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  1. Name: KSI Akame 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Akame 7 Award-/-Achievement: Dedicated Reason-/-Evidence: I have been back in KSI Since 5/6/17 and had a KSI Tag all the way since rejoining @Mr. DropShot Can confirm this so can @Loyalty Paradox
  2. Name: KSI Akame 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Akame 7 Award-/-Achievement: human billboard Reason-/-Evidence: will provide evidence upon request
  3. Results and attendance: KSI DropShot 7- 1st place Bio Zhi- 2nd place KSI Akame 7- 3rd place KSI Akame 7 KSI META x KSI Lycans KSIMONLEYSEE KSI Squeek 7 KSI Floppy KSIxMitsuki KSI Callan05 KSI Twizy KSI DropShot 7 KSI AtomXGen KSI MeShell 7 KSI VIP3R KSI KingDew KSIDemonWolf Bio Zhi KSI Fire KSI Cloud
  4. The community has spoken and it is a GTA V race event which will be using Sports cars The event starts at 8:00pm EST, and sign-ups close promptly two hours before the event starts. (6:00pm EST.) All proxy post must be approved by KSI DropShot 7 or KSI Akame 7. Late signups will not be permitted. Please use the following format when signing up: Gamertag: Division:
  5. Name: KSIxSWAG#3760 Link to Forums Account: @KSIxUSMCxSWAG Award-/-Achievement: Outstanding Service Level 1 Reason-/-Evidence: I am nominating this gentleman for his outstanding service award for a few reasons he has been a long standing member in WD and has been a captain for a hot minute too, he has had his ups and downs like everyone that takes the step into leadership but has ALWAYS stepped up when it’s needed and he is a pillar of support in Anarchy, he is a recruiting powerhouse but not only that he has amazing member retention because he truly cares for each and every member and t
  6. As Co-head of T&E I can confirm brownie has participated in at least 3 consecutive months of weekend warfares
  7. Team Captain: KSI Akame 7 Division: WD Teammate: KSI META x Division: WD Teammate: KSI Lycans Division: WD
  8. Rocket League 1v1 Results: 1st: KSI Fenny 2nd: KSI Cr0w 3rd: KSI Echo13 and KSI x SCORPIO Attendance: V01DIFEXP1R3D PSYCHO GAY GUY KSI Fenny KSI Jupiter 7 KSI x SCORPIO KSI Echo13 KSI Sniper#4895 KSI Cr0w xBrøwnie VI
  9. Head of T&E: KSI DropShot 7 Co-Head of T&E: KSI Akame 7 Senior T&E Staff: KSI AtomXGen T&E Staff: ES: KSI Shadow007 KSI FearTheSLnC WD: KSI MeShell 7 KSI xBrownie KSI xRAGEx KSI Spvrkle KSI Sniper
  10. I can verify this member is in T&E
  11. Name: KSI xRAGEx Link to Forums Account: @KSIxRage Award-/-Achievement: Helping Hand Reason-/-Evidence: this member has been getting involved in the community more and more and when a number of our squad started playing the new game Rogue Company this very kind individual has bought me the game so as a general I could play the game with my members
  12. Gamertag: KSI Akame 7 Team: Department/web ops
  13. Date: 07/27/20 Forums Certified Workshop Hosted By: KSI Akame 7 Attendance: KSI Cable - @KSI Cable KSI xRAGEx - @KSIxRage KSI Dxnk - @Savage_Slays00
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