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  1. KSI RiiOT 7 - Outstanding Service Level 3

    Riot has been apart of this community, off andon since 2005, in that time he has both been in and ran several depts (Gfx, AAP) been a senior mod and newpy promoted wicked active admin, through out all the ranks of clan ops including opening out "reeducation" division Light bringer with luci (and he didnt kill him) through his times out of ksi hehas always come back with a bang when ever life and powers that be allowed it. In just the last 2 years he went from being hired as a senior mod, earning forums staff of the year, taking over the aap, redoing the core rules and structure of it. Bringing the outstanding service to the future, bringing back dotm, being promoted to admin and doing an outstanding job. His first 10 years in could have earned him the os3, but the last two have cemented it 100%. He is a funny knowledgeful inspiring leader of the community who spends a lot of time improving the environment for all future and present members (also a dope member of ASM) Fun fact for riot I met riot when he was out of ksi in 06/07 and prior to me joining. we played a lot of halo 2 with his pal killer dan, never talking about his ksi history, we lost touch during the move over to 360. Fast forward to the end of 2008 i was moving my way up and a director in ksi and he returned to ksi and he asked if i was the same fuzzymeep (obviously the name is a bit obscure) thus rekindling the friendship and making him the longest semi consistent friend i have had on the xbox
  2. Spirit Week 2018 Score Board

    Day 3 Standings 1st Place WD with 19 2nd Place EO with 18 3rd Place DM with 17 Karaoke 1st EO 2nd DM 3rd WD Rocket League 1st FI 2nd DW 3rd WD
  3. Spirit Week 2018 Score Board

    Day 2 standings 1st WD, 15 Points 2nd ES, EO, DM, LS 13 Points Halo 5 7's FFA 1st DW 2nd ES 3rd LS CoD Blops 2 1st WD 2nd DM 3rd DL Halo 5 CTF 1st LS 2nd DM 3rd FI
  4. Spirit Week 2018 Score Board

    Day 1 standings 1st EO, 10 Points 2nd WD, 9 Points 3rd ES, 8 Points Poker 1st DM 2nd (Tie) WD, EO MineCraft 1st (Tie) ES, WD 2nd DW 3rd DL Overwatch 1st EO 2nd LS 3rd ES
  5. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Welcome to the kick-off event of KSI Spirit Week 2018! This is the poll for the forums challenge. - This poll will open 8 EST June 20th, and end at 6 p.m. EST June 24th. - Members are only permitted to vote once, on their personal forums account. -To receive the KSI SPIRIT WEEK AWARD for 2018 you MUST both Post and Vote (If you do not belong to a division please just post) - Any member found violating forums policy by creating new accounts, or by logging in for others will be banned immediately and disqualified from Spirit Week events. - You must post in this thread after voting to receive your Spirit Week Participation award. - The division with the highest amount of votes (not posts) will win the Forums Challenge. - The Forums Challenge will be worth: 4 points for 1st place. 3 points for 2nd 2 points for 3rd to go toward your Spirit Week total. All other divisions will receive 1 point for participation as long as the division has received 20+ votes. If a division fails to meet 20+ Votes, they will receive 0 points towards their Spirit Week total.
  6. SW: Donors Event - Uno (6/24/18)

    KSI FuzzyMeep 7 BoD
  7. DR Resurrection Award

    I can say that all of that appears to check out, i know the numbers were super low and they did in fact grow fast and split, I cant find anything that supports the lowest number however....a specific co div didnt take notes
  8. Fuzzy's Meep 2: The Lost World

    Performance operations
  9. KSI Havoc 7 Outstanding Service Level 2

    Havoc Has been one of the best leaders this community has come across, for a member who has been through the ranks form pvt to Bod member all with out a mark on his permanent record. He then had some major life events occur which took him out of the fold for a year and a half, A lot changed in that time but he came back full force, unretiring and coming back to the fold as a temp cofo, which eventually turned into a a per position and even a promotion. he is currently taking lead in PO. 2nd in command for DW and a leading example of what someone in KSI should be. I would argue that he should and does qualify for OS3, due to prior BoD positions and running dept's
  10. Outstanding Service Award Level 3 VeRiiTaS 7

    Accomplishments (most not all) Running Lead Achieving Senior Director Strong showing and rebound of FI in spirit week and in general Having to take over and learn a lot regarding leadership in a short time ascending the ranks of FI Laying the ground work for Marketing Assisting in the recreation of the Handbook Char. Rita is an incredibly strong and smart leader. He has has been since i first met him in the lower ranks of FI. He was someone who was interested in not only the mechanics but the psychology of the community. His drive to learn more, do more and better himself showed clearly through his corny jokes and borderline toxic squad members. He rose rather fast through out the ranks, was not afraid to ask for help whether in handling an issue or improving a project. His ambitions got him areas in several depts, Forums and obviously clan ops. He has no issue answering questions of members, going down to squad levels or discussing the future of the community. His goals are to improve not only the community, but himself and the people around him. He def deserves OS3
  11. GandhiRita's Thunderdome

    I did say that, so how are you nate If you could start a new division what would you name it What is your most memorable moment of the community What is your motivation to keep doing things around this acronym Are you a ..... filthy casual
  12. Iphone 7 and up

    We are actually looking into a possible new site for merch, however we can recheck if they iphone cases go above 6 on our current site, or maybe even android cases (i dont think they do tbh)
  13. Questions regarding affiliates

    No problem
  14. GandhiRita's Thunderdome

    This place is bumpin i see
  15. Questions regarding affiliates

    We do not, in 2012/13 We decided that it was more important to focus inward on ourselves instead of worrying about other communities. Instead we look at it as everyone is friendly unless you are blacklisted due to being some type of threat (obvs SR is the same but that is more temp then total solution) We have gotten closer to some coms through out the years and it generally doesnt work out. leaders can have working arrangements but when actual communities get closer it always ends with someone poaching somewhere and adding unneeded drama