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  1. Award:Basic Training Evidence: Attended and participated in the Basic Training Workshop Host: KSI Barb130 Attendance: @KSI PRicanMatos @KSI USMC0317 @KSI ViP3R @KSICobra @Shy Lust Demon
  2. Division: ES Gamertag: KSI LONEWOLF684 Link to Profile: @KSI LONEWOLF684 Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: CPT Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? Yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes Awards: LT of the Year, Top recruiter of the month, all CEPs Testimony: Lonewolf is the best captain a Gen could hope for. I know when something needs to be done, he has probably already done it. He is proactive and always willing to learn more.He has overcome his natural shyness to reach out to the members in the squad and division. He has been a great example to the officers he trains and is always there to answer questions from lower ranking members. There is no question in my mind he is ready to be Gen and can't wait to see that day! Why does this member belong in your division’s Hall of Fame? Please explain. Lonewolf is hardworking, always willing to do more and be there for members and other officers. Even though He is in the UK, he if often still online until 8PM eastern. He is even-tempered which helps in potentially volatile situations. Along with all the things mentioned above ES would be privileged to have Lonewolf in their Hall of fame
  3. Link to Forums Account: @KSI Barb130 Award-/-Achievement: 2020 donor Reason-/-Evidence:
  4. One of my favorite sayings came from the Babylon 5 Show. It was "The avalanche has started it is too late for the pebbles to vote" It is so typical of me to want to fix something that is way passed fixing. I just have to learn what caused the avalanche and what I need to do to prevent it from happening again. So I guess this is less a mantra and more a warning to myself to not let little things build into an avalanche
  5. to me the holidays are getting together with family that generally we are too busy to get together much during the year. This year I had a friends christmas party then one of my brothers christmas party then my sister's on Christmas eve and back to my brither's today... so it;s been a busy week
  6. Name: Link to Forums Account: @KSI Barb130 Award-/-Achievement: 2019 donor Reason-/-Evidence: PLease see post above it won't let me post the screen shot
  7. I have bee a KSIlive twitch subscriber for at least 2 months. In addition I have made a $10 donation today:
  8. Map Holder: KSI Barb130 Division: ES Members: killedher91 KSI sl8y GoldAmberle KSI FryBread KSI TexAngel 7 KSI Jynxie 7 KSI Pathfinder KSI Karisaur KSI Dabbasaur KSI Kaos Reeper KSI Calico KSI LadyJenny KSI Jaeger KSI Painter26 KSI PepsiMan597 KSI Sac2Loo2Sac KSI StarDragon NightShade203
  9. Award: Squad Leadership Host @KSI Barb130 Squad Leadership workshop given 12/7/19 Attendance: KSI Promethea @KSI PROMETHEA KSI LONEWOLF684 @KSI LONEWOLF684
  10. Award: Train the Trainer Host @KSI Barb130 TTT workshop given 12/7/19 Attendance: KSI Moto 7 @KSI MoTo KSI Promethea @KSI PROMETHEA KSI Vonner 7 @KSI Iron Lord Meta 7 KSI WelshMarine @KSI WELSHmarine
  11. Award: Basic Training Evidence: Attended Basic Training Workshop Host KSI Barb130 Attendance: KSI Vonner 7 @KSI Iron Lord Meta 7 killerher91 @killher91 (profile removed???)
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