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      Hello! We are proud to announce the official schedule for KSI's 2nd Annual Spring Break, to be held Friday, March 23 - Sunday, March 25, 2018! This year's Spring Break event is momentous in several ways. It is the first large-scale competitive event on the 2018 calendar, and it serves as the official start of KSI's new initiative, the KSI Divisional Cup. As per every large event, there will be a schedule of events, a forums poll, and a scoring system to rank divisions in the order they finish. We will also be holding a Twitch Subscriber Lottery drawing for either KSI Merchandise or a 1-month Loot Crate subscription. Schedule Friday, March 23rd: (8 p.m. EST) Town Hall -- Divisional Cup/Spring Break Q&A Rainbow Six Siege - 4v4 Secure Area Halo 5 - 4v4 Swat Saturday, March 24th: (8 p.m. EST) Rocket League - 2v2 Black Ops 2 - 4v4 TDM Black Ops 2 - 7's FFA Sunday, March 25th: (6 p.m. EST) WWII - 4v4 TDM WWII - 7's FFA Overwatch - 2v2 Mystery Heroes ** Sign-ups for these events will be posted in the weeks to come in the Spring Break area on the forums, which can be found here. Only 7s may post sign-ups for the division, which can be edited until the evening of the event. Each division is allowed just one (1) team per event. For FFAs, there may be just one (1) 7 per division. There will be a Poll posted as part of the event. It will open at 8 p.m. EST on Friday and close at 8 p.m. EST on Sunday. Votes will count toward participation for divisions and members will be asked to post a reply to become eligible for the Spring Break 2018 award! Prizes will be $10 codes, given out to the winners of each individual event. Total prizes for the competition will value ~$200. The Twitch Sub Drawing will happen on Sunday evening. Anybody who subscribes to KSILive before 6 p.m. that night will be entered into the drawing for the merchandise/Loot Crate prize. We may do more than one drawing, depending on Subscriptions. (Reminder: All Subscription revenue is used exclusively for prize pools for events, and the more Subs we get, the more prizes (and the bigger the prizes) we can offer.) Divisional Cup Division Cup will keep track of divisional participation throughout the year! Starting at Spring Break and ending with January's Award Show, we will be ranking divisions each month by their participation, growth, and officer staff ratio to develop a competition for Division of the Year! The division with the most points each month will be named Division of the Month. A list of monthly events will be posted with meeting notes and in the Marketing Area on the forums so everyone can be aware of what will count toward points! Divisions can expect to see points counted for Weekend Warfare, Montage and Clip submissions, News Team contests, Twitch Subscriptions, and OTM/DOTM award periods in the AAP. Additional events will be added depending on what is happening in KSI for that particular month. KSI's large events -- Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, and Turkey Bowl -- will count independently and figure into the overall scores, but not the monthly tallies. Social Media Follow along on our Social Media platforms to stay informed, engaged, and to connect with KSI! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/KSIGlobalGaming Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KSIGlobalGaming YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/KSIGlobalGaming Twitch: http://twitch.tv/KSILive Twitch: http://twitch.tv/KSILive2 --- We hope to see you at KSI Spring Break 2018! Good luck and happy gaming.

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  1. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    Decade of destruction award Be in the community for 10+ years
  2. Divisional Cup

    I would def like to talk with you regarding some ideas with it doing forward, def could play a part in the month to month along with the yearly total once it is up and running... could be worked into simply put the leaders that follow through monthly with notable noms receive participation points. we also would involve some divisional awards to be achieved through this system of tracking as well (has been tried before with out much activity due to presentation of the awards and what not. But i have no issue giving out awards under the banners either way we def should have a group of us sit and talk through some of the possibilities Hopefully this will be the caveat that pushes people to present more....plus i guess i could send some of my MLG clips and yes this is all super exciting, i cant wait to start this
  3. Divisional Cup

    This is what we are presenting to the leaders of the community to get some feedback, both positive and negative. More ideas and suggestions as to what to do. The list below is the what we will be ranking the divisions month to month and major event to major event starting Spring break and ending at the award show. This will result in the Divisional cup winner and Division of the year This will be utilizing the marketing breakdown we have been presenting over the last few months. point wise we are still debating but this is our draft to present. Obviously, it's a rough draft meant to start the conversation. -- KSI Divisional Cup – Outline Point System -- Participation - AAP: OTM, DOTM - T&E: Weekend Warfare, Headhunters - Productions: Montages, Clips for Social Media - News Team: SYTYCW - Monthly Town Hall Question/Idea Submissions - Forums Polls/Challenges Big Events - Spring Break - Spirit Week - Fall Classic - Turkey Bowl Knowledge - Participation in LEAD classes, workshops - Hosting Workshops under HR/PO Recruiting/Growth - Gain 1 member per squad per week (4 weeks per month) - Gain 1 officer per squad per month - If the squad gains the members and officers, +10 - If the squad accomplishes 1, but not the other, +5 - If the squad accomplishes neither, +0 Notes - Marketing will spread the word about all events. Marketing will also take tally each month. - The top division each month will win “Division of the Month.” - If a division splits, the new division will start with as many points as the parent division. - If two divisions merge, the points will reflect the average points between the two divisions. - The winner of the Divisional Cup will be announced at the Award Show and be named ‘Division OTY”
  4. Of the Year Winners and Runner up

    Opening Introductions, Explain the importance of the OTY's, Go over slight history of the awards, winners and nominees Go into first section of Winners. Writer OTY Previous Winners: Nex Addo, Ace, SunGazer's Wife, X Force, Impy, Rex, True And the Nominees are KSI Widow 7: The amount of writing and editing knowledge she has shown me since I have joined this amazing team is incredible. Even to the point of walking me through her entire editing process at one point. She is the glue that holds this team together no matter her situation she is always in a fantastic mood and ready and willing to Help, Advise, Lead or talk to anyone about anything. All the while doing her own articles for us in the News department. Management Skills, Time Management, Leadership skills, Motivational, Inspiring, Hardworking and Dedicated KSI FaIIout: Since joining the News team, Fallout has had quite the impact. For a while, he was known as "that History guy" because he was technically the only History writer the News team had for a while. He has since helped the History side of the department grow drastically as well as inspire ideas in those around him. He has helped turn the History team from a directionless machine into organization and movement. KSI Guyy 77: I have never met someone so annoying with asking us to do the short stories or whatever this months new “So You Think You Can Write”. Even though I personally am not the best with writing/spelling he has made me want to give it a shot and see what I can come up with. He is always willing to give a member a hand with the challenge of the month if asked. Guyy is very supportive and I don’t see News being where it is at with out him. And the winner is Widow! Senior Leader OTY Previous Winners FuzzyMeep, J3, Chaos, QueenJess, Hucklberry, Doctor, Greg, Impy And the Nominees are Impyyy ImPyyy's influence is large as our CDM. ImPyyy has made every department great and have a vital part of KSI and bringing them all together. Fairly recently ImPyyy got inducted into the Hall Of Fame along with KSI Doctor 7 this is because ImPyyy's contributions have been large as he is a huge part of these forums and a huge mentor to many. ImPyyy shows his Knowledge by being a helpful mentor to many. He shows his Strength by leading the forums, departments, and KSI in general in a better direction in some way or form. Last he shows his integrity by staying strong and being a friend and leader through our toughest time he handles everything with motivation and positivity that I have seen no other leaders approach a situation like that. KSI FuzzyMeep 7: Fuzzy has been a great asset to this community. His calm demeanor and welcoming attitude is a trait more leaders should take a note on. He is never satisfied with the status quo. It’s that drive and passion for the community that moves KSI forward while other communities fall short and fall apart. It’s his willingness to train members individually and give them his time that sets a standard for the rest of us. He’s always a straight-shooter and will tell you exactly what he means, and that integrity is part of what we all stand for. And the Winner Is KSi Impyyy 7 Director And the Previous winners are Rek305, Messiah, QueenJess, Illusiion, Huckleberry, Dragon014, Havoc, Mpliers And the nominees are KSI VeRiiTaS 7: In the short time that I have known RiiTa, he has shown his willingness to go above and beyond as a director and also with marketing. Very few people are as dedicated as he is and also he is somebody that you can very easily talk to about any issue or concern and you can bet that he will do his best in order to help you. He has been a great leader and I can't wait to see what else he will accomplish as KSI moves forward. KSI Ronin 77: KSI Ronin 77 has made a point to be known by everyone in the division and made sure to add everyone to his friends list. On top of just being known, he was also very approachable and I never had an issue talking to him about anything that came up. Even after he was switched out for another director he still looks out after the division by letting the appropriate people know whenever he sees something wrong. It is because of these qualities that I believe KSI Ronin 77 deserves Director-Of-The-Year for 2017. Metatron 7: Meta has done great things for ES but has done awesome things for KSI. He’s taken members that were looked at as not good enough to be leaders and made leaders out of them. He has never denied anyone his knowledge or guidance. If you ask Meta for help with an issue or just to bounce an idea off of him he’s always there. He has always kept me on my toes with my knowledge and understanding of KSI. And the Winner is Veriitas Member of the Year Past Winners Spider, HBdr, FuzzyMeep, Centurion, El Pollo, Mufasa, Cheddarbob, Scotland And the nominees are ShadowFoxx: This member has been all about KSI all year. She’s subscribed to the KSI Twitch, she’s active in productions and T&E, and she’s even provided name change codes and prizes she’s won in lotteries and giveaways to her squad members. She’s active on the forums, always open and available to game with members, and easy to approach. Really she’s as active and involved as we aim for KSI members to be, and even things haven’t always gone the way she may have wanted them to, she has always persisted and she has remained a part of this community and its fabric. Galileo 1701a: Grandpa Galileo, this man here is the driving force for the CPLs. Man every day we try to get him to change his name. He is the perfect role model anyone could ask for. With age comes wisdom, this man has the best timing when it comes to sharing his wisdom. One day he told me how it is hard as a parent to punish your kids, we got talking about that subject and the light bulb went off in my head. As a young adult I realised why parents do the things they do, like how leaders do what they do. When I need advice or need someone else to stand up for the little guy he is right beside me, right hand man. I have problems with anger but when I know Galileo has my back, I know that things will turn out. Cpl for life, leader/role model for life. KSI Igan o7: Earlier this year I believe back in March KSI Igan o7 brought DM to Discord after his personal squad was so large that they were in two different KIK chats and he seen a problem. He went to his leadership and threw out the idea of Discord a gamer basic chat, which has no limit as far as my knowledge goes. After bringing DM to Discord and seeing the amazing turn out from it having the division able to communicate with each other, he helped create a server or assist with settings for CD, LW and LS. Giving the other divisions the information on how to create their own servers such as EO. Just from his one little idea that was originally for his division now I believe every division is now using discord and same with all the departments. With out him we would still be using KIK and struggling to keep in touch with all our members and having all the information to keep this community as amazing as we all see it to be. And the winner is Shadowfoxx Department Head Co Winners Previous Winners: Scotland, Mpliers And the Nominees are KSI Gary 7: This man does so much for productions that people maybe don't always see. He is the brains behind the youtube channel, the twitch channel as well as the productions section of the forums in which you will always find him somewhere looking to improve his department when he not doing divisional stuff. Even as he was on a LOA he cared about the status of productions and was checking in to make sure things were running smoothly. I look forward to following his lead into 2018 and helping make productions better and better each day. KSI True 7: True 7 is one of the most inspirational leaders I have ever been lucky enough to have crossed paths with. The structure that is the News/History team is hands down one of the best I've seen it is run smoothly and efficiently. For anyone who understands how any article publishing system works understand that this team operates with no deadlines and a minimum of one article a month! Those are insane standards to operate a team on and somehow she does it flawlessly without breaking stride nor her confidence ever faulting. Her feedback on articles has formed my into so much more as a writer, a credit to this community and to the team. A credit to my success and all future success. Graceful and confident at every turn. Truly Inspiring to a current leader within KSI. Juggling it all and running the News Team to its max potential Knows all the ins and outs to writing and is always willing to go that extra mile to share and expand all News team members writing ability. And the Winner is Co Winners True and Gary Forums Staff Previous Winners Drunkmonkee, Rags, Luci, Cero, Worstplayer, Doctor, Lafayette The nominees are KSI RiioT 7: RiiOT is one of the biggest contributors and active members of our forums. Proof of this is he is always on top of section mods and made areas much cleaner as I have noticed that many areas used to be a mess but now are quite organized. He also pushes activity and helps keep it up by keeping these forums clean and organized for us to have as nice of forums we have today. Everything would take much longer and be harder to do if we didn't have somebody so dedicated to strive to make these forums improve. KSI Fuzzymeep 7: Over the last year or so, the main forums admins have become less active because of work, school, and life reasons, and fuzzy was the person to pick up our slack. He has had admin for quite a while, but wasn't hands on trained by us on trained how to properly use his tools. Our method of training was for him to play around with it and learn first hand. He was of course afraid to break the forums, which he has, lol. It's all apart of learning though. This last year he has truly step up to pick up the slack left behind by us moving mainly to server related issues. Most of the behind the scenes work done on the forums this year was personally done by fuzzy. and the winner is Co winners, KSI Riiot 7, KSI FuzzyMeep 7 Second Section of 3 Sgt of the Year Previous Winners FuzzyMeep And the nominees are KSI OddBa11: Imperial is one of those Sergeants that every squad loves to have. He's active, helpful, kind, and motivated. You can always find him in some game lobby, whether it be one of his squads, or another throughout DM. Wherever he is, you can bet that everyone involved is having a good time, as he knows how to make light of any situation. He also loves volunteering to co-host lobbies with Cruelty's officers, and he makes sure they are well organized and entertaining. He's pretty much an officer, without actually being an officer. HarleyQ8995: Harley is one of the most enthusiastic members I've ever met. She is constantly getting involved with whatever she can. She has a love for all things gaming and a great outlook on life. She's constantly juggling things with either work her little one but always makes time to get on and get involved with our members. She has been the glue for Discord for quite a while. I can honestly say she's one of my best members and a great addition to my officer staff. ToridestNut: Torid was the kind of guy when he was first recruited who was kinda quiet, didn't talk much except a few people but would still show up to events. Skarzx then got involved and worked with him a bit, and now he is one of the most active and well liked people in the div. He is constantly working hard to bring in new faces to enjoy KSI as he does, constantly being in parties with his squad, he does great work mentoring other members and teaching them how to recruit. He has done a lot of great things and he has made it to captain now and I'm stoked to see what more he is capable of. and the winner is KSI Oddball LT Previous winner Monotooi, Eagle Snipr, Vermillion98, HellBringer, Paldnmouth and the nominees are KSI Littlelight: When I was rejoining Mitch was there to get me set up and I remember he forgot something and asked him about it he looked it up and seen he did and fixed it. That’s just to show how he will take advice from anyone regardless of rank and make himself better from it. He has such a passion for what he does. It’s a great thing to see people like that. Anytime I look I see him trying to help someone. KSI DaQuestion: - When we talk about officers helping their generals split a squad, NOONE has done more than this man from an LT rank. Easily was the man behind 20+ members growth during his LT days. Was my go-to for event hosting, recruiting , handling issues within the squad etc. Mentored him every step of the way and man has he impressed me with how fast he picks up the knowledge and then applies it/teaches it to others. He is now currently the General of the squad he helped me split and I expect great things out of him. No Brainer for this positions OTY. JessiRedJet: Jessi is by far one of the best officers I know, which is why I am nominating her as best Lieutenant. There is never a dull moment when she is present in a party or on discord. Even though she loves to joke around and poke fun at people, she takes things very seriously when need be. She has such a warm personality that makes new members feel at home almost instantaneously. AphroRhys: This is my go to officer! He has been my backbone in all things squad related ever since his first officer promotion, he has shown excellent promise in becoming a true leader and I expect great things from this man. Aphro always fills in the blanks for the squad and is always there to help make things run smoothly, picking up workshops, squad meetings and gamenights when no one was able to do it; even at the last minute. And the winner is KSI Littlelight Captain Previous Winners Trauma, Muramasa, Invisible 1, Emmy, Duffs, KSI Jewelx And the nominees are BuMPer 7: BMP has been a great mentor he is great at calling me out on things I have done wrong or need to fix but in a way that is respectful and still gets his point across I enjoy how he is straight to the point and never beats around the bush. He is a pleasure to talk to and hang out with as well as is always fun to bounce ideas off of, He always comes to a party with funny stories from the “Good old days” since he has been in KSI for four years he will well verse in all types of departments as well as squads and divs he is always ready to tackle a project or run with some of my crazy OCD ideas on how to keep our squad more organized and takes his officers options into account on more issues. KSI Blood: What can I say about Blood? He has been one of the biggest helps to me as a General. Without him I don’t think I would be as sane as I am today. From the moment he became an Officer he started working on everything not leaving much for me to do. Even to this day I can still learn stuff from him. He is vocal if he does not agree with something he will questions it but at the same time accepts if he is wrong and takes that as a lesson to better himself. I am so thankful for have him as an Officer. KSI MoonRev: Moon has always been an awesome officer. He was always the first one willing to take on the newest LT, or be the person to oversee a game night, he made sure he was on top of the pending club and recruit tag because the dude was always trying to get people to play together and be involved. The way he encourages others to be more friendly and more involved with the squad has lead him to become a successful gen. The man continues to do great things and I'm sure he only continue to do more. And the Winner is Bmp General KSIxFORSAKEN: Forsaken is a great leader. He is ready to help and get you pointed in the right direction. He stays really involved with his officers making sure they have what they need and keeps them working together. He has done an awesome job making cruelty a great place to be with awesome people to be with. KSI Guyy 77: What an impressive individual. I have never seen a drive quite like this. Guyy split his squad twice as a general and has overseen yet another squad split since then. He is eager to rise through the ranks, yet also eager to learn more quickly than he rises. This guy (hehe see what I did there?) is loaded with KSI knowledge, eager to learn more and even more eager to share what he has learned. His intelligence is shared with those around him, ensuring the success of the people that he works with. Not only is this individual dedicated in clan-ops, he is both a member of T&E and News. He is extremely active in both aspects and makes sure to share all events with his division and more. KSIxNebula: So Nebby has been a General for a little while now, the amount of hardships and drama this guy has had to deal with is unreal! He has had to deal with people poaching members out of his squad and friends of his leaving the community. And through all of this he has remained dedicated to what he does not for himself but for the members of his squad! Now Nebby is a little younger than the rest of us but he incredibly mature for his age and that is evident with the messages of motivation he always posts in his squads chat! This guy really deserves this award! Great job man and keep it up! And the winner is Forsaken Graphics Prevous winners Erbs, Ink, Dan And the nominees are Miss Taviola: Tavie is a great asset to KSI and our Graphics team. She has been Co-Head for a while, and her leadership and guidance has really benefitted KSI. She is easy-going, but really knowledgeable about her graphics. She helps train and teach new graphics applicants how they can improve. She fulfills requests and if she can’t, assures another member can get to it. She also brought back Sig of the Week, which is a fun contest for the department members (and all of KSI *wink wink*) to participate in. She has been driven and set a great standard for what a KSI graphics artist can and should be. KSI Kiht 7: (KSI Dragon 7) I have never seen someone so driven in graphic’s, everytime I go and take a look at the graphics page I always see KSI Kiht 7’s name either with him trying to help people figure out the best photo to represent the request or with him posting the actual work. This is just one of many reasons why KSI Kiht 7 deserves the Graphics award. And the WInner is Taviola 3rd section of awards Productions Previopus Winners Purge, Jupiter, Ascend, Ivy And the nominees are KSI ShadowFoxx: Shadow has done nothing but awesome thing since I met her, this is especially so of her involvement with productions. She is always wanting to stream something for someone, regardless of div and especially true when it comes to weekend warfare. She always shows an eagerness to stream in general and get the word out about watching the stream or letting people know they can ask her and she will stream their event for them. KSI Skarzx 77: This member was a early-to-mid-year addition to the Productions team, and it’s a good thing he decided to join. His involvement on the team is noticeable. He always volunteers for streams and shows, and never turns down a challenge. Some of his content on the YouTube is different than anything we’ve really attempted before, but it has gone over so well. Now, as Co-Head, he is lightening the load on Gary and providing an example for other team members to follow. And winner is SKarzx Co founder Previous winners Itz Andrew, Shaolin, Impy, Shivah, MPliers, Terrors, Texangel and the nominees are KSI Got Em 7: While think of what to say I can think of every little thing GOT EM has done for me and his Division. At the time I was a new member and i recently transferred, but he was one of the first to welcome me with open arms. He has stood by me and his members and has wanted nothing but the best for us, his attitude and his worth ethic are so vast and strong i myself cannot fathom the hours he has put in. As a Co-fo he has done so much and his grow continues. I always see him working, talking to members and his activity on the forums are daily. I admire this man for everything he has done and I am honored to call him a mentor. Airborne 7: Airborne is always willing to help with any questions posed by me or others. he also plays bery regularly with a ton of members which is extremely appreciated. most importantly airborne is always willing to chill in an XBOX party. Joe 7: I am still fairly new to KSI, and Joe has been there from the start. I can always count on him no matter the issue. He's always ready and willing to help. He has played a big role in peaking my interest in becoming an officer and really diving into KSI. I'm Very happy he introduced me to this amazing community. I've still got a lot to learn but I know no matter what I can always go to him. This is how he is with everyone he meets, he is a great leader and awesome person. ANd the winner is Got em Founder previous winners Omni, Riku, Oracle, Muramasa, Green, Veriitas And the nominees are Grimshot 77: During his time as a founder, he has been the staple for EO as a division. You can find him on the Join/Rejoin section daily, Always our member attending leader's meeting and running divisional meeting as well as being in parties with all memebers of his division. Well respected, and very knowledgeable using the expierence he has obtained while going through the ranks. Also was the general of a sqaud that produced 2 current 7 staff members and 4 out of KSI Gruntier 7: Gruntier was one of the members first to make me feel welcome in KSI, he had a positive attitude and a good sense of humour. Hanging with Gruntier and everyone else was great the atmosphere in parties was something to be appreciated, Gruntier had also had a hand in helping me 're join KSI. He is a supportive member and a great member in KSI. KSI HEBREW 7: HEBREW deserves this award because he always rises to the challenge with out blinking an eye, he grabs the storm by the clouds an comes out standing tall everytime an he'll continue to do it again an again. And the winner is Grimshott Co-Division Leader Previous Winners are: W1cc3d, Coden, Exodus, Jupiter, Sinister, Collector, True and the nominees are KSI BadKitty 7: Kitty not only is the most dedicated member I've ever met but she is also one of the hardest working. We may not agree on everything that’s happened in the past year but I can tell you that damn near everything she's done she's done to better this community. How she manages to keep up with half of the things she does is beyond me. She is constantly breaking the boundary set as the example of a good leader in KSI. Though this past year she's literally come from recruit to being the Co-Div in just a year. She's put her social life on the back burner, even trying to recruit people while out with friends. Sponsored countless gamer tag changes and overall done everything in her power to make this community a great place for every member. I feel like it's worth mentioning that she's the reason I joined KSI in the first place and have met everyone that I have thus far and for that I cannot be more grateful. DarkAngel 7: Dark is a great leader, she is easy to talk to, compassionate, level headed, and available. There have been times that as a member, I needed someone to talk to and she was there, ready to help in any way she could. Dark knows how to run a division well, and I have no doubt that she deserves an Of The Year. She deserves recognition for all her hard work. Cherry 7: KSI Cherry 7 has done wonders for Wicked Destruction. She works her butt off to make sure that everything in the division is running smoothly and properly. She always has a positive outlook on the future and the knowledge and ability to make the future positive. She is always checking in on everybody to make sure things are going well and just to have fun playing with everyone. She’s always promoting activity and growth and has the energy to deal with all of the issues that arise without letting it bring her down. There is no one I would’ve rather had replace KSI Trendies 7 after his promotion to director and it is for these reasons that I believe KSI Cherry 7 deserves the Co-Division-Leader-Of-The-Year award for 2017. And the Winner is KSI Badkitty 7 Division Leader Previous Winners are: Ak47sForAll, Rebellion, Hitman, IronCowboy, Docness, Havoc, MPliers, Ashhhh KSI Gambit 7: Gambit is one of those leaders that leads by example. Gambit never asks anyone to do something that he wouldn’t do himself. like so many DM leaders he truly cares about KSI and DMs growth and continued success. When I first met gambit he was a Co-Fo and I was a CPL. At the time I had no idea what a Co-Fo was all I knew was that it didn't matter what rank you are gambit would play and treat people like normal gamers and just have fun. It wasn’t until later when I became a General that I started to realize what all gambit did for DM. He was always trying to find new ways to help the squads improve themselves and their members. I watched as he tried to help save a dying squad not giving up even though others thought that it wasn't able to be saved. Gambit was dealt a short hand when he took over as the leader of DM but he never let it get him down he always had a positive attitude moving forward and helped DM turn around and flourish. KSI TexAngel 7: In my 4 years experience in KSI, Tex is one of the best Div Leaders I have ever had. She is always looking out for the best of every member in the division and every squad. However, she is very good at drawing the line and being strict when it is necessary. There is never a dull moment when you are in a party with Tex, whether it just be the conversation, or the random Tex-isms that spew out of her mouth while she is gaming. She takes the time and makes sure that every single member of ES feels welcomed and at home and thinks every move she makes through for all pros and cons it may have on the division. KSI W1CKED 7: If there's anyone in the entirety of KSI that I could call a mentor, it would be W1CKED. When I first joined into DM a year ago, I was amazed at all that he did for our Division. Moving up the ranks, he personally showed me what it really means to be an officer, and a leader. Whether anyone else could really see it, he poured his heart into making Demonic Mayhem a better place for all. He was always willing to give advice where it was needed to all members, and did his best to remind me that as you move through the ranks, there is just more added to your plate. The best part of this, is that watching him is what taught me how to handle all of that. He is patient, kind, and supportive, and is the main reason I am in this position within KSI today. And the Winner is KSI Tex Angel 7!!!
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    Gawd way to contribute, yes this is just a draft for content lol and no problem
  8. New years Message

    Hello KSI and welcome to 2018! This is going to be an exciting year to be a member of this community. The past year has been one of change for both good and bad. It has not been an easy year but it has also been one of the most exhilarating. The Key to success in this community is our ability to improvise, adapt and over come and i think 2017 has been the best example of that. Prior to putting out some future goals lets go over some of the major events of 2017 Some of the Good KSI has Grown by almost 25% Split our first division in years! (Hello CD) Established a Strong team in Web Ops again Depts Running more successfully then ever before HR Has opened, Community Education Program Established. LEAD Ran the most classes of any year prior Gfx/News/Productions Functioning at its highest level We've had the most participants at the largest Spirit week of all time We Run two new Events (Spring break, Fall Classic) And for some of the bad Our Growth Was excellent but we also back tracked through out the year a bit We lost some Good leaders, and we purged some Bad, creating waves of difficult weeks We have closed a few divisions KSI Has had a rise of the Edating life style (not all bad, just most lol) The New year is going to bring a lot of change which should be quite the adventure, Yet another future batch of leaders in this community, Some major shifts with in the highest ranks of the community and the brand new Divisional Cup year long competitions starting with Spring break ending at the Award Ceremony 2019! Goals of the future Continuing the Rise and progression of all Depts of KSI Starting the Divisional Cup Improved Clan Ops to Forum ops integration, Utilizing the forums for more the just business Running another amazing Spirit Week KSI to reach 4k member base Splitting Atleast 1 Division Community Education Program implementation and success Rags not losing his mind (we may have already lost this battle) Members becoming more familiar with the New handbook Bringing a new wave of highly talented leaders into the upper Fold of the community and KSI Still and always being a family <3 Things to Work on KSI not being an E dating service Following the Chain of Command (Solves many issues) Getting The Weekly Events participation Up Growing at a healthy rate Growing the Knowledge base of the community, Knowledge is Power Stream lining knowledge From Board meetings all the way to Squad meetings People being a bit light hearted Events to come Award Show Jan 14th 7 PM Eastern Divisional Cup starting Spring Break what do you guys think, this is just a rough draft and only my input, still to come many senior leaders addition as well. Feel free to add, remove or change anything and put it in a comment for a suggestion, we will be sending out in the first few days of 2018
  9. Streaming : Which would You Rather Watch?

    Bam!, pending on what Telltale game
  10. Merry Christmas

    Nothing but naughty list members in here
  11. KSI January Town Hall Jan 26th

    it's time to start taking questions for January's KSI Town Hall Q&A! trying to give you as much to submit questions this time around! The point of this post is for you to submit questions to the panels of leaders and members to answer at 8:00 p.m. EST on Friday, January 26! Post up any question/idea/topic about KSI, gaming, or whatever, below, and we will try to get to it. Feel free to post recommendations or whatever you want so our panel of leaders have topics to answer/discuss!
  12. Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day !
  13. Of the Years

    Yeah i agree with all of that, We generally plan out who announces what but people stink lol and the whole sunday thing is hopefully a one time event. It just happened to be the only day a large portion of people would be around but it is kind of a Poop day to hold the event