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  1. Mod apps (Closing 9/25/17)

    Gamertag: KSI Scotland 7 Division/Squad/Rank: AAP / Trocity LS - Department Head / Super SGT How active are you on the forums daily? Being conservative 2-6 hours throughout the day What kind of past experience do you have being a Mod? I have been a section mod continuously for the past 3 years. What do you seek in becoming a Mod? I seek to further my plan on forums domination / Continuing my goals on expanding my ability to assist the community via the forums. Why would you make a great candidate? I have a proven track record of commitment to the site, however I know where I stand on teams and can work with whomever. Do you understand that this is a voluntary position and if we feel you are not doing your job correctly, we have the right to remove you? Yup Finally and most importantly do you have a fun personality and can jump in on jokes and not get butthurt? Im ready for you!
  2. A Fan Art Section on the forums

    You could make it yourself silly Akame
  3. Twitch Sub Award

    It's Scheduled for upload this evening.
  4. AAP staff application (open until 8th August 2017 )

    The AAP team is looking to bringing in new staff members, and once the application closes, selected members will be enrolled into our training program. We are looking for dedicated, hard-working and active staff members, that can help the department grow. Applications close September 8th, 2017 READ BEFORE APPLYING: There are certain expectations on the staff of the AAP department, and this includes (but is not limited to); Regular and Constant activity in the Of The Month Awards voting AND normal nominations, Regular and Constant activity in the staff discussions, Spreading information and knowledge pertaining to the department and big events (like the Of The Month Awards). Upon acceptance, new staff members will enter a training program to help you learn the ropes, and this is attached to a three month trial period (to ensure that you are a fit for the department, and the department is a fit for you). If you feel you can't give us this or can participate in our training program, please don't apply. PLEASE COPY AND COMPLETE THIS FORM. Name/ Gamertag: Rank/Title (If applicable): Time spent on the forums (Daily): Experience and Time in KSI: Why you feel you are the right person to join the AAP (Please provide details): Are you able to meet deadlines set for you? Are you willing to undergo an Interview in addition to this application? What do you wish to get out of this application? - (Please do not answer to get on the staff, think about it). Are you apart of any other departments? If yes, which one/s? If to advance the department, I was to ask you to join another department, how would you feel? Do you have any pending applications for other departments? If yes, which one/s? Is there any further information you would like me to know, to put forwards towards your application? Thank you for applying to this program. KSI Scotland 7 & KSI Emmmy 7
  5. Which games coming out in the next 6 months will the senior leadership be looking at to potentially make new squad types on?
  6. Spirit Week Director Cup Winner Award

    @Pirate Chinbeard 7 Happy with this?
  7. Type of Image / Size: Award Image: N/A Main Text: Fear The Beard Subtext (if any): N/A KSI Logo (yes/no): No Additional Comments: If you could, please match the award to the current style and text as we have now.
  8. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    Everyone enjoy themselves!
  9. AAP Dept. Requests

    They're perfect bud, cheers.
  10. AAP Dept. Requests

  11. AAP Dept. Requests

  12. AAP Dept. Requests

  13. AAP Dept. Requests

  14. AAP Dept. Requests

    Le Burmp