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  1. Top Recruiters September 2019 DM @KSI WHISKEY82 @KSI Trixie DL @KSI LilDucky DW @KSI UNDYING WD @CryBaby909
  2. Hey there! If you don't know me let me quickly Introduce myself. (No this isn't a me leaving just wanted to share this for a while) I am KSI Greenday 7 or as I used to be known as KSI GreendayFox. I am a member who originally joined on July 24th 2013. I was born into the community in a division called Divine Reign it was and always be my home, it had the best year of my life under amazing people who aren't here anymore and I have since moved to many divisions and been through ranks up to General in Clan Operations. I took a break from KSI late 2015 due to life and having a lot of growing to do. I met a member called KSI FadeZ 7 before I left and we became the bestest of friends he was the one who actually asked me to rejoin. After a few months of asking I caved and rejoined into Forced Induction in 2018. I was not in the best place personally with myself and in just my home life I had been recovering from a horrible car accident that affected my pregnancy at the time and I felt like I needed a escape. I met so many amazing people when I rejoined. FadeZ introduced me to the group he is close to being KSI AIRBORNE 7 and KSI CAVALRY 7 now KSI Kakashii 7. I really cant express how nice it felt to be around a bunch of people able to just have fun again. I hadn't played video games for 2 months so I missed a lot and I had people to talk to again. Even though my time has had Major ups and downs, I still appreciate this community and all the friends I have made, in addition to the ones I've mentioned, KSI Yeet Queen, KSI Harmony 7, KSI ChattyKathy, KSI Arc 7, KSI Dark AngeI 7, KSI ROCKDOG 7, KSI EXODUS 7, KSI xKing 77, KSI December 77, KSI Hatter 77, KSI Jynxie 7, KSI VENUM 7, KSI HAVOC 7, KSI Luci Lux 7, KSI Bad Kitty 7, I know there are a lot more but these are the ones off the top of my head. I appreciate the patience some have had for me and I deeply apologize for any and all mistakes I have made in the past and now. I just am always so hard on myself for messing the simplest things. Even with the bad that happens I still love this community even if I left I wouldn't go anywhere else it wouldn't change how I feel about this community. I learned leader skills (even though I am super shy I still have gotten a lot better) I also learned I'm obsessed with how to present text on things on the internet now (Thanks December) Long story short, Im grateful for the things I got to achieve that I couldn't even fathom being blessed to do here, I made it to Forums Moderator (Thank you RIiot) I survived being slandered and attacked by most of a division and didn't leave (Thank you Bad Kitty and Ronin) I helped revive a Department and made it successful again with my best friends (Thanks December and FadeZ) I have grown immensely as a person since rejoining (thank you everyone) KSI means Growth, Truth, and Love to me Anything is possible here and I am happy to have joined and met everyone. I am so happy I have my new jacket to walk around and rep our community. So believe in yourself and if you are feeling like you are struggling tell someone there are people who want to help and keep gaming with a smile! <3 P.s. You are all Foxy Potatos
  3. Top Recruiters for August 2019 DL @KSIseclusiveTwo @KSI FearTheSLnC DM @KSI LilDreamer✨ DW @Mar7yTheZebra69 @KSI LuckLegend LS @KSI Legendz WD @KSI M1CK3Y
  4. Member has participated in the Twitter Blitz for the last 2 months
  5. YeetQueen has been one of the hardest working people I've seen in KSI. For a newer member she has taken a lot of responsibility in clan ops she went through having multiple people doubt her, she got that side eye from members who arent here anymore because you know what? She got the job done! She is always playing with other members from everywhere because she isnt afraid to talk to people. She is super sweet to everyone and now has the title of "Mama Yeet" from a lovely person in Divine Warriors and she makes a huge impression wherever she goes. Shes the member people are jealous of because she can do, - Officer Duties / General duties in Sovereign Legacy - She can handle her HSI duties especially now helping myself and Fadez being a senior staff! - She was able to do her Marketing duties every day and get into parties to help members sign up and be involved for her division. - She was always ontop of her Join Area duties making sure people answer honestly and truthfully and helping keep our community safe. - Now she is in T&E which that's every week end and probably more that she is constantly pitching ideas, pushing events, helping members sign up and help those that dont know how to use the forums! If I could I would say this woman does so much she deserves Level 2. But I hope this is enough to show that KSI YeetQueen a.k.a Emily is a Outstanding member in our lovely community and we are all super lucky to have such a caring person who will do anything for all of us even putting her health on the back burner when we all want her to keep calm. <3
  6. Unfortunately member has not participated in the Twitter blitz for August she only participated in July's.
  7. Member has participated in the Twitter Blitz for the last 2 months
  8. Member has participated in the Twitter Blitz for the last 2 months!
  9. Member has participated in the Twitter Blitz for the last two months!
  10. Member has participated in the Twitter Blitz for the last two months.
  11. Member has participated in the Twitter Blitz for the last two months
  12. I can say for a fact Airborne Deserves this award. He is that guy you hear stories about when you have never met him, and one of the people who I look up to. He teaches everyone so much about everything, he will help you out without complaint and give you the information you need like hes a walking encyclopedia of everything. He's done a fantastic job with Courts and the AAP being former Department head for Courts he always took it seriously, when I got trained to be a judge he explained to me in great detail what I'd be doing and what is to be expected. He used to be a Founder in Clan ops and you'll see in whatever area he is in he will stick up for his people and always do what's best for us. In the AAP I have never seen this department run so smoothly and have such a higher standard in years, he is on point with answering people's questions and getting the job done. He recently worked with HSI to come up with ways on how he can help both giving HSI more to do and make it easier to help award people new awards since we keep track of everything. Without his constant efforts even being a new dad I think this community would be completely different.
  13. 871ecf0aa598fd88-you-are-awesome-gif-11-

    1. Greenday 7

      Greenday 7

      Biggest freaking high five my 5ft short self can give

  14. Director Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI xKing 77 (Director) Link to forums account - @Mr. King 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - King has helped as a director for HSI in keeping us up to date on when director assignments change as well he has been dedicated to clan ops for a long time and he has never turned members away with issues and he will help any way he can. Forum Staff (ADMIN/MODS/DEPARTMENT HEADS) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI AIRBORNE 7 (Forums Mod, AAP Department Head) Link to forums account - @Airborne Reasoning why they deserve this - Airborne has been a huge change to the AAP section, AAP has been running smooth as butter since he took control there has been a standard set and its been amazing seeing the department flourish the way it has. He worked with HSI To utilize the Department for a better system in awarding the newest awards that has spiked activity for events! Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI FadeZ 7(HSI Department Head, Join Area Moderator, News Member) Link to forums account - @FadeZ 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - All around FadeZ deserves this award because in every area he has his hands in he excels in.He is ontop of all the Join applications and helping all the members in HSI as well as being a seasoned member in News he is also now a Leadership ambassador which shows his dedication.
  15. I will witness for FadeZ having contributed to the Ideas of multiple factors in HSI as well as being there with myself and December with the ideas. He came up with the ideas of multiple Stats threads that we use to keep track for other departments to use for the divisional cup and overall participation. He was the one who had ideas about how we can improve on Divisional History, Squad evaluations, and the spotlight awards program that we use to help recognize members and give them a literal spotlight on the global site.
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