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  1. Spirit Week

    That is the thought, the time it takes to make the tourys work is a lot, but we will def discuss it
  2. Sex with me is like...

    Sex with me is like pizza, Even when its bad its good Next Word: Toothpaste
  3. Spirit Week

    This is an extremely extremely rough draft, only *'ed items have been confirmed. but i want to keep this area updated through out the process...all days are subject to change, we will be looking into the strongest performing events for TnE and change from there. 7's could be Gens and up, generals maybe the only ranks skipped in this community in the tournys Issues for the Week, Halo and destiny on the same night Hate repetitiveness Minecraft Starts 2 weeks prior, final day of Sunday Prior, each div ranked in several categories, points to be awarded based on categories not 1st, 2nd, 3rd Wednesday - Opening Ceremony *Open Forums Challenge *Poker 7's (2 people per) Overwatch 2v2 (or whatever is norm, Poss 2 teams per div) Thursday *Halo 5 7's (2 per div) *Halo 5 4v4 Destiny 2 4v4 (pending Pvt matches if not it will be dif game) Friday Forza 7's ? *Rocket League 2v2 (2 teams per) *Karaoke (2 singers, 45 sec limit. Poss 2 peoples points added for winning division) Saturday *WW2 7's (2 per div) *WW2 4v4 (2 teams per) Sunday - Closing Ceremony *Forums challenge close at start time of ceremony *Donor FFA (subject to change of day) *King/Queen *Winning divisions *Directors Cup *HoF
  4. EO Resurrection Nomination

    They were all senior members od the division with in the time frames, and EO did go from the smallest (number wise not heart :)) To one of the biggest and most active divisions within the time. As their previous division leader (current director) stated and their former director did as well
  5. Spirit Week

    okay Destiny is doable, same with overwatch....not to sure on what paladins is tbh and gears never got a good response, but could be worth an attempt! worst that could happen is it is a low turn out @KSI BadKitty 7 Well i feel like a lot of that is covered with divisional cup, def would not do a recruiting challenge just because it sometimes causes an influx of qanity over quality, but i am interested in what you have regarding officers and depts.....do you have anything further you could go into with that...i mean i am down to brain storm and i am always willing to try new things, they just need to have enough appeal to each and every divisions.....are you talking like a Captians only tourny or something?
  6. Banner Renewal 2018

    I asked them all to make requests, they did not lol so go buck wild, and feel free to make a new one, i will put up old ones if you guys dont want to make so many of them but its on yall tbh
  7. Banner Renewal 2018

    Any update on any of these, or does anyone have the old ones? Headhunters is all set as well
  8. Spirit Week

    i can def see overwatch being put into the week! forza, not sure...we have done it prior and it did work out but there were a few issues that i cant remember on the spot
  9. Spirit Week

    Update: Projected Week Wed-Sunday. June 20th-24th
  10. Spirit Week

    I will update when we have projected plans for spirit week with dates and games, however i am curious on any games or events that you guys would like to see that is not normally used at SW We will def have Halo 7s and team, Cod 7s and team, Karaoke Most likely have RL, R6S, Blops 2, poker May have GTA, Minecraft any suggestions that are not listed above?
  11. Fuzzy's Meep 2: The Lost World

  12. Outstanding Service LV1 KSI xKing 77

    King is a dynamic fella, has had some real ups and real downs in this community but he has always stayed the course. Not to long ago he lead KSI to our first division split (CD) in over 2 years and really inspired a lot of growth and competion within the community. He kind of burned himself out leading DR from scraps to split and had to reboot. he remained a join mod and just rebooted for a bit. not to long after he rejoined clan ops to hang out and soon enough was bit by the leadership bug, now as a cofo in DW he is again proving the despite some mistakes or going to hard in the past he like all great leaders in history got back up after falling and has not stopped since. He is a knowledgeable and respectable leader who deserves this award
  13. Outstanding Service LV1 KSI Gary 7

    Gary is someone who def deserves this award. he is a one of a kind dynamic leader. When i first met gary he was a general in LW post the entire divisional staff leaving the division for dead and poaching to their new community. Gary was quickly recognized as a strong potential as the future of that diviison. He began an upward climb of hardships and strength leading now with DW being of the strongest divisions activity wise out there. he has a solid team undership and holds a level of respect and conviction that many aspire to reach. that is only his clan ops contributions. he has also worked his way productions and now has been lead for quite a while. Producions currently is the most active it has ever been with multiple shows a month, streams nightly and never dropping the ball when the bod last minute requests a cap card because we forgot to preplan. Bad boy bill is a natural leader who has only seeked to improve his skills and abilitys all while being a stand up guy, a good hubby and a great father. i am please to have met this gentleman and also to know the back story of the name gary
  14. Who do you worry about?

    i worry about luci, he does not fix his signatures
  15. KSI MeShell 7 for Oustanding Service LV1

    MeShell is one of the strongest up and coming leaders this community has, for ages i gamed with some of her members and had never met her, however i heard nothing but positive things constantly stated regarding her and for lower ranked members hanging with me that is not always the case (people like to vent to me on occasion) but never about meshell. Always playing games with her members, being there as the person with the answers and so much more. when she finally got her well deserved promotion it began a shift with in the division to an even steeper upward climb. when i have witnessed her on a fw occasions working with a member or solving an issue i was extremely impressed. and just discussing the ideas of the community with her during some brief conversations i was impressed with what she knows, thinks and does.