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  1. Clip Commander (Verified): Yes
  2. Skyrim everything!! lol @KSI LilDreamer knows what's good
  3. Alright time to recognize some more lovely people. @KSI Zordon started his time in KSI with a bang! Earning "Member of the Month" in his very first month here. Since then he's risen to 2LT in Hellborn, joined the History Department, and truly come into his own as an officer. At first, Zordon had a little trouble with how his actions can be perceived by everyone, no matter their rank, or area of expertise in KSI. Eventually he understood the different aspects of KSI. And has begun to mentor some of the newer officers in Hellborn. I couldn't be more proud of this man and how he's grown is such a short time. @KSI Fats McGee, @KSI WinterMoth, & @KSI Joker46571 for handling the Insanity transition with a lot professionalism and class. Even though their squad got shut down, they made sure to reach out to every member and get them transitioned into a new KSI home. Many of whom came to Hellborn. WinterMoth and Joker also continued on as officers. And have both worked diligently and tirelessly in Hellborn to ensure that former Insanity members are well integrated and introduced to the current Hellborn members. They've been largely successful and managed to successfully mix the former Insanity members into Hellborn.
  4. KSI Uppish

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    KSI WacknWabbit @KSI WacknWabbit Clip Commander
  5. KSI Uppish

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    Greek food is supposed to be amazing. Always heard good things about it
  6. KSI Shocker @KSI Shocker Clip Commander https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU2_8ioplQc Look at around 3:00 - 3:15
  7. KSI Uppish

    Uppish Multi-Nom

    KSI Uppish @KSI Uppish Friendly & Approachable I've won the day 6 times. Good Karma I have 100+ Rep on the Forums FTW I've participated the past 4 Twitter Blitz events. @KSI Starset 7 @KSI JAK KNIFE 7 HSI can verify
  8. Legen- : Yes Ripple Effect: Yes On Point: Yes Round of Applause: Yes Three Cheers: Not at this time Staff Awards: TBD
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