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  1. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2019!!!!!!!

    DM for that W!
  2. So You Think You Can Write - June 2019

    Gamertag: KSI WHISKEY82 @KSI WHISKEY Division: Demonic Mayhem My Dinner Party Guest #1: Terry Goodkind Why: Terry is my absolute favorite author. His "Sword of Truth series absolutely inspired me as a child and continues to do so as an adult. His characters are deep and rich and feature the humanistic flaws so often left out of character development in sci-fi tales. I'd love the opportunity to sit with this man and discuss if his character models were based off real life people or completely imagined. As a story teller I believe this man to be the best, a hard sell in the face of the greats such as Shakespeare and Jules Verne and the likes. Also i need to convince this man personally to make a rated R movie that sees his vision to fruition on the big screen, as I dont believe many take the time to read anymore and would have missed his greatness in lieu of screen time. My youngest daughters middle name, is Kahlan, after a character in his book. As a daily reminder to raise her to be the kind of woman portrayed by Kahlan Amnell, a honest, hardworking, loving women, and a protector of all. Guest #2: Gordon Ramsay Why: Believe it or not, I'm not picking Ramasay to feed the party but rather to keep everyone at the table honest. This man came from a less than ideal home with an aspiring, however often failing, abusive, womanizing, alcoholic father who moved the family a lot due to failed career attempts. Despite the odds, Ramsay, is a true success story "pulling himself up by the bootstraps" so to speak and is one of the most successful people in his choice of career. I absolutely believe ol' Gordon would not accept a single iota of bullsh** from anyone sitting at my table, and watching him stand tall to my guests would be a thrilling thing to see. Guest #3: @KSI AWOL Why: Mr. Awol and myself have become fast friends here in KSI after many long nights on Destiny 2 and what we refer to as "The Homescreen Crew." Awol, when not working his full time job here as the General of Discord squad, works as a lawyer helping military veterans. Now you tell me what table isn't more fun with a Lawyer on Board? And who better than a friend with a great sense of humor and a willingness to fact check every statement made at this table ? My other guests may be famous or even from different times and eras, but I believe between Ramsay and Awol, the only thing my guests will be telling are absolute truths. Guest #4: Marie Curie Why: Marie Curie was a scientist and an inventor. She played a huge roll in developing the first X-ray machine. She was also the first woman to ever receive a Nobel Peace Prize. Her life span was from 1867-1934 and I'd be absolutely fascinated to hear of both her scientific ventures and gain a glimpse into the true genius of an inventor. A strong and notable character, it'd be interesting to ask her what she thinks of women's movements today. I am curious whether she would be a proponent of modern day feminism and what her thoughts are on how we spend our money regarding scientific queries of this time. What field would she choose to work in, if any, and how she believes she can help. Guest #5: Jesus Why: I mean c'mon, it's Jesus. So many questions! I'm not a religious man at all, however, there's been so many wars fought and lives lost in the name of this man and his Fathers, that I'd love to have a detailed accounting as to this mans history. Who knows, maybe he is a Jets fan like me! Guest #6: Robert Johnson Why: The man, myth, and stuff of lore, Robert Johnson was a blues man. Often referred to as the "father of the blues," Youve all likely heard the phrase "He, or she, has been to the crossroads" in reference to blues musicians. This is in direct reference to the theory that Robert went to the crossroads and met with the Devil himself and traded his soul at the crossroads to become the best guitarist known to man at the time. Hell of a story! (Pun intended), and I'd like to hear a firsthand accounting about what Mr. Robert Johnson himself has to say about that while listening to todays music as he likely grumbles about its apparent lack of soul. Guest #7: George Washington Why: The founding father of these United States of America. Who better to discuss a hefty course of modern day politics with. No doubt he would be disgusted and outraged about our current system of democracy and I, for one, want to hear all about it. What changes would he make? Would he himself run for president again? How does he feel about foreign diplomacy, NATO, and the course of this great nation? What does he think about the way our veterans are treated? Women's rights? The LGBTQ community? Would he adapt to modern day changes? Does he like Starbucks coffee? Can he drive a stick? Okay okay I admit I am a getting a bit of course here, but c'mon , imagine such a great man trying to learn a smartphone for the first time. Comical to say the least!
  3. KSI WHISKEY82 Self Nom Friendly

    Name: KSI WHISKEY82 Link to forum account: @KSI WHISKEY Achievement/Award: friendly Reason: see pic attached .
  4. Whats that Phrases Origin ?! Pls enjoy and comment :)

    Lol i still use that terminology .
  5. Whats that Phrases Origin ?! Pls enjoy and comment :)

    Today's Etymology : RUNNING AMOK Here is an interesting one we've likely all heard before. “Running amok” is commonly used to describe wild or erratic behavior, but the phrase actually began its life as a medical term. The saying was popularized in the 18th and 19th centuries, when European visitors to Malaysia learned of a peculiar mental affliction that caused otherwise normal tribesmen to go on brutal and seemingly random killing sprees. Amok—derived from the “Amuco,” a band of Javanese and Malay warriors who were known for their penchant for indiscriminate violence—was initially a source of morbid fascination for Westerners. Writing in 1772, the famed explorer Captain James Cook noted that “to run amok is to … sally forth from the house, kill the person or persons supposed to have injured the Amock, and any other person that attempts to impede his passage.” Once thought to be the result of possession by evil spirits, the phenomenon later found its way into psychiatric manuals. It remains a diagnosable mental condition to this day. Could you imagine that? Getting treated for a bad case of Amock ? lol Source~History Channel
  6. Whats that Phrases Origin ?! Pls enjoy and comment :)

    Thats a really cool story ! I believe Mr Edgar Allen Poe wrote a short story about the very same scenario! Very cool!
  7. Here is a fun one for you guys and gals . We all know that finger we shouldn't raise in mixed company and the phrase associated with it. PLUCK YEW! Now calm down, I swear I'm not cursing. Have you ever wondered how the inappropriate variant came to be? I have, so I looked it up just for your amusement! Before the ancient battle of Agincourt in 1415 ( yes, that's a real battle ) the French sought to cut off the middle fingers (that were used for resting the arrow upon to guide and aim before firing) of all English long bowmen. Barbaric but true! Long bows back then were made from the wood of the yew tree for its strength resilience and subtle elasticity. Therefore when a long would bowman nock and fired an arrow it became know as "plucking the yew." Now, the English won this great battle of Agincourt and the long bowman triumphantly waved their middle fingers at the French to mock their inability to capture them and remove the offensive appendage. Sound familiar ? Yeap, the English are behind the waving of this dastardly little finger and yet the French kinda brought it upon themselves ! Got a cool origin story for a phrase or gesture? Please share it here so we can all enjoy a little fun history! I'll try and share a new one a few times a week as well
  8. Name: KSI WHISKEY82 Link to forum account: @KSI WHISKEY Achievement/Award: Ripple Effect/ Staff Award: Imagine Dragons Reason: I have 10 awards
  9. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    The " It's So EZE " award. Awarded for tracking down friending and gaming with KSI EZED24 for more than an hour straight. Provable with 2 screenshots at start of game session and one at the end of game session . Unicorned ,, an award for getting shot in the face with a bow or crossbow by any 7. Must provide screenshot of the arrow sticking out from the head and have the 7 that shot you bare witness.
  10. Whats it like to be an ( insert NFL team name here ) Fan ?

    Dolla Dolla bills yall !
  11. Whats it like to be an ( insert NFL team name here ) Fan ?

    Right on ! You have seen glory !
  12. Hi , I'm a Jets fan ,,,, that's right i said it aloud . Why you may ask ,,, because I'm an internet warrior and all the soda cans and chips you just threw at your screen after hearing such an audacious claim written in plain text ,,, cant hurt me ! Its a long arduous journey being a Jets fan , we don't get to start with hope at the beginning of any given season , however we remain stoic strong and steadfast that somewhere out there is an omniscient being that hears our desolate cries and pleas every halftime when we are playing our Division rivals the Patriots . Gang Green they call our fan base ,, irony to say the least . The rotting appendage of the AFC East yet we drag our deflated dreams onto the field every game and hope year after year for some good draft picks . We are a resilient fan base taking all our pride in a few completions a game and a good run or two a year . Small in stature and yet mighty in sheer Grit and determination we stand proud in the face of humility ! Whats it like to be a fan of your favorite NFL team ? Excited for the new season ? Tell me why ,,,
  13. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    One simple award called " Stepping up " ,,, awarded monthly to one member/officer of each division for showing vast improvements across all levels of KSI. Rewarding our members for being great is easy , but sometimes it can be difficult to see beyond a cloudy past or a rough beginning . I believe rewarding improvement can only serve to strengthen KSI as a whole .
  14. May 2019 Of the Month Awards

    Co-Founder KSI DRAGONS 7 @Dragons 7 DM Reason they deserve this award: Dragons and myself didn't always see eye to eye in some areas. This does not change the fact that the man works tirelessly for KSI and is someone we all feel we can approach with any issue at any time . I often see him up working in the wee hours of the night making sure everything is running smoothly. Ive also seen Dragons works first hand to alleviate tensions and disagreements no matter how minor or major the disagreement. Good sense of humor and solid work ethic go a long way ! Dragons is someone Id want on board in most any situaton that could arise in KSI. General KSI AWOL @KSI AWOL DM DISCORD Reason they deserve this award: Awol is a man of vision , for his members , his squad , his division and KSI at large . More importantly , He is a man of action ! Ive never seen ( and doubt I ever will see ) this man back down from a situation that needs a good hard look or some questioning or even some good ol fashioned hard work . He has an innate ability to see the logic in any situation he is faced with. Furthermore he works tirelessly for KSI , anytime a member needs ANYTHING , Awol will drop what he is doing and not only help the person in question , but he will stay and see the problem through to fruition all with a pleasant demeanor and the patience of a Saint. Awol personally takes the time to see that his team is educated and given resources to accomplish any task all while maintaining the humility to seek help if he himself does not readily know the answer. I feel quite sure Awol will be a 7 soon and a perfect addition to that team as well . His crew is a loyal one as are his members , and it is well earned ! Capt. KSI Trixie @Trixie DM DISCORD Reason why they deserve this award: Trixie is an absolute pleasure to work with . Polite , infectious , courteous , kind , hardworking and unflappable , Trixie is the type of officer that gets things done . She is an amazing asset to this team when it comes to recruiting and promoting new members , Her natural charisma makes newcomers feel welcome even if it is past her bedtime and she has to work in the morning lol . In the week long LOA of our General ( KSI AWOL ) Trixie was an absolute force in helping send recruiting messages ( over 150 messages ) and helping our squad bring in 10 recruits in one week ! She would be a great addition to any team and we are certainly glad to have her on board ! Lt. KSI Sgt Peppers @KSI Sgt Peppers DM DISCORD Reason why they deserve this award: Peppers may be young in her career here in KSI , however that does NOT stop her from putting herself out there any chance she gets. She is a powerhouse when it comes to promotions and she genuinely strives to learn as much about this organization as she possibly can. Her game nights are always run in an orderly fashion and she always has a great turnout , even reaching out to other squads for joint game nights ! Peppers is always kind and thoughtful and a great listener , the type of person you can rely on in any situation . She is a valuable asset to our team and a great personality to enjoy . Member infinityhunt @Infinityhunt DM DISCORD Reasons they deserve this award : I will just say this ,,, you all already know why infinity deserves this award and if you dont then i HIGHLY suggest you game with this member. Hes been our squad featured member of the month 3 times . He games with anyone anywhere anytime and helps in the same fashion should another gamer need a hand acquiring an elite weapon or some levels . We affectionately call him our " Hometown Hero " after his many wins in this last Headhunters series and we all root him and DM on consistently . This young fella is an absolute perfect model for what we strive to be here in KSI and the type of ppl we want to recruit . He deserves this award ,, all there is to it ,
  15. Self nomination- Legen Award

    Name: KSI WHISKEY82 Link to forum account: @KSI WHISKEY Award/Achievement: Legen Award /Staff Award That's so Fetch Reason: I have 5 forum awards