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  1. miss u xoxo

    1. Raggard T. Bear

      Raggard T. Bear

      Omfg , how did I not see this till now. Obey where you be!

  2. Marketing KSI putting us on the map and on the road to revenue

    While I do appreciate your enthusiasm, you are going about this in an 'odd' way and as bear mentioned, money isn't why any of us are here, or at least it shouldn't be. We do however already have merchandise(that sells) and receive generous donations from our members, as well as many leaders donating money and prizes. Every thing we earn is put back into the community, as this is not a for profit corporation. Again thank you for your idea and enthusiasm and feel free to promote KSI's official mediums and merch.
  3. (Opinion) The "Recruit Tag" System Needs to Die

    You have been here long enough to be aware we have a bad word filter for certain words, please don't try to bypass it again.
  4. Hey man, my hometown is around Memphis. Blytheville AR 

  5. I just wanted to show some love:)

    Since you know your the best hubby around town:)

    Dont let anyone tell you differently :*

    love ya hubby pooh :heart::queen::wub::Rose:

    1. Bubbles


      ohhhhhhh you is in trouble lololol cheese grater!!!!!

  6. Having a Ksi custom controller!

    It depends on what type of custom controllers you are talking about. KSI Chicken 7 was making custom controllers for us last year and we sold them through the store, but it wasn't really about the profit, more of just a nice thing for him members who wanted it. He and KSI weren't seeing a profit from it(intentionally)...but those took alot of time and effort to make. KSI Paratroop 7 can also do custom shelled controllers, but we normally reserve that for prizes for certain events. Alot of the bigger custom controller companies let you send in your personal controllers and have them customize the functions and what not, but those are still rather expensive. This isn't to say we couldn't try to do them through the shop again, but we would have to find a cheap source of controllers and someone with enough time to dedicate to them. Thank you for the suggestion.
  7. KSI Global App

    If you are using kik that means you can probably use tapatalk or the mobile theme. Tapatalk is the most used used and popular ipb(our forums software) app currently available. People have spent quite a bit of time and money to make and continuously improve that app. If you have suggestion to make it better, I would suggest you submit it to them, its far more likely they will improve that app, than we will find a development team to work for free to make us an app.
  8. We're Hiring!

    Thank you very much to everyone who applied. Plz congratulate Huck and Laffy on becoming KSI's newest moderators, we will be selecting the final two members within the next few days.
  9. somthing that i have been wondering

    As someone who has had financial issues up until recently, still a struggle but I have a pretty decent job now. 10 bucks can be a lot of money at times, but it’s kind of hard to say that when xbox live gold is not free, and the main games KSI operate on are not free. If you are having financial issues of that magnitude, changing your name to KSI, or what rank you are in KSI, should not be your first priority. I say that from personal experience. Now as jess so eloquently said, there are people that are normally willing to help members out if they want to make that commitment. KSI is a large and loving community, so it’s not normally hard to find someone willing to help people in need. With certain ranks come certain responsibilities, one of the biggest being to represent the community. The easiest way to rep the community is to put KSI in your gamertag.
  10. say hi

    I was told my people don't have souls, but if we do, I think chicken owns it!
  11. Stargate

    Yeah not a really big fan of Emerich and all the crap he has talked about the TV shows.
  12. Stargate

    Used to do a yearly rewatch of the 3 series, now i do one every two or 3 years. But SG1 is my favorite, then Atlantis, and SGU. Unlike alot of Stargate fans, I liked SGU from the beginning....but i really wish they would have atleast gotten to finish that last arc. I was really happy to see MGM was letting people make Stargate material again, until I saw it wasn't going to be an add on to the tv show universe. While i liked the original movie, the tv shows are my all time favorite series on tv period.