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      KSI Turkey Bowl   10/31/2017

      Hello, KSI Turkey Bowl is set and we have days, times, and events! Each day will have two events, both starting at 8 p.m. EST! T&E will be hosting each tournament, and sign-ups will be posted in the Turkey Bowl Forums Section! http://www.ksiforums.org/forum/366-turkey-bowl/ The winner(s) of each tournament will receive a prize that is yet to be determined. Keep your ears out for prize announcements. --- Schedule November 24th: (8pm EST x2) •Halo 5 - Swat: 2v2 1.
      •Karaoke - Current Top 100 (Skype) November 25th: (8pm EST x2) •Rocket League - 2v2
      •Overwatch Mystery Heroes November 26th: (8pm EST x2) •CoD WW2 - FFA
      •Prominence Poker - (1,000 chip buy in) --- Twitch Sub Club If you haven't donated and wish to, please Subscribe to KSILive, KSI's Twitch Channel! https://twitch.tv/ksilive During the final day of the event, the only day with a central hub party, we will be doing the Twitch Sub Lottery! For every $5 donated through a Twitch subscription since Fall Classic, you will receive 1 ticket in the lottery. **The winner of this drawing will get a free digital game download of your choice!** Remember, if you don't Subscribe, you can't win! And of course, a $5 donation for a possible $60 game seems like a good deal. -- KSI Award Show This is also a good time to mention KSI's Award Show, which will be one of the first two weekends of January 2018. There we will announce the KSI 2017 'Of the Year' winners. The OTYs will be open from November through mid-December in the AAP Section. http://www.ksiforums.org/forum/82-aap/ This will be the next KSI event and the next opportunity to win a Twitch Sub Lottery!


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  1. Skarzx Plays: ?????

    Always possible
  2. Skarzx Plays: ?????

    With Scotland!
  3. Recruit Tribal,Reporting for duty!

    If you drink your whiskey from the skulls of your enemies, we shall be friends.
  4. Your thoughts on CoD WWII

    So far I like it. The HQ is a different feature which CoD hasn’t done before and they’ve executed it well.
  5. Current Department Heads/CoHeads

    Updated 30th October 2017
  6. Hi

    Hi Tony! I am Scotland from the UK too! Welcome to the club!
  7. A Fan Art Section on the forums

    You could make it yourself silly Akame
  8. General Chat

    I want to get fat from beer
  9. Twitch Sub Award

    It's Scheduled for upload this evening.
  10. General Chat

    Only if you are a clown and I can be a lion 0.0
  11. KSI July 28 Town Hall Q&A Question Submission

    Which games coming out in the next 6 months will the senior leadership be looking at to potentially make new squad types on?
  12. Spirit Week Director Cup Winner Award

    @Pirate Chinbeard 7 Happy with this?
  13. Type of Image / Size: Award Image: N/A Main Text: Fear The Beard Subtext (if any): N/A KSI Logo (yes/no): No Additional Comments: If you could, please match the award to the current style and text as we have now.
  14. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    Everyone enjoy themselves!
  15. AAP Dept. Requests

    They're perfect bud, cheers.