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  1. Once KSI Always KSI.

    While the content of this was productive and great, the tone has been lowered far too far. Im closing it up now.
  2. 1st car ideas for 5k or less

    My first car was, and still is a Saab 9-3 Vector Sport. I love this thing. In the UK a first car it typically a 1.2L Petrol bug looking thing.
  3. KSI RiiOT 7 - Outstanding Service Level 3

    Riiot is a one in a million member within this community, someone who sees it for what it is, and should be. When I met Riiot it was in his interview for joining the AAP team, many moons ago, He knew his stuff - It may have been a little out of date info but the basics were there. He moved from strength to strength throughout the department and when I received my own Promotion (Punishment) he was the obvious choice to move into an AAP leadership role. He made each person who he worked with feel welcome and wanted, and was able to ensure that no matter what was going on around the department, his focus was only on the members and the functioning of the department. When the Head vacancy came up, I recall being excited to tease him with a promotion to head, but he didn't care. Like myself he sees the title less important than the job itself. Which while making me very sad that I couldn't have my fun - Made me finally realise what kind of asset has been brought into my camp. Since that fated day when I finally moved him to department head he has moved from strength to strength, rarely needing my support nowadays - He has with the support of his AAP team, Overseen the creation of the Divisional Hall of Fame program, Revitalised the Divisional Mile Stone program, and overseen the largest activity flourish the department has ever seen. While all of the above was ongoing he was also a senior mod of these here forums. He was constantly moving around the forums - specifically clean up the messes that I had left all over the place, and ensuring the the ModCP was clean and shiny for any admins watching us from their podiums in the sky. While my words on his moderating mean little, his efforts are evident due to his position now as a Admin. This is something that less than 0.001% of the community achieve and it is through only hard work and dedication that this is achieved. Since becoming an Admin Riiot took over Leaders & Department Access granting, monitoring and removing, and boy does he do it quickly. Typically if any access is requested it will be fulfilled same day - a change which was greatly appreciated by the entirety of department Operations, I am sure everyone else appreciated it too, however I cannot speak for them! The summarise all of the above - Riiot consistently goes beyond what is expected of him, or anyone in a similar position. He cares for this great community with a burning passion that will not go out anytime soon, and is reflected in each action he takes.
  4. Once KSI Always KSI.

    I have no friends, sorry However on a serious note, if they are still on xbox and have left the community fair play to them. If they have left because they are too busy, and yet still play xbox and hang around the people people - why did they really leave? Hanging out as a Sgt / Cpl is perfectly fine.
  5. KSI renagade

    Hey Fozzbot! How you doing!? Sinister isnt around im afraid, but I am!
  6. Follow The Leader

  7. No one is answering me

    Thats not your gamertag, I just spend time searching and your gamertag is o0 M3RCURY 0o. Who's your friend?
  8. Current Department Heads/CoHeads

    Updated 26th August
  9. KSI Squeek 7 - Bright Idea

    Duplicate - closed.
  10. KSI ODINN 7 - OS Lvl 2

    KSI Odin 7. The last man standing in Twisted Warfare. This is how myself and Odin met, He was the last member of the divisional leadership team in TW - Twisted Warfare. We were both co founders at the time and were introduced by the Seniors due to the fact our Divisions were to be merged TW into LS. This weighed in heavy on Odin, he tried his damnedest but he could not make TW continue, not through the lack of trying. He was committed to each and every member that came with him from TW to LS, and fought to ensure that they were integrated fully. However this didn't end it for Odin. Once our integration was done he steamrolled on forwards. He was my right hand man in so many more ways than can be described here. He ensure that anything I had missed, it was followed up on, anything that was outstanding was done. He is a finisher kind of guy. He likes following through and getting the job done. Between us we made LS a powerhouse division once again. He raised his last squad - Trocity: to the top of the Divison, along side my Love squad: Echo. Odins life got in the way shortly after my departure to EF, and he departed us to sort his stuff. Odin returned recently and has already battled his way through the trials and tribulations that LS has gone through, and the majority of this community in recent months. Within his recent outstanding service that I have witnessed: I hopped into a workshop that LS was hosting, and he was there. I looked at who was in a game night for one of LSs squads, and he was there. Odin is with his members the entire time he is online, he doesn't miss an opportunity to spend time and ensure they are enjoying the community to its fullest!
  11. KSI Akame 7 OS level 2 award

    I will witness for Akame. Now this witness is going to be majority for his first time in KSI. Akame was a spunky Captain when I met him, he ran his squad - legend LS under Mufasa - You old folks in here will remember him. He ran it like a ship captain, or rather like one of the best officers I have ever seen. All organisation was done by him, started by him and then passed to the relevant person or he was at least present for it. He never missed a gamenight, nor a squad event or Meeting - He usually hosted most of the Officer meetings and When his general was not present he was always there. When I promoted him to General, he did not miss a beat - Continuing to train his officer staff to be one of the best in the division, and teaching them more than the usual officer things. He made them highly competent and comfortable with conflict resolution. The squads activity topped the division under Akame and eventually he was promoted into the Divisional 7s team - as a co founder. I unfortunately had to watch this from the side lines as I had moved to EF however I saw him move from Co founder throughght (co div?) Division Leader. He grew LS to a size which was unseen in that division for many years, 350+ members, and potentially looking at the first LS division split in the better part of half a decade! He has a quality that few leaders have - He uses his position not to grow his ego and throw it around, to grow his "power" and "authority" but to better the community for his members, and he does the dirty work to ensure that they are able to enjoy themselves and not have to worry about the "Other stuff". Kudos to you Akame, keep it up.
  12. KSI Scotland 7 Sig request

    They look great guys, Feel free to close this.
  13. Type of Image/Size: Choose one of the following. - Standard Signature Image: Main Text: Scotland 7 Subtext (if any): Chief Dept. Manager KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: Anything you would like to add? Specific size, colors, style, etc.? Y'all are the experts, do your thing! Most Recent Past Request: Please provide a link your last request topic. (Type "FIRST REQUEST" here if you have no past requests)
  14. Department suggestions

    Hi Tobias, Firstly thank you for this - I was going to leave your ranting and unpleasantries however we will have a discussion soon about it. You mention that there is nowhere that states how many members a department is looking for. Please see this thread: If you review the second post, made by myself It actually states, and I quote “ We are looking for 1-2 representatives per division, only one may be a 7, to spread the word of all KSI events and drive up awareness and participation.” You may also not recall but you asked me if you can post an application, I told you “Yes you may, but FI has all its Marketing Reps”. So while I appreciate your concerns, all the information is there. All the information was provided to you personally but you chose not to listen. Also, you mention a Go to person for questions about departments. Hi my name is Scotland, I help the Department heads run their departments, you already know me and what I do. Reach out, be proactive rather than expecting people to do it all for you. I will be adding to each departments applications that If someone feels their application is taking longer than usual to reach out via PM to both the department head and myself.
  15. Current Department Heads/CoHeads

    Updated 2nd July