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      2019 Divisional Cup Kickoff!   04/01/2019

      Hello, Friends!  As most of you know from last year, Divisional Cup will keep track of divisional participation throughout the year. Starting at Spring Break and ending with January's Award Show, we will be ranking divisions each month by their participation in activities, growth, and officer staff ratio to develop a competition for Division of the Year! The division with the most points at the end of each month will be named Division of the Month. As you can see on the chart above, a list of monthly events will be posted with the meeting notes and in the Div Cup area on the forums, so everyone can be aware of what will count toward points! Divisions can expect to see points counted for Weekend Warfare, Montage and Clip submissions, News Team contests, Twitch Subscriptions, Social Media activity,  and OTM/DOTM award periods in the AAP..  plus a couple of other categories weaving in and out throughout the months! Additional events will be added depending on what is happening in and around KSI for that particular month. Same as last year: KSI's large events -- Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, and Turkey Bowl -- will count independently and figure into the overall scores, but not the monthly tallies. Different from last year: (Change is good, promise) This year Div Cup will be split into two halves. This means even if your Division doesn't start off too hot in the first half, you can always give them a good kick in the rear at the start of the second half, and finish off strong! Here is an example of how it will look, along with the standings so far. I'm sure you all remember that Divine Warrior's took home the win last year.. so as of right now, they are the Division to beat! I'm looking forward to seeing the activity and participation from all of you!    Side note: I took down the names of all the people who supported #billdabear. I'm coming for you.        

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    GT: KSI UppishB592 Squad / Div: Hellborn DM Award: Ripple Effect Evidence: I have 10 Forums Awards Staff Award: Support Group Reasoning: Each meta award comes with a staff award
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    Yo this is sweet! Thanks @December 77!!
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