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  1. I will drop my vote to witness. Dropshot has personally helped me several times with both Forums & T&E questions. Thank you for all that you do @Mr. DropShot!
  2. KSI Uppish @KSI Uppish Committed I've been in KSI for well over one year. As @KSIxROMEO 7 or @Cookie Monster can attest.
  3. Round of Applause (Verified): Yes Staff Award: Heart & Soul
  4. KSI Cringle @KSI CRINGLE GamerScore Hoarder This member has 20k+ GS & a gold KSI Tag
  5. @KSI xGHOST21x, that's great! Please have KSI NightGunner post on this thread verifying that you've been in KSI for 3+ consecutive years with a KSI GamerTag.
  6. GS Collector (Verified): Yes @KSI xGHOST21x, do you have a witness you can call on to attest you've been in KSI for 3+ years with a KSI GamerTag?
  7. Legen-: Yes Staff Award: Air Force Support
  8. Round of Applause (Verified): Yes Staff Award: Optic Requiem
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