member Assistance Nomination

    I can witness to this, I have been in a party multiple times with this individual and there have been a few times where members have come to this amazing officer with general questions or queries and he has stopped what he is doing or playing to take the time to give them his attention and answer all questions to the the best of his own knowledge and ability and if he can not answer the questions he points them in the direction of someone who will know

    Division: Last Strike, Dark Legions, Demonic Mayhem Team Captain: KSI Akame 7 Teammate #2: KSI WANT A TAC0 Teammate #3: KSI MFLSwagg 7 Teammate #4: KSI Follow (DL) Teammate #5: KSI Freckles (DM)
  4. Of The Years 2018! - Nominations (Closing 12/16)

    Category: Senior Leader - (Board members, Senior Directors) Gamertag; KSI VeRiiTaS 7 Forums Account Link: @VeRiiTaS 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Since I've known VeRiiTaS he has been a big influence on my improvement as a Leader and has alwas made sure he was available not just to myself but the entire community and with that being said he clearly is passionate for this community and the safety of all our members, even through the hard time that we all go through he remains positive and ensures the security of this great community be it on xbox or any KSI based chats we have and he will stay awake late into the twilight hours to ensure members are happy and enjoying thwemselves in KSI and even if they aren't he will try find a way to resolve and rectify any issues or concerns Members and Leaders alike may have and he will not give up until he himself and all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome Category: Director Gamertag; KSI Trendies 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Trendies 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Now Trendies, I have had the pleasure of working alongside this amazing leader for quite some time with him being my director for a few months and in his time as my director he made himself known to as many people he was over as possible not just as a leader but as a friend and he would game with as many people as possible, there was never a time in the entire timeframe he was my director I ever saw him in a party with the same group of members and as a leader that is one of the key factors of being successful. But when it comes to business trendies was always punctual and efficient, he never let anything linger too long, be it settling disputes or issuing tags to people, I never had to wait for anything with trendies and I wholeheartedly believe he deserves this OTY award Category: Co - Founder Gamertag; KSI M3NTALIST 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI M3NTALIST 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Ahhhh M3NTALIST aka vinnie to those who know him, now Vinnie is by far the greatest up and coming leader I have seen in my 4 years in this amazing community, we have all heard the saying "take the bull by the horns", well vinnie made that saying a reality by truly earning every promotion he has had within his short career in KSI and the reason I believe he deserves COFO OTY is simple and that is his no nonsense attitude and work ethic, he has singlehandedly settled disputes, mentored multiple officers and future leaders stayed awake until 3 in the morning to ensue=re people have certified workshops completed, constantly helps members with KSI advice or even guiding them on games that they have just started playing. he has assisted multiple members with games and name changes and above all he knows what he is capable of. if vinnie doesn't have the knowledge to resolve something he will either get someone who does or he will gain the knowledge needed to do so. (example: there was a time as a general he never fully understood his role. so in turn he took an LOA not just for personal reasons but in the entire time he was on LOA he searched and scoured the forums for the knowledge to fulfil his role as General. upon his return he was motivated more than ever and took his squad from 42 members and a stretched officer staff up to 70 members with a full officer staff and everyone trained fully). and it is these reasons I believe he deserves this OTY. Category: General Gamertag; KSI December 77 Forums Account Link: @December 77 Reasons they deserve this award - Mr. December deserves this award for his pure dedication to this community, during his time as general he took a squad that was basically full of inactive people on the verge of becoming fluff, and his efforts to re-intergrate every member back into the squad was tmie consuming and stressful but his perseverance to achieve a full active and thriving squad wasn't in vain and on top of all this he had gotten involved in multiple departments such as news, history, courts and even became a forums mod and to contribute so much time to these departments and still fulfil his duties as a general were nothing short of impressive and to get a fully active and fully staffed squad with gamenights and workshops being hosted daily sometimes even twice daily is testament as to why this member deserves this award Category: Captain Gamertag; KSI BOOGDADDY Forums Account Link: @KSI BOOGDADDY Reasons they deserve this award - Now BOOGS deserves this award for a few reasons firstly is his first time as a captain, he spent countless hours in the day to day running of the squad, recruiting multiple people in, training even more to ensure that everyone was welcomed, hosting squad meetings, workshops, gamenights and mentoring those below him this in turn took a lot of the pressure away from his general as he was shouldering the burden by his own volition and his commitment was second to none. Now with this he earned his promotion to general but it was short lived as his real life took a turn and he had to step down from the position, he had sat as a Sargeant for quite some time before making the commitment to move back up the ranks and in turn he has put the effort in once again no less than his first time round and has returned to the rank of captain and has again taken the time to mentor, train and encourage members to show the dedication he has to this amazing community Category: Lieutenant Gamertag; KSI x Samurai Forums Account Link: @KSI x Samurai Reasons they deserve this award - Mr Samurai is one of those officers that you come across very rarely, he is a very approachable in every aspect of the word, he will give everyone the time of day whether he has an issue with you or not as his main aim is to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves and is as knowledgeable as possible, he even stays awake until 2/3 in the morning to host gamenights and workshops to make sure everyone in his squad feels involved and part of the family, his constant dedication to his duties has recently earned him his promotion to captain and this is why I believe he deserves this award Category:SSGT/SGT Gamertag; KSI STR8WR0NG94 Forums Account Link: @KSI STR8WRONG94 Reasons they deserve this award - Str8 is a one in a million officer, he had been in KSI a hot minute before becoming truly active and it wasn’t until recently that he made the leap of becoming an officer, he is currently sat at a lieutenant and the motivation this guy has to progress himself and his squad is unbelievable, he is always seeking advice and knowledge to better the squad and he completes his duties efficiently and effectively without any prompts or being asked, he has recruited more than his fair share of people into his squad and is constantly looking to get more people involved and included and I can see this member being a future division leader maybe even higher, I believe that he has yet to show his true potential and this is why he deserves this award Category: Member Gamertag; KSI MFLSwagg 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI MFLSwagg 7 Reasons they deserve this award - ahhhhh Swagg, mr motivation himself, regardless of his own feelings or duties he always ensures that everyone in this community that he has ever met is motivated and enjoying themselves and will easily disregard his own schedule to take time to help any member that needs it and he definitely deserves this award
  5. M3NTALIST 7 - OS Level 1 & 2

    I will also witness for @KSI M3NTALIST 7, this outstanding leader has really come up in leaps and bounds, when I first met MMentalist he was only a lieutenant in Legend LS but the brief encounters I did have with him definitely left an impression on me as a divisional 7, from that point on I kept having little encounters with him but all I would hear through the division was this leaders name, as he moved up the ranks he eventually got the Position of General of Legend LS and I actually had the pleasure of working with him and watching his growth as a leader, at this time LS itself had gone through a little rough patch with us being on a community wide lock down but that did not deter vinnie, he took it all in his stride and managed not only to keep his officers and his squad motivated but the entire division because that is the type of person and leader he is. Although there was at one point where he didn't believe he understood his role as general and he got extremely frustrated with that and he decided to take an LOA not just for personal reasons but to take that time to evaluate himself and expand his knowledge base, upon his return he almost quite literally took the bull by the horns and there was a dramatic change in how he handled not only the day to day running of his squad but how he held himself and his officers accountable and in turn it reflected in the growth of activity and members with in his squad. And upon witnessing this as his divisional 7 we had decided to reward all his efforts and his growth as a leader of this division and this community with a well earned promotion to Co-Founder of Last Strike. With his newly assigned position he took the time to pull myself and our Co-Division Leader at the time to one side to get to grips on what his new responsibilities as a COFo were and he has excelled every step of the way by literally being the backbone and the workhorse of the division and that in turn has earned this amazing leader his recent promotion to Founder of Last Strike and being my right hand man with it being only myself and M3NTALIST as the current divisional 7s of Last Strike and in my own personal opinion he has definitely earned not onle Outstanding service Level 1 but also Outstanding Service Level 2, and if he keeps going the way he is, in the future he will most likely Earn that OS level 3 and possibly even Most outstanding and it is a pleasure to work with such a fantastic leader, person and friend
  6. Always remember, it’s not what you have done in the past that defines you but it’s what you do now and in the future that will leave a legacy for those following in your footsteps 

  7. FuzzyMeep AMA

    What advice would you give someone that is feeling on the fence of staying in the community/their officer rank and how would you follow up with that person?
  8. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

    Last Strike all the way
  9. TB: Halo 5 2v2 Slayer (11/24/18)

    Team captain: KSI Akame 7 Division: Last Strike Teammate: KSI ArcticFrost Division: Last Strike
  10. Head Hunters Season 2019 - Game Selection Poll

  11. KSICraggleRocks Gamerscore Hoarder

    Name: KSICraggleRocks Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/42518-craggle-rocks/ Award-/-Achievement: Gamerscore Hoarder Reason-/-Evidence: member has 35128 Gamerscore https://account.xbox.com/en-us/profile?gamertag=KSICraggleRocks
  12. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag: KSI Rebelx205 Award: Basic Training Evidence: Sat through basic trading hosted by myself Account: @KSI Rebelx205
  13. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Performance Ops Awards: KSI Hatter 7 @KSI Hatter 7 Award to be Awarded: - Squad Leadership Certified Award Reason: Above member has completed the Squad Leadership Certified Workshop
  14. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Performance Ops Awards: KSI ODINN 7 @KSI ODINN 7 KSI Hatter 7 @KSI Hatter 7 KSI M3NTALIST 7 @KSI M3NTALIST 7 KSI MFLSwagg 7 @KSI MFLSwagg 7 KSI Breakfast 7 @Breakfast Award to be Awarded: - Divisional Leadership Certified Award Reason: Above members have completed the Divisional Leadership Certified Workshop
  15. KSI No Horizon HeadHunter Nomination

    As the HeadHunters manager for LS I can confirm KSI No Horizon is part of the HeadHunters team @Scarface 77