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  1. KSI BLICKY Member Assistance

    Howdy, This guy has answered questions for myself regarding the community. - mainly clan ops. Also I may point out that you only require 3 witnesses for this nomination. Thanks.
  2. Gamer score Hoarder For KSI CK Sora

    Awarded Closed.
  3. Gamer score Hoarder For Giratina10

    Does not meet requirement of award. Closed.
  4. KSI Philosophy returns again

    You made another account?
  5. KSI Pastries 7 - Scotlands Jacobites/Spring Break 2017

    It’s not a nomination based award, however yes pastries did have it prior to his account merge.
  6. Marketing Application Form

    Updated Application; Application: As a team we strive to make KSI members more active with all events that are occurring within KSI, this includes but is not limited to; Weekend Warfare, Annual Events, OTMs, OTYs, SYTYCW, Member Spotlights, Clips and Montages. Our goal is to encourage everyone to participate in all events within the community. We accomplish this goal by posting events on Social Media, Xbox, and all KSI based chats available. We are looking for 2-3 representatives per division, only one may be a 7, to spread the word of all KSI events and drive up awareness and participation. All applicants should be outside-the-box thinkers who enjoy meeting new people and getting involved to make KSI a better place. If you are interested, please make your own topic and fill out the following form: For your topic name, please copy and fill in the blank: (Name) Marketing Application Ex; KSI Jessii 77 Marketing Application Gamertag: Squad/Division: Age: Discord: What is your Marketing and or KSI experience: What are your strengths? What activities and or parts of KSI interest you? What would you do to maximise participation in KSI's forums, departments, and clan ops events? Are you a creative person or have any creative graphics abilities? (Marketing advertisements, etc.) Are you currently in any other KSI Departments? Do you have any active applications with other KSI Departments? Any comments or questions:
  7. Self nominations

    Hi guys, love that you are nominating and want some awards, but you cant self nominate for these. Check out this thread;

    KSI Mayor has 20,702 Gamerscore KSI Anup has 22,565 Gamerscore KSI memes has 42,806 Gamerscore.
  9. AAP Staff: Current as of 25th Jan. 2018

    Updated 12/03/18
  10. KSI Kaos Reeper GS Hoarder/Master

    I can verify KSI Kaos Reeper has 52,553 Gamerscore. Evidence: Kaos Reeper
  11. Guide to the AAP Department

    Updated 12/03/18
  12. General Chat

    Is it Greenday?! Oh lawd. Hide yo cookies!
  13. Current Department Heads/CoHeads

    Updated 01 Feb. 2018
  14. AAP Staff: Current as of 25th Jan. 2018

    Updated 25/01/18