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  1. So You Think You Can Write: Gamertags!

    I have enjoyed these so far, Figured I would join in! In 2008 my father - who is in the Royal Air Force - was sent on loan to work with the US Navy to help develop the F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet. He was given the option to bring his family, which he did! (This includes me!) We moved to Maryland on October 31st 2008, and I being the Only Scottish person most people in my new High School had met, quickly gave me the Nickname - "Scotland". Moving forwards to 2009, I met a guy who was a Halo 3 FANATIC! We immediately got along and I started going over after school, and during the weekends. Eventually I made my own account as to track my stats and get my own Armour - Lets be honest, being a guest isn't cool. We brainstormed for alot of the night trying to come up with a name, eventually we settled on FamedScotland. This is because; A) In my county, everyone knew me, I was locally Famous! (Slight Exaggeration there) B ) Everyone called me Scotland! Then in 2013, I joined KSI, became KSIxScotland and whenever I got Co founder - KSI Scotland 7! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed yours!
  2. KSI January Town Hall Jan 26th

    What is the importance of following the chain of command, and not jumping to the most senior person you can find available? Why does Doc Love to stream? When will para give his lambo to Scotland?
  3. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone! Post up and I’ll throw you the Xmas award!
  4. gingerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    1. Scotland


      I like ya faceee

    2. go away

      go away

      got you to look again

  5. Skarzx Plays: ?????

    Always possible
  6. Skarzx Plays: ?????

    With Scotland!
  7. Recruit Tribal,Reporting for duty!

    If you drink your whiskey from the skulls of your enemies, we shall be friends.
  8. Your thoughts on CoD WWII

    So far I like it. The HQ is a different feature which CoD hasn’t done before and they’ve executed it well.
  9. Current Department Heads/CoHeads

    Updated 30th October 2017
  10. Hi

    Hi Tony! I am Scotland from the UK too! Welcome to the club!
  11. A Fan Art Section on the forums

    You could make it yourself silly Akame
  12. General Chat

    I want to get fat from beer
  13. Twitch Sub Award

    It's Scheduled for upload this evening.