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  1. Once KSI Always KSI.

    As a 1CPT the time spent interacting with people is considerable, be it squad members, possible recruits, or higher ups. Making time fro people not in KSI is hard because so much of my time online is spent dealing with KSI stuff. So philosophically, friends are friends whether they are in KSI or not and I would not cut them off because they left KSI, but realistically the amount of time I would spent with people outside KSI is very small so even if I did't mean to cut them off, it might have the same effect.
  2. ES FC 2018 Div HoF Nomination Thread

    Division: ES Gamertag: KSI Squeek 7 Link to Profile: Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: Cofounder Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? Yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes Testimony: Why does this member belong in your division’s Hall of Fame? Squeek took over succubus squad and messaged the members personally all the time ( every day I think) her efforts got a dying squad playing together and forming friendships. Her work inspired me to change my gamertag and become an officer. It was a priveledge being a SSGT. LT and CPT while she was GEN. Under her leadership, squad meetings were better attended, squad members became better informed about KSI, and regular game nights established. She has a gentle but firm way of correcting mistakes that has helped me grow as an officer. Squeek was asked to be cofounder which was well deserved. when that started she was one of 3 cofounders. and a full 7 staff, within 2 months she was the only cofounder and we lost the founder as well, so squeek now takes on the work of 4 seven positions and she still finds time to come by succubus meetings and tells us how much she misses us.
  3. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    KSI Barb130 /barb130 New Member Workshop/certification KSI Squeek 7 gave workshop
  4. KSI GOT EM 7

    Got em referred me into succubus a year and a half ago. He's has always been supportive and encouraging me to change my gamer tag. I didn't know about his struggles until recently but you would never know it from his attitude. When I finally changed my gamer tag he made me feel so important during the promotion and excited. Got em exemplifies the "Open door policy" of leaders in KSI
  5. June 2018 OTM nominations!

    Division Leader Link to forums account: @KSI GOT EM 7 Reason: Got em has been very supportive of me since he promoted me to staff sargent. Always available to talk and play poker! Founder Link to forums account: @KSI Eyonia 7 Reason: Although she is a new founder, when she was co founder she always stepped in when out gen wasn't felling well or couldn't make it. General Link to forums account: @Squeek 7 Reason: Since Squeek took over our squad she always hit everyone up to play or just join a party to shoot the breeze. Since I became an officer she has been clear about what she needs me to do and always telling me what a good job I am doing and lets me know where I can improve (like not interrupting her lol). Lieutenant: Link to forums account @KSI Sumbich89 Reason: since coming back to KSI and becoming an officer with me sum has been a big help since he has done this before. I can always bring a " How does this work?" kind of question to him. He is a great recruiter and can't wait to see the fruits of the ideas he has for succubus. Member: Link to forums account: @GroundPainter26 Reason: GroundPainter was the only member of succubus to join the forums during spirit week. Hope to get hime more active here as time goes on.
  6. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Let's go ES
  7. Happy Birthday 

  8. Category - Co founder Gamertag: KSI GOT EM 7 Ksi Got em 7 referred me to KSI and even though I am not in his squad he will shout out to me and makes me feel welcome. Sometimes I think other KSI members don't realize I am KSI because I haven't changed my gamer tag so the extra shout out meant a lot Forums account link: @KSI GOT EM 7 Category - General Gamertag: KSI LadyJenny 7 Forums account link: @Lady Jenny Lady Jenny always makes me feel included in the games I play and is always positive about suggestions I may make. She's very approachable and available and although she must be busy she always makes time to have a conversation or answer a question